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Can a Detox Really Help Prevent Illness?

May 23, 2024
Can a Detox Really Help Prevent Illness?

Every year, just after New Year’s, we are all bombarded with ways to improve our health, lose weight and generally feel better. Often, the ideas targeted at us are quick fixes or involve an intense exercise regime. One idea that some people are attracted to is the notion of a detox. But do they really work? And can they help prevent illness like so many detox companies claim they do? 

Here, we look to answer those questions as well as detailing what exactly a detox is before we even broach the subject of whether they actually work. 

What is a Detox?

A detox is a dietary regime that endeavours to rid your body of toxins and other nasties that your body struggles to process. Detoxes can involve many different types of methods or just one. Detoxes have historically involved fasting, drinking juices only, cutting out large food groups, having colonic irrigation, or taking supplements that claim to cleanse your body. 

Do Detoxes Work?

The fact of the matter is, there is little to no medical evidence that any detox program actually works or delivers what it promises. The fact of the matter is that detoxes often reduce a person’s intake of calories so they do lose weight if they follow the program strictly. However, the problem is that that does not necessarily mean it is cleansing your body of chemicals it shouldn’t have. All it means is that a person is losing weight. Often, when it comes to losing weight with a ‘detox’ program it is simply just water weight that an individual is losing. 

What Else Can You Do to be Healthy?

So given that detoxes are not all they are cracked up to be, what can you do to be healthier? We’ve reviewed so many weight loss meal prep delivery services on the market which can help anyone to lead a healthier lifestyle. When you have the recipe boxes delivered from any of the best 10 meal delivery services, you are signing up to a subscription plan that will ensure you only ever create food that is highly nutritious as well as delicious. 

Importantly, when you have weight loss meals delivered by UK companies, you are also helping yourself stick to a long term habit of eating well. Eating well in the long term is probably one of the best ways you can help yourself prevent developing certain illnesses. A healthy diet that is low in red meat, processed food and saturated fat, helps reduce the risk of heart disease as well as other serious illnesses like obesity and diabetes. Creating dishes from the best 10 meal delivery services is one of the easiest ways you can reduce your intake of those ingredients. For, not only are you making home cooked food so your diet is immediately lower in processed food these services all give you the autonomy to choose dishes that include lean protein instead of beef steak. 

In short, if you are looking for a convenient way to take control of your diet, and make it healthier without too much effort from yourself, signing up for a weight loss meal prep delivery service can be one of the best things you can do. 

Ready Made Meals

Another option, in addition to using a weight loss meal prep delivery company is to get weight loss meals delivered in the UK. They are not to be mistaken with the ones bought from the supermarket which are laden in salt or other nasties. Instead, well balanced weight loss meals that are already prepared can be the ultimate way to improve your diet and then your health. There are a number of businesses that offer this type of service that can make all the difference to your life. Plus, these companies show that it is possible to eat food that is ready made, good for you and totally delicious.

Changing Your Attitude to a Balanced Diet

Whichever route you do choose to go down, one thing that either recipe kit boxes or ready made weight loss meals can do is to ensure that you ingest a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet can be hard to attain sometimes on your own - especially if you have a busy lifestyle where grabbing convenience food is far easier than making your own. Making your own, and ensuring that your diet is balanced, is tough as it involves time and effort. Both things that many people are short on. 

That’s often why people reach for detox products. They’re a convenience. But a diet pill or a juicing program on its own will never be a long lasting solution to a problem. Using weight loss recipe boxes and ready made meals are useful because they do something more than just help you eat better and lose weight. They change your attitude to food in general. Because they help you eat better, you start to feel better. As a result, you stop craving convenience food and instead start to want to eat meals that are high in fruit and veg and whole grain carbs and lean protein. 

Importantly, too, these subscription boxes simply educate your knowledge of food better. By using these services you are automatically widening the range what you eat. If you use services that you need to create food from recipes, you broaden your own horizons of how to cook too. It means you are more likely to know how to cook in a way that supports a healthy lifestyle. 

All of these factors add up to long term, sustained change. And that is the key to preventing illness and why short term detox programs have not been proven to help a person stay healthy. The quick fix that people believe will reset their bodies simply does not have a big enough impact on a person’s wellbeing. Instead, the habitual change that weight loss meal prep delivery companies encourage is an incredibly effective way of staying healthier for longer. The best 10 weight loss meal delivery companies support that habitual change thanks to being able to create delicious recipes that are well balanced, and full of goodness. Customers never look back. 

Can a Detox Really Help Prevent Illness?