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The Best Meal Kit Boxes UK - How To Choose The Right One For you

May 23, 2024
The Best Meal Kit Boxes UK - How To Choose The Right One For you

The market for meal kit boxes in the UK is large and it continues to grow. While that can be great for consumers who are in search of the best meal kit subscription boxes for their needs, it can also be pretty overwhelming to some. Knowing what makes the best meal kit boxes can therefore be helpful when deciding which company to choose.

For, while the majority of meal kit boxes in the UK are competitively priced in comparison to the traditional supermarket shop, it is still an extra expense. With so many of us looking to save our pennies with an increase in fuel bills, making sure we get the most value for money from our food costs is essential.

For that reason, we look at how to choose the best meal kit boxes for you so that your money is never wasted. For example, what are the meal kit boxes for one that always deliver good quality produce that can help make delicious dinners? Or what are the best meal kit subscription boxes for families and why?

Which dinner box is best?

So, there is no definitive answer to what dinner box is best when talking about the best meal kit subscription boxes. Instead, there is simply going to be a meal kit box that is best for you and your household. So bearing that in mind, you need to identify what you want to gain from your meal kit box. For example, do you want help sticking to a new diet plan?

Some meal kit boxes in the UK are fantastic at helping you stick to a new dietary lifestyle like Veganism for instance. All you need to do is choose a company that offers many different Vegan recipes a week, so that you still have a varied and interesting diet.

We think the following factors should be taken into consideration when trying to choose the best meal kit subscription boxes for you:

Quality of produce

Some companies improve their profit margins on meal kit boxes by including more ‘filler’ type ingredients or a lower quality of produce which are cheaper to source. While that can be advantageous to some customers, as it may mean that the meal kit turns out to be cheaper for them too, often it can mean that you simply derive less value from these products.

Bearing that in mind, check to see what and where your potential company sources their food from. If there is little information regarding this on their website, you may find that the ingredients are not of a good standard and may have been farmed poorly. With so many of us trying to eat in a more sustainable and ethical way, many of the best meal kit box producers will want to highlight how they ensure their boxes are kind to the planet.

Portion size

In addition to simply including filler type products in a meal box, companies also may improve their profit margins by not providing the biggest of portion sizes. Obviously, by delivering small amounts of ingredients, their costs are kept lower.

For the customer, however, that means they do not get as much value as the meal kit boxes may not actually be producing meals that are large enough to sustain them. That may be particularly the case in households with growing children, who seem to be ravenous all the time. Ensure, then, that you are picking a meal kit delivery company that delivers enough quantity of food that you do not have to supplement your meals. That’s the case whether you are looking for **meal kit boxes for one **or meal kit boxes for six.

Website usability

Another way that companies can provide value to a customer is by ensuring that their website is easy to use. If it isn’t, companies run the risk of causing customers stress. That is the very opposite of what these boxes should be doing. Instead, the best meal kit subscription boxes will make a person’s life far easier - minimising the time needed and the worry created in catering for themselves or their household.

A key way to do that is to ensure the ordering and payment process is as easy as possible - either through a website or an app. If that process ever becomes cumbersome, then some of the rationale for ordering these boxes is eradicated.


Of course, price is a hugely influential factor when it comes to picking out the best meal kit boxes. While boxes absolutely must provide value for money, (with value being derived from intangible factors such as ease of use, convenience and time saved), if they are too expensive for a person’s monthly food budget, they simply won’t be a long term option.

Bear that in mind therefore when researching potential companies. Companies which are more expensive, may be fine to use for a one off and may offer a different type of product that you only need to use for a short amount of time. For example, ready-made home cooked freezer meals may be affordable to you for a month or two at times when you are busy with work and not home as much. Or, you may be using a meal kit box service to help you lose weight over the course of a few months. After that, you may be happier to use a cheaper meal kit service that is not targeted at those who want to get rid of a few pounds.


Finally, to be worthwhile using, companies absolutely must be reliable. If they are not, they lose one of their key uses: providing convenience to time strapped individuals. If a box does not turn up when a company says it is going to turn up, that can have negative effects on an individual. It can mean they have to then spend time going out to buy food, which may well be time they do not have.

Or, if a person is on a stricter diet, perhaps in an effort to become healthier through cutting out certain foods, a meal box can help them do that more effectively. Again, if that meal box does not turn up, a person may find it more difficult to follow their new diet which may negatively affect their ability to hit their goals.

Which meal box is best in the UK? Key takeaways

The best meal boxes in the UK are the ones that balance out variety, customer service and usability, with reality a good price and a healthy portion size. If your potential meal kit delivery service lacks any one of these materially in some way, it can mean they are not going to be a long term solution to your household’s catering needs. Getting the balance right for you will be down to what you are trying to use the meal boxes for.

Are you trying to save money? Or are you looking for ways to ensure that you create a wider variety of meals at home? Or, are you trying to stick to a new diet with which you need help? Identifying what is important to you first will mean you are far more likely to choose a company that ticks every one of your boxes.

The Best Meal Kit Boxes UK - How To Choose The Right One For you