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Is all the hype around SimplyCook justified? Everything you need to know about SimplyCook

May 23, 2024
Is all the hype around SimplyCook justified? Everything you need to know about SimplyCook

SimplyCook is touted as one of the best HelloFresh alternatives. But is that fair? SimplyCook reviews would definitely have you believe so. But, when it comes to SimplyCook vs HelloFresh are they even comparable?

SimplyCook is a bit different to HelloFresh and HelloFresh alternatives as SimplyCook’s product does not deliver the ingredients you need for an entire recipe like traditional and conventional meal kit boxes do. So what exactly does it do?

We delve into the world of SimplyCook here so you know what exactly it is and whether you want to purchase any of its products. You’ll find out everything you need to know about one of the most popular HelloFresh alternatives around at the moment.

What do you receive with SimplyCook?

SimplyCook recipe boxes deliver dry ingredients in pots which you need to add to fresh ingredients. It is the fresh ingredients that you have to buy yourself. The idea is that you stick to a recipe they suggest and they deliver the required flavour pots which are tastier and better than anything you could buy in the shops. Importantly, you only need to add four to six items from your fridge or your store cupboard to make a meal. All recipes take about 20 minutes to make and can serve between 2 to 4 people. A single SimplyCook box can fit enough flavour pots for 4 meals.

SimplyCook Advantages

So what is so good about SimplyCook that is drawing in huge amounts of new customers each month?


It may sound odd to include when it comes to food boxes, but SimplyCook is a fantastic way to expand a person’s repertoire in the kitchen. By delivering flavour pots to help create exciting recipes, users can transform their midweek meals easily and painlessly. And, as they cook the food themselves, they learn how to prepare meals for the future too. All meals are balanced and many require little prep work. Those that use SimplyCook to make meals find that cooking becomes much less of a chore and is instead the pleasurable experience it should be.

Box size

Along with the step-by-step recipe cards, another great advantage of these kits is that they fit through your letterbox. While traditional food delivery kits are great at keeping ingredients cool in well-designed insulated boxes, they do often have to sit on your doorstep which may be a security risk for some. With SimplyCook, you don’t have to worry about that.


The company draws on flavours which are hand-picked and blended by its expert chefs to create authentic recipes such as Chicken Makhani, Miso Cod and Beef Massaman. The diversity it includes within its food is yet another way it educates its users, but also it simply keeps the food exciting too. Clients can expect recipes to be inspired from Iran or Mexico in addition to European fare that they may be more used to like Italian or French.


Food delivery kits can really vary in quality. With the wrong company, the ingredients they deliver can be a bit substandard.

While the best HelloFresh alternatives are not guilty of that, when it comes to HelloFresh vs SimplyCook, SimplyCook definitely does not deliver food that is low quality. Instead, the spice blends and pastes are excellent. Additionally, any stocks that the company delivers are highly concentrated with flavour which can add a great deal of depth and richness to a meal.

Also, because the rest of the ingredients for a meal are bought by the customer, it is up to them where they get those ingredients from. As a result, a customer has full control over where to shop. Given the rising cost of living, these flavour pots can be a great way to add high quality flavour to very basic ingredients from any supermarket.


Homemade spice blends are relatively easy to make but having the time to make them can be difficult. Using these flavour pots is therefore a fantastic way of getting a great finish to your meals, without having to painstakingly make your own stocks or herb mixes.

While it may be more time consuming in comparison to other HelloFresh alternatives by having to buy all the other ingredients, customers will already have a shopping list drawn up as well as being able to meal plan more easily.


The recipes are all exceptionally straightforward. Not only does that help those trying to expand their repertoire quickly, it also means that cooking with SimplyCook is not intimidating at all. No complicated processes or expert equipment is needed to make any of these recipes - all of which should be on the table in 20 minutes.

Plus, the more a person uses SimplyCook the quicker they will be able to make a meal, which is a big comfort for busy families who always seem to be short on time. Again, the ease of the recipes therefore helps add to a person’s enjoyment of cooking.


People can try SimplyCook for free though postage is £1. The first 4 recipes that you receive will not cost a thing, but each box costs £9.99 thereafter.

That’s not expensive at all given that you can make so many meals from that one box. It’s an affordable price point that can really add an extra something to your meals - especially as you can choose where you buy the rest of the ingredients from. Plus, you could arguably save £9.99 a week by switching your supplier to one of the cheaper supermarkets like Aldi or Lidl, yet gain so much through using these kits.


You can receive a box from SimplyCook every week, every two weeks, every four weeks or every six weeks. That’s great as it means you can really make it fit in with your life and how you like to cater for your household. It also can help you get the most value for money out of the product - either because you use it more often or because you do not need to have a delivery as regularly as once a week.

How long do SimplyCook boxes last?

Given that SimplyCook boxes only deliver dry ingredients, they last so much longer than any other HelloFresh alternatives. On average, they will last about 2-3 months which is obviously a huge difference when comparing SimplyCook vs Hello Fresh. While that means that customers do not get the convenience of having fresh food delivered, it does also mean that they do not run the risk of food waste which may happen more easily with HelloFresh.

Additionally, these dates are best before dates. They are not use by. It is possible to use them after 2-3 months as a result, but you may just find that their flavours are not quite as strong as they otherwise would have been.

Is it easy to cancel SimplyCook?

Cancelling SimplyCook is exceptionally easy. All you need to do is log into your account section on the company’s website and request a cancellation. It is also possible to do so just by emailing the company’s info mailbox and asking them to stop your subscription.

That’s a big benefit as it means customers can sign up without fearing that they are committing themselves to a service that they find they do not derive enough value or enjoyment from in the future.
The best meal kit delivery companies also ensure that cancellations are easy and quick, providing the ultimate flexibility for all customers. It’s great to see, therefore, that SimplyCook with its slightly different business model does the same. Especially when the product is so good too.

SimplyCook - is the hype true?

Many SimplyCook reviews proclaim how great these boxes are and we have found that we wholeheartedly agree. While we were at first hesitant given that they do add a step by requiring a customer to buy the fresh ingredients, we found that that can be a positive as a person can find a shop that fits in with their budget at that point in time.

With prices going up at the moment, that may be increasingly important for a family who still wants to provide healthy meals for their household.

Plus we were bowled over by the sheer wealth of recipe choices on offer. They are innovative and varied - even without doing a SimplyCook vs HelloFresh comparison. The options available are exciting and interesting enough to entice even the most reticent of home chefs. The recipes are easy to follow too so a person’s confidence quickly goes up in the kitchen - all the while providing yummy food to eat. Recipes are well balanced too so users can be confident that they will be making a healthy meal for themselves and their family.

All the benefits, therefore, ultimately add up to a fantastic product that is offered at a fair price. Both seasoned cooks and novice home chefs will be pleased with the quick transformation that these kits provide.

Is all the hype around SimplyCook justified? Everything you need to know about SimplyCook