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The reasons why HelloFresh will change your lifestyle for the better, for good

May 23, 2024
The reasons why HelloFresh will change your lifestyle for the better, for good

The reasons why HelloFresh will change your lifestyle for the better, for good

Having a food box delivered with ingredients for specific meals for the week ahead, may sound superfluous to needs at first - particularly with the rise of online shopping. Surely if a supermarket can deliver all the ingredients in a food box, companies like Hello Fresh are null and void? That’s not the case in practice though. For, while Hello Fresh and alternatives to Hello Fresh do deliver ingredients that can often be bought through a supermarket app on your phone, they offer so much more than that.

Here, we look at how Hello Fresh specifically can change your life by delivering you a food box each and every week. You'll be amazed at how it brings with it so many advantages that result in one big reason to subscribe.

How Hello Fresh can change your life

It may sound over the top to say that Hello Fresh can change your life, but the benefits really do add up.


Without doubt, one of the biggest benefits to Hello Fresh is that it saves you a huge amount of stress. You know automatically when picking meals that the recipes you are choosing are nutirionally balanced and that you will be given all the ingredients needed to make them. You don’t have to worry about what you have at home if you need to make a particular dish, therefore. Plus, it’s so quick and easy to choose what meals you want for the week - and know that they meet all the dietary requirements you have. Be they under a calorie count or if you need meals to be pescatarian.

Value for money

The value for money you get from Hello Fresh is a really important reason to pick the company over the traditional supermarket shop. That’s because while at the headline level it may look like Hello Fresh is more expensive than going to Tesco or Sainsburys, when you factor in your reduced wastage, and the time and the stress the food boxes save you, the value for money is exceptional. For instance, when the company delivers the right amount of the ingredient you need, you don’t have to buy a ‘supersize’ product from the supermarket which so often seems to offer money saving, but in reality gets tossed away when it goes off before being used.

Environmental impact

A reduced amount of wastage is a really crucial way that Hello Fresh can change your life. If you are particularly concerned with reducing your carbon footprint, how much food you throw away is an important way that you can do that.

We often always over cater not really knowing what an appropriate portion size is for us or for the rest of our household. As a result, a lot of food is cooked then thrown, or even left languishing in a fridge before it can be put into meals.

Yet only ever buying food that we actually use is one of the best ways we can stop farmers from overproducing food that inevitably gets thrown away. Overproduction results in higher than necessary carbon emissions - so it’s great to make your impact felt by only ever using the right amount of food for you and your family.

Culinary education

So many of us have a stock set of recipes that we can make every week. It makes mid week eating pretty dull as we so rarely change what we create. However, with just a little help from a Hello Fresh recipe, you can quickly increase your culinary expertise in the kitchen. Cooking with the recipes they provide goes to show how straightforward some food prep can be and you’ll soon see your confidence grow the more you use the company.

That’s a big benefit that you can take with you forever more as you'll be more comfortable cooking in the kitchen on the nights that you’re not using Hello Fresh. You’ll know how ingredients can be used together to rustle up something totally delicious.


Saving time is high on a list of priorities for so many busy individuals in our modern times. By being able to meal plan and have enough food delivered for several meals a week, without having to even go to a supermarket, Hello Fresh helps you gain back precious time when you’re at home. That’s time you can dedicate to yourself, your hobbies or catching up with family and friends.

It’s such a big bonus from trying to streamline how you cater for yourself. Hello Fresh is so good at helping customers save time because their website is one of the slickest out there in comparison to so many alternatives to Hello Fresh. You can pick what you want to eat with just a few quick clicks of your mouse, and you’re done.


One of the reasons that people struggle to eat healthily consistently over a long period of time is knowledge. Knowing what foods are good for them, in addition to how to cook with them, is crucial to eating a balanced diet. Having a wide variety of foods within a diet over a week is key to ensuring that you eat all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body running optimally. By using Hello Fresh, you will soon learn what makes a great meal good for you.

Added extras

Many companies like Hello Fresh don’t do very much else than deliver ingredients for a main meal a day. That limits its usage as you’ll have to do supplementary food shops on top. Hello Fresh is different, however by offering you the ability to add other items to your food box each week. For example, you can add desserts or sides, both of which can bolster your nightly menu - so for the really hungry in your clan, you never have to worry about them snacking within 20 minutes of eating. Plus, Hello Fresh has options for your lunches and a brunch a week too, so it can take care of the majority of your catering needs with ease.

Alternatives to Hello Fresh

If, for whatever reason, Hello Fresh doesn’t seem to quite be the right food box delivery company for you, there are three other companies like Hello Fresh that we would recommend as an alternative.


One of Hello Fresh’s biggest rivals, Gousto is a good option if you don’t want to go with Hello Fresh. It has an extensive meals list so you know your taste buds won’t get bored, even if you use the company’s products for a long time. The food is all well-designed too, so you’ll know that you are getting a nutritionally balanced meal, with minimal effort on your part. One of their most notable offerings is their partnership with Joe Wicks the Body Coach, which is great for people who are trying to follow one of his plans.

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef is one of the more expensive food box delivery companies out there. However, customers are often happy to pay the premium as they get quality produce delivered to their door week in week out. That produce helps make delicious food, that is good for you too. Like Hello Fresh, the company offers a wide range of healthy meals that are varied so you can ensure you have a balanced diet - especially if used over a week.

Green Chef

Green Chef helps its customers reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting their delivery and operational carbon emissions through donating to carbon negative companies or simply amending their procedures to keep them carbon neutral. On top of that, though, the company delivers great produce that make great recipes. It categorises its recipes into several dietary lifestyles like paleo or vegetarian, so it’s a good option if you have a diet that few other companies like Hello Fresh support.

Why choosing Hello Fresh is one of the best things you’ll do

While we think the above companies are great, Hello Fresh is one of the original food box delivery companies and has managed to remain a market leader for a long time now. Even after customers have used up their introductory offers, they continue to use the company because the benefits they see add up to that fantastic value for money. Lives are made easier, yet you can improve your diet and learn how to cook food in new and innovative ways that you would never have previously thought possible.

Plus the time saving and stress relieving side effects, of using a food box delivery company that is so reputable like Hello Fresh is, should never be overlooked. Life can be stressful enough at work and with family commitments, that any place where you can take time and stress out of your day to day tasks is key. Cooking should be a pleasure, as should eating - whether you are on your own, with a partner or with your family. Hello Fresh can help you regain that, and quickly too.

The reasons why HelloFresh will change your lifestyle for the better, for good