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What’s New On The Gousto Menu This Month?

May 23, 2024
What’s New On The Gousto Menu This Month?

Gousto is a huge name in the food box delivery industry. Often misspelt as either Guosto, or Gusto, food by this firm is massively popular with individuals looking to increase their repertoire in the kitchen and take the hassle out of catering for themselves or household.

What’s great about a Gousto (Gusto) food box is that, what you can choose to put in it, changes on a regular basis as the company updates its menu consistently. That’s beneficial to customers as it means there is usually always something new to try but also that chefs are using seasonal food. Seasonal food is usually far more sustainable too so it's better for the environment to eat in this way.

Bearing all this in mind, what’s new on the Gousto menu, or Gusto(!) menu this month? Here, we take a look while also highlighting the benefits of getting a Gusto delivery straight to your door!

Gousto - What Is It?

Gousto is a meal kit delivery company which means it delivers all the ingredients for specific recipes to customers. Customers choose those recipes from the company’s website and it is those recipes that change regularly, so customers can always expect to find meal ideas that they have not chosen before. Doing so keeps things interesting for customers as well as ensuring they eat a broad range of foods which is so much better for the diet.

Food is delivered in boxes on a designated schedule each week. It is the customers that choose what recipe cards are included in those boxes - by selecting from a wide range of options on the company’s website. Customers do not have to be in to accept delivery as food is kept fresh in cleverly designed, insulated boxes that help keep food cool. customers can sign up to these deliveries on a subscription basis which can be stopped or paused at any time.

What’s New In A Gousto Food Box This Month?

Gousto adds to its menu every week, so over a month, there are several new recipes to pick from which is so crucial to keeping this service in demand from its customers. This month, like so many others, the chefs at Gousto have created new meals that are influenced heavily by cuisines from all around the world. The result is that customers are exposed to new tastes and flavours that they may never have even heard of before, let alone eaten.

Sweet Chilli Chicken With Veg Packed Rice

For starters, the sweet chilli chicken with veg packed rice is a fab recipe that is a great alternative to a takeaway. While there is obviously some prep involved with Gusto meals (though not much), this zingy dish means you save yourself the unnecessary calories that come with a fat and sugar laden takeaway, as well as the sheer cost. And, as this is jam packed full of veggies, you can serve it to the whole family, safe in the knowledge that your household is working towards their five a day.

Moroccan-Style Beef Cottage Pie With Sumac Carrots

We’re also loving the new Moroccan style beef cottage pie with sumac carrots. Moroccan food is absolutely delicious so it's great to see an innovation on the old classic to help make a midweek dinner more exciting. Plus, by cooking the carrots with sumac, you learn a new way to jazz up your veggies to keep everyone in your home on their toes, excited about dinner times.

Spaghetti and Smoky Chipotle Pork Meatballs

Delicious Chipotle Meatballs & Spaghetti

For those that love to have pasta at least once a week, the new spaghetti and smoky chipotle pork meatballs is yet another exciting variation on an old favourite. Chipotle smoke makes this dish seem far more labour intensive than it really is, while you are safe in the knowledge that the pasta will always be happily consumed by all. There are also a number of veggies in the sauce to give it depth, yet the fussiest of eaters would not know meaning you have found a way to get more nutrients easily into your loved ones’ diets.

Herby Cannellini Bean Stew with Roasted Mushrooms and Focaccia

For the Vegetarians amongst us, Gousto more than takes you into consideration and this month, the addition of a herby cannellini bean stew will keep even meat lovers happy. The creamy sauce is down to the inclusion of soft cheese, and it makes an otherwise light meal more satisfying - as well as upping the protein hit. This will quickly become a firm favourite in your home and can easily be modified if you are making it from your own stash to include veggies in your fridge.

Henderson’s Rump Steak with Broccoli Cheese

If you wanted more indulgent, luxury Gusto meals one evening this month as a treat, Gousto has decided to add rump steak to its menu with a broccoli cheese side. The steak is from Henderson’s so you know it will be great quality, while updating cauliflower cheese to include broccoli instead means you get a good dose of greens. This recipe does cost you £2.50 more per serving, but if there is cause for celebration in your home, it is great to see that a Gusto food box can help.

Spiced Chickpea Tray Bake with Harissa-Honey Greek Cheese

Finally, as part of its collaboration with Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, Gousto has a new recipe that puts cheese and pulses front and centre. As it's vegetarian, it would be perfect for a meat-free Monday. Plus, thanks to all the warming spices and hearty vegetables, your taste buds will have a fantastic time when eating this delicious meal. It includes seeded pitta triangles - an exciting way to eat an old classic - and harissa and honey make the Greek, inspired cheese incredibly moreish. All this, plus the entire dish includes 3 out of the 5 vegetable portions you are meant to eat every day. You almost wouldn’t believe that the prep work takes just 5 minutes.

Why is Gousto worth it?

We’re big believers in the Gousto (Gusto!) food box. The food that customers can learn to create in the comfort of their own home is delicious. But the other benefits that they enjoy all add up to an exceedingly good product to use on a weekly basis.

For starters, the sheer convenience of it is fantastic. Doing the grocery shopping and meal planning for a household, week in week out is tiring. Plus when meal planners try to ensure that food waste is kept to a bare minimum, it can add up to a big drag on a person’s time.

Yet, with Gousto, after just a few clicks, you’ve chosen your recipes for that week, safe in the knowledge that every single ingredient needed for those recipes will be delivered. You don’t have to go to the supermarket, you don’t have to get in your car and park at the store, and you don’t have to wait in line at the till.

Plus, you also know that those meals are well balanced. Having been designed by chefs, the food is, of course yummy, but it also meets your body’s nutritional needs. That is a big load off a person’s mind - particularly those that are trying to lose weight, eat more healthily or ensure that their kids are getting all the nutrients they need from food.

Additionally as food is chef designed, it’s likely to be innovative so that you learn new skills and new dishes in the kitchen. If you have a family with differing tastes, that means you are more likely to find a wider range of recipes that everyone enjoys - diminishing your need to cook separate meals for different people.

Crucially, a Gousto box only delivers the exact quantities of ingredients needed for a specific recipe. That’s vital as it means households can help minimise their waste - another brilliant means of eating more sustainably. Reducing food waste is a key way that environmentalists have identified to help tackle climate change, so a Gousto (Gusto!) menu can also help the wider community too. What’s not to love about that?

The Ever Changing Gousto Menu

Not everyone likes change, but when it comes to your food and, therefore your diet, it is an extremely good idea.

Having variety in your diet not only keeps things interesting for your tastebuds, it also improves your chances of eating seasonally and eating the wide range of vitamins and minerals your body needs, in addition to the food types you need to fuel your day. Gousto therefore makes it easy to ensure you get the right balance of proteins, carbs and fats in your diet along with those key veggies to make sure you can run like clockwork.

All, from simply pressing a few buttons on your computer. Ultimately, all these advantages are gained for an exceptionally low cost, considering the number of benefits there are. The ever changing menu means that Gousto continues to stay relevant to you so it quickly becomes a service you can never dream of living without. 

What’s New On The Gousto Menu This Month?