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What Are The Best Hello Fresh Competitors in the UK?

May 23, 2024
What Are The Best Hello Fresh Competitors in the UK?

Hello Fresh may not have been the first meal kit delivery company, but it is definitely one of the best and most competitively priced.

Companies like Hello Fresh in the UK have been springing up in their droves, especially since the pandemic, but Hello Fresh consistently marks itself out on a number of levels.

Firstly, its website is great. It is easy to use and customers can quickly pick from the abundance of options they want for their food delivery box that week.

Secondly, the food that is on offer is absolutely delicious. Importantly, it is delicious whether you are on a gluten free diet, pescatarian diet or gone veggie.

Lastly, Hello Fresh delivers what it says it is going to. It is a reliable service which is an absolute must for companies like Hello Fresh (UK speaking).

For, if a meal kit delivery company does not deliver food on time, when it should, every time it should, it loses some of its much needed convenience. Customers have to know that when they get home from a busy day, that if they are due a delivery that it will not only be there, but it will also have a box with every single ingredient that is needed on a recipe.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to look at Hello Fresh alternatives to ensure that you are still getting the best deal possible on the market.

Here, we look what could be a Hello Fresh alternative in the UK for you, and what you will get with them. Companies like this are key as they also ensure that Hello Fresh has to stay offering their service to the high standards to remain competitive.

Is there anything else like Hello Fresh?

Hello Fresh is a meal kit delivery service, so it does not deliver any freezable or ready made meals like some food delivery services do. So while Hello Fresh is a big competitor in the meal kit delivery box space, there are other services similar to Hello Fresh that could suit your needs a little better.

For example, if you are looking for a the ultimate in nutritious convenience food, you could look towards a provider of freezable ready made meals like Cook! or AllPlants.

These services promise similar products - food that can be put in the freezer so that when you return home after a long day, you can quickly throw it in the oven to be served a delicious meal that is free from the usual hidden nasties of microwavable food. Cook! meals can be bought online or at one of the handful of stores they have around the country.

They also create food for larger numbers so they are a great idea if you are trying to feed a crowd.

AllPlants is a vegan based food firm so any food you do buy from here will help you stick to a plant based diet - especially if it is your first foray into going totally free from animal based products. The company does not have any shops yet, but they deliver quickly and the food is packaged so it is easy to store in your freezer. What’s great about

AllPlants too is that their food is truly delicious, despite the lack of dairy or meat. It means that can serve this food up to others if you need, without having to make two meals, which can help busy households with several mouths to feed.

Who is the competition to Hello Fresh?

In terms of a direct competitor to Hello Fresh, there are a number of Hello Fresh alternatives.

There are three that really that really stand out from the crowd however:

Green Chef

Green Chef differentiates itself from its competitors by ensuring that their meals are all carbon neutral. It means that customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint can do so with Green Chef, happy in the knowledge that their food has not had a negative effect on the planet.

Given that food waste and food production is big a culprit of carbon emissions, Green Chef are offering an innovative way to help diminish the impact of our farming and food delivery.

Additionally, like Hello Fresh, Green Chef’s foods manage to be delicious as well as nutritionally balanced.

The range of recipes is not as vast as Hello Fresh, but for those that are keen to minimise their environmental impact, Green Chef offers a vital service.

Mindful Chef

As a Hello Fresh alternative in the UK, Mindful Chef may appeal to those that have a little more money to spend, but also simply prefer the added extras that the company offers.

For example, the company offers frozen ready meals, plus bundles to help make broths and soups and nutritious smoothies too. It means customers can tackle even more of their meals if they think they need support to eat great quality food at breakfast, lunch and snack time too.

Additionally, the company has a big commitment to helping tackle climate change and supporting local producers in Britain.

Finally, Mindful Chef works with the charity One Feeds Two which donates a meal to a child living in poverty for every meal sold.

Like Hello Chef, Mindful Chef uses high quality ingredients and steers well clear of refined carbohydrates and sugars in all its meals.


Gousto is arguably the most notable of all Hello Fresh alternatives. It manages to stand up to Hello Fresh well thanks to also having a well designed website and a competitively priced product offering.

A key difference would be its celebrity endorsement from everyone’s favourite lockdown teacher: Joe Wicks.

Through Gousto it is possible to make food that Wicks has created so you can be safe in the knowledge that your food sticks to any diet or fitness plan he has designed which you are following.

The company also has a big emphasis on providing ingredients that are sustainable and from British producers - just like Hello Fresh does.

Is Gousto or Hello Fresh better?

Both Hello Fresh and Gousto are great examples of how to produce high quality food delivery boxes to customers in the UK.

Picking between them is tough to do because what they deliver is an excellent product that offers its customers a great and easy way to make some time savings in their lives as well as reduce the stresses that can come from catering for a household.

By delivering food to people’s doorsteps, reliably, both Gousto and Hello Fresh are supporting customers’ needs and wants to eat healthily, sustainably and without too much hassle.

One of the best things about both of these companies is the fact that they are clearly so passionate about food.

That is reflected in the sheer amount of recipes on offer each and every week. As a result, customers can enjoy an even more varied diet that is exciting, full of flavour, yet painless to put on the table.

Both companies draw their culinary inspiration from all parts of the world too so customers can expect to learn a lot about food in a short space of time if they use either Gousto or Hello Fresh regularly.

Importantly, both companies provide a healthy portion size - that means not too small but not too big either.

All ingredients are pre portioned before delivery so there is a huge reduction in food waste - further helping the impact on climate change. It also means, however, that it helps customers eat an appropriate amount of food.

Often, when left to our own devices, we over cater and put too much food on our plates which can cause weight gain.

With the healthy, well balanced food that Gousto or Hello Fresh provide, customers can be sure that what they are eating is good for them and large enough to sustain them until their next meal.

Whether Gousto or Hello Fresh is better will be down to the specific customer in question. It would be a good idea before you sign up to one versus the other to see which one offers the most recipes for your dietary requirements.

Plus, whether the options available appeal to you. Also, you may want to pick according to the recipes that are quickest to make if that’s important to yoh. Look to see whether the meals that are only 20 mins prep work to table are ones that you would enjoy eating and want to make.

Hello Fresh Alternative - UK Market

While the meal kit delivery market may be saturated with competition at the moment, there are very few that can stand up to Hello Fresh’s provision.

Customers will undoubtedly be bowled over by the company’s delicious range of food that will expand a person’s repertoire and develop their skills in the kitchen quickly.

Hello Fresh manages to offer such a huge selection, yet does not let customers down when it comes to delivery.

Hello Fresh subscribers are confident that their food will turn up when it is meant to and, importantly, in the state it is meant to as well.

Customers will always find the freshest of ingredients that are reliably sourced by a company that has the entire food chain at its heart.

What Are The Best Hello Fresh Competitors in the UK?