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Top Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services In The UK

May 23, 2024
Top Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services In The UK

There has been a huge expansion in the number of companies offering meal kits and meal delivery services in the UK in recent years. People have found the convenience that subscribing to such a company offers fantastic benefits. Meal kit delivery services can expand a person’s repertoire in the kitchen as well as save them time going out to do a big grocery shop each week - only for food to be wasted when it goes off.

Plus, what’s great about meal kit delivery services is that they can help a person eat according to their dietary needs more easily. In fact, eating healthily, in general, is far easier with meal delivery services as recipes are designed by chefs and nutritionists alike - meaning that each meal is well balanced to support a person’s bodily needs. Here are the best companies that offer the best service to provide help when trying to eat far more healthily. 


HelloFresh was one of the first meal kit delivery companies around and it remains one of the best. For those wishing to eat healthily, it is a fantastic tool to help. Each meal is totally delicious and as a result satiates the appetite as well as taste buds. Plus, the company provides fantastic value for money as each serving costs around £3 each. It is good for the environment too as there is no waste from any box. The ingredients needed for each recipe are delivered with the exact amount required. 


Customers of Gousto sing its praises for good reason. The company has such a wide selection of meals on offer, which is one of the best ways to help you eat healthily. Picking meals is easy thanks to the intuitive website. The website helps customers find recipes that are low in fat, or carbs, or whatever their dietary requirements are. Yet, each of those meals is tasty so that clients are satisfied with what they have eaten. They do not go off searching for unhealthy junk food an hour after eating a Gousto meal, so staying on a healthy eating regime is far easier with this firm.

Many of us have been tempted by the vegan lifestyle as a way to become healthier. Vegan food, thanks to being plant-based, is often jam-packed full of vegetables and fruit. However, not all of us know how to cook many vegan meals. That’s where AllPlants come in. The company delivers pre made vegan food that are yummy to eat, yet no animal-based products have been needed to create them. As a result, the company offers the ultimate convenience when it comes to going vegan. Plus, the company wants to publicise that eating vegan just once or twice a week, could make a huge, positive impact on the environment. As plant-based products require far less energy to cultivate than livestock, going vegan can materially reduce the amount of carbon emissions it takes to put a meal on a table. 

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef delivers everything you need to create healthy meals every night of the week. While you do not have to sign up to having seven meals a week, each box does come with the freshest ingredients as standard. Fresh ingredients mean that they have far more nutritional value to your body, which helps you reap the rewards of a healthy eating regime even more. Importantly, however, Mindful Chef’s meals are diverse so you will find that you do not get bored at all when eating any of their meals. With a wide range of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options on offer, eating well has never been easier. Read the Mindful chef review on our website to find out more.

Balance Box

Balance Box was created with eating well in mind. All meals are designed by a team of chefs and nutritionists so that if you have a meal delivered by this company, you know you are eating well as standard. Balance Box has lots of menu plans that include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as two snacks. It is, therefore, a good option if you are looking for a firm that totally takes care of a diet plan where weight loss is part of the agenda. The company does the calorie counting and fat gram calculations so you do not have to. 


Not all of us can eat easily. There are more people than you realise out there that struggle with chewing - some so much so that their food needs to be in an almost liquid format to ingest. Creating meals for people with such needs is tricky, so it’s great that Alimento exists. Alimento is a company that produces food for people with eating difficulties. While it is possible to create meals suitable for such needs at home, sometimes, the convenience of pre-made meals is needed. That’s where Alimento steps in. Their product range is full of healthy meals for those that struggle to chew - on a variety of scales. There really is something for everyone as part of this range. 


YesChef boxes are a great option for those that want to eat healthily, with minimal faff. These boxes can deliver a range of recipes that are great for busy families. The recipes can be chosen for you, meaning you do not even have to meal plan. Or, you could choose the ultimate convenience and have a ready made meal (or two) sent to your door. YesChef creates a lazy day range that include yummy home cooked meals like vegetable lasagna or fish pie that will appease even the pickiest eaters in your family. 

Meal Kit Delivery Services In Summary

Meal kit delivery services are far more than just a time saver. They are great for those that need a little help in the kitchen producing nutritious and balanced meals that will sustain them throughout the day. 

Plus, there is a meal kit delivery service for so many different needs. For those that are happy to cook, there are boxes that come with the ingredients for a recipe that will expand their culinary knowledge. For those that are in the market for a meal that just needs to be reheated in the oven - yet is not laden in salt like so much convenience food - there is also a company for them. 

The key to choosing a meal kit delivery service that works for you is to ensure that you know exactly what you need from a company. If you are just looking to save time creating meals, it could be that pre-made meals that are healthy are the way to go. If you are looking for a way to increase the amount of variety that you and your household eats, yet are still nutritious, a traditional style recipe box may be the way to go. 

Top Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services In The UK