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Simply Cook Review

Simply Cook is located in London and delivers recipe boxes straight to people's doors.
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  • Incredible flavours that take your cuisine to another level
  • Expand your repertoire with a wide range of recipes


  • Some people will want the added ease of all ingredients being delivered
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Simply Cook is a recipe box delivery company with a difference. Simply Cook puts emphasis on delivering fantastic flavours through their flavour pot scheme.

So, instead of sending you a huge box of food with every single ingredient needed for a dish, in a way they give you more control by sending you a kit containing spice blends and pastes that will add depth of flavour to your food.

You then buy the ingredients on a provided shopping list that are fresh and that much easier to purchase with your usual supermarket shop or online weekly food delivery.

The idea is to enhance how you already cook as opposed to sending large boxes of food that can sometimes create more waste in terms of packaging.


  • From £9.99 per Simply Cook box.

Key Feature

  • Delivering flavour pots and spice mixes to revolutionise your mealtimes.


So many of us have only a few recipes that we know ‘off by heart'. Otherwise, we have to resort to using recipe books to create new tasty meals that are exciting for our entire household to eat.

Meal planning can therefore become a bit of a chore as the main caterer in the household tries to ensure that a wide range of meals are eaten by family members or spouses.

Simply Cook looks to revolutionise that by making it easy to try new recipes. The company delivers these all important flavour pots that are a small, yet crucial part of a dish.

While users still have to purchase the fresh ingredients, those ingredients are easy to source and you may have them in your house already as part of your standard weekly shop anyway.

Plus, it also means you do not have to cook the food delivered to your door within a few days. Waste is therefore reduced as well as any rubbish produced from extensive packaging that many food subscription boxes companies so often create.

Finally, just the sheer range of what Simply Cook boxes have to offer in terms of their recipe menu is vast. That's really exciting and can help people increase their confidence and knowledge in the kitchen really quickly.

Doing so helps users enjoy the kitchen again as opposed to finding it a time-consuming and boring necessity.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the compliments that come your way as a result of using these fantastic kits.

Simply recipes every time.
Get a free box with Simply Cook's Trial Plan.

How does Simply Cook work?

Simply Cook delivers an innovative culinary experience by offering flavour kits that contain all the spices, seasonings, and sauces you’ll need to cook a delicious meal.

Users select meals from an online collection and receive boxes containing recipe cards and the corresponding ingredient kits — just add fresh items from your kitchen to prepare food at home that tastes like a chef's creation.

It simplifies planning and encourages culinary exploration with minimal food waste and maximum convenience.

How much does Simply Cook cost?

The pricing of Simply Cook's subscriptions varies according to the chosen plan, designed to accommodate various budgets and lifestyles.

Trial Box

The Trial Box is priced attractively to give new users a trial period to experience the service for a modest fee.

Standard Plan

Following this, the Standard Plan generally starts from £9.99, providing value for its tailored selection of unique meal kits.

Vegetarian Plan

For vegetarian recipes, the Vegetarian Plan is competitively priced to match the standard subscription.

Family Plan

The Family Plan usually commands a higher rate, reflecting the increased volume of ingredients needed for more substantial servings.

It’s worth noting that prices may vary based on promotions or changes in market conditions. Subscribers should check the Simply Cook website for the most current pricing and any special offers.

How does Simply Cook differ from other recipe boxes?

Simply Cook sets itself apart from other recipe box services through its unique approach to home cooking.

While most recipe box services deliver all the fresh ingredients necessary for a meal, Simply Cook provides carefully crafted flavour kits containing spice blends, pastes, and culinary concentrates.

This innovative model allows subscribers to purchase the accompanying fresh ingredients locally, reducing food waste and giving them the freedom to select produce based on their preferences or dietary requirements.

Additionally, the compact nature of the kits makes for convenient storage and minimal packaging, aligning with a more sustainable approach to  eating at home.

What's in a Simply Cook box?

A Simply Cook subscription box is a compact culinary treasure trove, designed to unlock a world of flavours in your own kitchen.

Each box contains four recipe kits. Each kit includes a step-by-step recipe card and three flavour pots — a combination of spice blends, pastes, stocks, or marinades.

These carefully curated ingredients, when combined with a few fresh items from your kitchen, enable you to cook globally-inspired meals in about 20 minutes.

Flavours To Expect In Your Simply Cook Recipe Box

Within a Simply Cook recipe box, you might encounter an enticing variety of flavours from across the globe.

Examples include the smoky paprika and robust herbs of a Spanish Paella, the fragrant lemongrass and coconut of a Thai Green Curry, or the warm, earthy tones of ground cumin and coriander featured in an Indian Dal.

Each blend is thoughtfully composed to bring authenticity to your home-cooked delicious meals, transporting your taste buds to international culinary landscapes.

The Simply Cook Recipe Card

Each Simply Cook recipe card is a guide to culinary success. It begins with a vivid image of the finished dish, serving as inspiration for your cooking journey.

On the card, you'll find a clear, concise ingredient list detailing the fresh items you'll need to complement the pots.

This is followed by step-by-step cooking instructions that are easy to follow, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Additionally, the recipe cards provide tips for customizing the dish to your taste, along with nutritional information and suggested pairings to enhance the overall dining experience.

Can You Get a Simply Cook Trial Box?

Absolutely! For those looking to sample the Simply Cook experience, the brand offers a trial box option. This allows you to test their array of flavour kits with minimal commitment.

The free box typically includes a selection of the most popular Simply Cook recipes and is available for free (but you pay £1 Royal Mail postage), making it an easy and affordable way to explore new dishes from the comfort of your kitchen.

After trying your free sample first box, you can decide whether to subscribe to regular deliveries and continue your culinary adventures.


There is no denying that Simply Cook has the ability to enhance your cooking. The flavour pots they deliver are high quality and can pack a real punch.

That's great news as so often, many of us have a spice rack at home that is full of jars of herbs or spices that are way past their best and taste like little more than cardboard.

We buy an entire jar just for one recipe, never to be used again.

That's where these kits come in so useful as, not only do you get the recipes for tasty dishes you may not find in your usual recipe book, you also do not have to worry about the amount of waste you are creating, buying huge quantities of an ingredient for which you only need a tiny bit amount.

That being said, some people may want to continue using recipe boxes that deliver every single ingredient required.

Many will enjoy the ultimate time saving convenience of simply selecting a recipe they like the look of, and having your box delivered to your door a week later - with nothing else needed for it.

Simply Cook looks like it may reduce packaging waste by delivering only small flavour pots, with customers buying fresh produce the traditional way, but to some, having those required fresh ingredients delivered was a massive help.

Ultimately, though, in our personal opinion, Simply Cook is a great option for those that love their food full of flavour and continually exciting.

There is no doubt you will expand your repertoire with ease if you purchase from Simply Cook's weekly menu.

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