Best 10 Trading Platforms UK

See below our selection of the UK's best trading platforms. Read reviews and analysis, and choose the right one for you.

Best 10 Trading Platforms UK

When you’re looking to start investing, it’s vital that you choose a trusted and reliable trading platform to deal with. You want great value, reliability, ease of use, and good customer service. See our selection of the top brokers here.

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Zero % Commission. CySEC & FCA Regulated.

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Dutch-based Regulated by AFM and DNB.

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Low spreads. No commissions. Fast execution.

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Regulated in 6 countries, including Ireland and Japan

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, our Best10 website that reviews in detail the best
Trading Platforms

Comparing the world's best trading platforms.

Find The Best Trading Platforms

As a market-leading review firm, Best10Scout was created to support consumers, helping people make informed decisions about a huge range of subscriptions, services and product purchases.

With thousands of people looking at investment opportunities, crypto assets or other structures to make their wealth work harder, Best10Stockbrokers does just that.

Our fully independent, in-depth reviews highlight the best traders across the investing spectrum, helping everyday investors and savvy portfolio owners find the optimal packages, online apps and investment platforms to make smart, risk-averse choices.

The Best UK Trading Platforms - Reviewed and Rated

Risk is an inherent part of any investment, but with low-interest rates and the resulting lack of returns for savers, it's also important to assess ways to use your money wisely.

The advantage of an experienced, secure stockbroker is compelling:

For consumers new to investing, this can all feel like a minefield of decisions, some of which are critical to your future financial security.
Best10Stockbrokers helps break down the choices, showcasing the best stockbroker services and what makes them so appealing.

Independent Cryptocurrency Broker Reviews

Crypto has exploded in investment popularity over the last few years - but buying a few cryptocurrency coins can also be complex.

There are multiple currencies with varying anticipated returns, advantages, trading offers and usage rights, so investors must use a legitimate investment framework.

Most cryptoassets have in-built security protections, whereby your coins are stored in your digital wallet and registered in the blockchain as your property. Still, there are countless unverified platforms out there.

The best way to purchase genuine cryptocurrencies is to use an established broker recommended by Best10Stockbrokers.

Our expert reviewers explore every platform and summarise their real-life findings to explain how the service works, all the pros and cons, and the fund management fees you should expect to pay for quality customer support.

Help Finding the Best Forex Brokers

Currency exchange markets move notoriously fast, so investing in Forex is another area with significant potential profits.

Before joining a Forex trading site, you'll need to know:

You can discover all of this information, along with our awarded score out of ten, through Best10Stockbrokers.

We break down our ratings into separate categories to make it easier to find information about the best stockbrokers and traders within:

Each appraisal is carried out by an experienced member of the review team, looking at every factor of the stockbroker service to ensure you choose an app, service or platform with the best user experience possible.


Should I just choose the cheapest broker?

How do I decide whether a brokerage firm is right for me?

What is the best stockbroker for beginners?

Which online trading platform is best?

How Much Money Do I Need to Open an Online Brokerage Account?

We review, so you don't have to.
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