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5 Easy Pescatarian Dinners to Make Tonight

May 23, 2024
5 Easy Pescatarian Dinners to Make Tonight

Being a Pescatarian is a good option for you if you are trying to eradicate meat from your diet, but you do not want to go full-on veggie. Whether that is for ethical reasons or because you simply do not like meat - or even that you are giving up meat on medical advice - going Pescatarian does slightly limit your diet. But that does not automatically make it a highly restrictive one either. Despite cutting out meat, there are still countless types of fish you can eat and countless ways to cook with them.

Problems arise when your repertoire in the kitchen is a little limited. Here, we look at the Pescatarian diet and what are just 5 of the yummiest, easiest pescatarian dinners available in pescatarian meal delivery - UK based - kits right now.

Why Being Pescatarian is Good For You

There are numerous benefits to your overall health when becoming a Pescatarian - which is why the amount of pescatarian meal delivery kits has soared in recent years. For starters, the pescatarian diet has been seen to improve a person’s heart health. That is because it can lower blood pressure and overall has been linked to lowering the risk of heart disease.

Additionally, there have been some studies that show that a pescatarian diet can help reduce the risk of colorectal cancers. Plus, it has been seen that those that have a diet high in omega-3s, which oily fish has a great deal of, benefit from the nutrient’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Finally, while it is not necessarily an advantage that your body benefits from, a pescatarian diet reduces the amount of livestock on our farms being reared. Livestock adds a huge amount of methane to our atmosphere which is detrimental to the planet.

5 Pescatarian Dinner Ideas

All the below dinners are available with Pescatarian meal delivery kits currently. However, if you are looking for a long term pescatarian meal delivery - UK wise - these companies will be consistently changing their recipes so you can always be certain of a wide range of dinners.

1. Mexican Cod with Black Beans and Guacamole, Mindful Chef

Mexican food and flavourings always pack a punch when it comes to taste and this dish is no different. Your taste buds will be excited beyond measure with this zingy dish. Plus, it has the added benefit of including black beans so that your intake of protein is increased. And, with the inclusion of avocado in the guacamole, you have also increased your daily intake of good fats that can help fight off any bad fat that is stored in your blood.

2. Curried Basa Tray Bake With Turmeric Yoghurt, Gousto

Basa is a sustainably-caught fish that has a delicate flavor and texture. It is good to add to your diet as it means that you are increasing the types of fish that the global population eats. That’s important because it reduces the amount of overfishing of other popular fish species. This recipe in particular is great though as a traybake is one of the easiest ways to cook. You simply throw the majority of the ingredients into a roasting tin and let your oven do the work. The turmeric yoghurt is just an extension of that assembly job - plus turmeric is exceptionally good for you too. 

3. Orange and Fennel Baked Salmon with New Potatoes

This light and citrusy salmon dish will awaken your senses even in the darker months. The inclusion of new potatoes make it a filling meal, especially as salmon is one of the richer fishes on the market. Fennel, however, helps with your digestion and is a much underused ingredient. Its slightly aniseed flavor mellows through cooking and cuts through the very richness of that salmon. The orange further supports that as well as ensures that you up your intake of vitamin C.

4. Pesto Baked Cod With Creamed Leeks and Green Beans

Pesto is always a winner in any household. Plus it is so versatile as this dish shows. By baking it on top of the cod, it becomes a crust as opposed to the more usual pasta sauce. And the green veg is light enough that it will not make you feel bloated in the evening, yet still exceptionally satisfying thanks to being cooked with crème fraiche. It still feels indulgent, therefore, without being overly heavy in fat. Plus, it's a quick win for getting some essential green veg inside your kids if you have any picky eaters at home.

5. Teriyaki Hake with Jasmine Rice, Crispy Broccoli and Toasted Sesame Seeds

Hake is another type of fish that is great to use to widen the sorts of species you eat on a regular basis. Using teriyaki with it in addition to jasmine style rice and toasted sesame seeds gives it an Asian twist to keep things exciting in the kitchen. This meal is very high in protein thanks to a big portion of cod. That will ensure you stay feeling full despite the lack of carbs. If you are on a keto diet, this is a good option for you.

Bottom Line: Pescatarian Meals

Using Pescatarian meal delivery kits to help you keep on your Pescatarian diet is a really good way to ensure that you not only enjoy what you are eating, but that you also eat a range of foods that can help you eat all the nutrients your body needs. When we start to put limitations on our diets, we automatically limit the number of meals we can make - particularly if we have only a small amount of dishes that we can make regularly anyway. That’s again why meal kit delivery services for the Pescatarian diet are so fantastic. They will easily broaden your knowledge of different fishes as well as different ways to make fish an exciting ingredient to use every meal time.

5 Easy Pescatarian Dinners to Make Tonight