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Simply Cook is located in London and delivers meal kits straight to people’s doors.
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Simply Cook is a meal kit delivery company with a difference. Simply Cook puts emphasis on delivering fantastic flavours through their flavour pot scheme. So, instead of sending you a huge box of food with every single ingredient needed for a recipe, they send you a kit containing space blends and pastes that will add depth of flavour to your food. You then buy the ingredients on a provided shopping list that are fresh and that much easier to purchase with your usual supermarket shop or online weekly food delivery. The idea is to enhance how you already cook as opposed to sending large boxes of food that can sometimes create more waste in terms of packaging.


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Key Feature

  • Delivering flavour pots and spice mixes to revolutionise your cooking


So many of us have only a few recipes that we know ‘off by heart’. Otherwise, we have to resort to using recipe books to create new meals that are exciting for our entire household to eat. Meal planning can therefore become a bit of a chore as the main caterer in the household tries to ensure that a wide range of meals are eaten by family members or spouses.

SimplyCook looks to revolutionise that by making it easy to try new recipes. The company delivers these all important flavour pots that are a small, yet crucial part of a dish. While users still have to purchase the fresh ingredients, those ingredients are easy to source and you may have them in your house already as part of your standard weekly shop anyway. Plus, it also means you do not have to cook the food delivered to your door within a few days. Waste is therefore reduced as well as any rubbish produced from extensive packaging that many meal kit delivery companies so often create.

Finally, just the sheer range of what SimplyCook has to offer in terms of its recipe menu is vast. That’s really exciting and can help people increase their confidence and knowledge in the kitchen really quickly. Doing so helps users enjoy cooking again as opposed to finding it a time-consuming and boring necessity. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the compliments that come your way as a result of using these fantastic kits.


There is no denying that SimplyCook has the ability to enhance your cooking. The flavour pots they deliver are high quality and can pack a real punch. That’s great news as so often, many of us have a spice rack at home that is full of jars of herbs or spices that are way past their best and taste like little more than cardboard. We buy an entire jar just for one recipe, never to be used again. That’s where these kits come in so useful as, not only do you get the recipes for a meal you may not find in your usual recipe book, you also do not have to worry about the amount of waste you are creating, buying huge quantities of an ingredient for which you only need a tiny bit amount.

That being said, some people may want to continue using meal kit delivery boxes that deliver every single ingredient on a recipe. Many will enjoy the ultimate time saving convenience of simply selecting a recipe they like the look of, and having it delivered to your door a week later - with nothing else needed for it. SimplyCook looks like it may reduce packaging waste by delivering only small flavour pots, with customers buying fresh produce the traditional way, but to some, having those ingredients delivered was a massive help.

Ultimately, though, SimplyCook is a great option for those that love their food full of flavour and continually exciting. There is no doubt you will expand your repertoire with ease if you purchase from SimplyCook’s weekly menu.

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