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Teeth straightening is a hugely personal service. Make sure you're using the service you're the most comfortable with. See below the teeth straightening services we recommend.

When you're looking to fix your smile, there are a few reputable and reliable services to choose from. Read on to see our reviews.

PlusDent offers an easy method to straighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Works with a mixed team of dentists and orthodontists
  • Produces aligners in-house
  • Average treatment time is 4-10 months
  • Monthly virtual check-ups track your progress
  • Cuts aligners straight across the gums to exert maximum force

Clear aligners that are affordable so you can pay for your dream smile with ease.

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  • £999 sticker price
  • Frequent discounts offered on their website
  • First set of retainers included
  • Whitening solution included
  • Impression kit or professional teeth scan for £44.99
  • One financing plan available

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Find The Best Teeth Straightening Service

Teeth straightening has become a huge private dental service, with millions of us striving to achieve a perfect, even smile and take advantage of the range of affordable, accessible services that are considerably cheaper than years of dental work!

The convenience of a home teeth straightening service is not in question - but choosing the right provider to guarantee you'll be smiling with confidence for years to come isn't such an easy choice.

Best10Scout is delighted to introduce our independent consumer review service, trying and testing some of the best teeth straightening providers to help you make informed choices about where to spend your money.

The Range of At-Home Teeth Straightening Services

If you're new to analysing teeth straightening services, it's worth clarifying that the options available are vast - and a lot depends on whether you're looking to transform the shape and positioning of your teeth or get them looking a little brighter and whiter.

The teeth straightening services we review offer multiple options, such as:

  • In-person clinics for assessments and scans.
  • Remote services to take impressions of your teeth
  • Physical dentist check-ups every few weeks.
  • Entirely remote services with digital consultations.
  • Staggered payment plans.
  • Single or double-arch treatments (depending on which teeth you'd like to straighten).
  • Treatment tools to remove plaque.
  • Stain removal treatments and teeth brightening services.

If you want to invest in your teeth but don't know which options to choose, Best10 rankings make it quick and easy to see at a glance which providers we believe offer the best quality teeth straightening services available.

Selecting a Teeth Straightening Provider

Budgets are always a factor, so our reviews consider the most popular teeth straightening packages' costs and other payment options.

That could, for example, include regular monthly payments to split the cost of your treatment or a credit check to apply for flexible financing plans.

Another crucial element in selecting a teeth straightening service is whether there is a guarantee included. This guarantee means that if you aren't happy with your results or feel that your teeth aren't quite as perfect as you'd expected, you can extend your treatment without needing to pay again.

Some teeth straightening techniques include aligners that you can wear at night for the long-term to keep your teeth in a perfect position, and others will request regular photo check-ins to make sure your aligners don't need any adjustments.

Comparing the Best Teeth Straightening Companies

Cosmetic dentistry can be an expensive business, so picking a quality provider with exceptional customer support, reliable results, and trusted treatment plans will make a big difference to the outcome.

Best10Scout is an autonomous consumer service, reviewing and rating a range of services to help people understand what they're paying for and make judgments about which provider is best suited to their budget.

Lower-cost teeth straightening plans can provide great value for money, but a lot depends on the level of straightening you need.

A common sales tactic is to offer an inclusive price (including impression kits, aligners, aftercare retainers and shipping) but try to upsell additional extras such as teeth whitening solutions. Making your short-list with advice from an independent expert is the best way to ensure you're choosing a deal that includes everything you need.


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