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How Much Does a Gousto Box Cost?

May 23, 2024
How Much Does a Gousto Box Cost?

Gousto is one of the biggest players in the UK meal kit delivery service market. In some industries, that is not necessarily always a good thing. However, we are big advocates of Gousto UK here at Best10MealDeliveries. With the average cost per serving for a family box coming in at £2.98, that is exceptionally competitively pricing to help keep grocery bills down.

That £2.98 is for a box of four recipes, so the box price itself is £47.75. If you choose a smaller box, the cost per serving for a four recipe delivery is £4.37 so it is still good value, with the entire box coming in at £34.99. With both, delivery is entirely free, helping households reduce their costs even further. 

Advantages to a Gousto Meal

At a baseline, therefore, the prices of Gousto offers households the ability to stay on top of their food finances. However, there are a number of advantages that help make a Gousto meal box good value for money too. They are:

Chef Designed Food

With an average Gousto prices per serving of £2.98 for each meal in a family box, creating well-balanced meals for that price by going grocery shopping the traditional way is difficult. What’s great about the Gousto menu is that you get chef and nutritionist designed food along with that price. That’s great news as it means that households do not need to worry about whether they are eating optimally with all the food that answers all their nutritional needs, but also they do not have to worry about offering a wide array of food either. By being offered several options each week, that have been designed by chefs, all that hassle is eradicated entirely from the process of meal planning. All you need to do is sit back and pick the options from the Gousto menu that appeal most to you.

Well Balanced

As briefly alluded to above, one of the benefits of these boxes is that chefs and nutritionists ensure that meals are well balanced. That removes a great deal of the stress that those in charge of catering at in a home feel. Eating well is so critical for our overall well-being, but it is not always the easiest thing to achieve. We often think that cooking a meal from scratch takes a great deal of time and effort, especially in comparison to the ease of traditional convenience food. However, these meal kits from Gousto make creating food from scratch easier as they do a lot of the prep work for you - like weighing out spices or other ingredients for example. They are quick and easy to make, therefore, yet well balanced too. 

Portion Size

Getting portion size right is critical to that well-balanced diet too. Gousto portion size helps customers eat the right amount by pre portioning recipes and only ever delivering what food is needed. That’s crucial as not only does it minimise waste, it also means that customers do not overeat too. So many of us are guilty of eating more than we should - not in terms of chocolate or cake - but simply an average dinner. Those extra few calories really add up over a week and month and can lead to weight gain. By using a service that has already pre portioned your meals, you will easily be able to eat the right amount without all the laborious weighing of ingredients. Gousto portion size ensures you never overeat, with ease. 


For meal delivery services to be useful, they absolutely have to be reliable. Which, Gousto is. If you are a Gousto customer, you can be confident in the fact that if you have chosen a delivery date, your food will be delivered on that day, to your door, with no dramas. That’s essential as so much that is brilliant about this service is the fact that it reduces the stress in your life as you know you have the ingredients at home to create you or your household a meal that will be delicious and nutritious. If boxes do not turn up, the ease, which is what a customer is trying to access, is no longer there. That is something that Gousto customers do not have to worry about. Instead, all they need to do is pick between the delicious meals that are on offer each week. 

Dietary Restrictions

Eating a wide range of food that is exciting over the week can be difficult to do on your own if you have strict dietary restrictions - like being gluten-free, Vegan or dairy-free. One of the biggest benefits of a Gousto box is that adhering to those dietary restrictions is dead easy thanks to the company offering recipes that stick to those needs each and every week. Again, thanks to being chef-designed, customers can look forward to those recipes being delicious and far from the mundane. It was one more way that Gousto manages to take the stress out of creating home-cooked meals for yourself that are high in taste and low in effort. 

Are There Any Gousto Box Offers?

The company are usually very good at having Gousto box offers on a regular basis. The main deals are to be had when you initially sign up for the company’s plans. The company frequently offer up to 50% off a person’s first order, with the subsequent four boxes being heavily discounted too - up to 30% is the norm. Offers change regularly so its good to keep an eye out on our page for the latest. 

How Much is Gousto UK?

Gousto UK boxes are exceptionally well priced and are often not much more per serving than shopping for groceries traditionally. That’s great to know given all the other benefits that using the service offers. In summary, Gousto provides customers with the ultimate convenience, yet with very little effort and very little cost too. Those that try it, very rarely go back to the old way of doing things. Deal or no deal. 

How Much Does a Gousto Box Cost?