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How Much Does Mindful Chef Cost? And Why It Is Good Value For Money

May 23, 2024
How Much Does Mindful Chef Cost? And Why It Is Good Value For Money

Our Mindful Chef review is one of our most-read reviews on our page. The reason? Mindful Chef has a great reputation but people want to be sure that the hype is real. In our Mindful Chef review, we go over how the process works with this home recipe kit company and what customers can expect if they sign up to its delivery plans. For that reason, we thought we would go into even more detail as to why it remains such a popular provider. In doing so, we dive into how much Mindful Chef costs so that you can see why we think it provides good value for money.

How Much Does Mindful Chef Cost?

No good Mindful Chef meals review would be useful if it did not delve into the true cost of a Mindful Chef box. In short, you can expect to pay between £5 for a meal to £11. That large variation comes from how many people each recipe needs to serve (from one person to a household of 4), to how many recipes per box you pick. Essentially, the more food you are buying, the cheaper the per serving cost equates due to economies of scale.

So a single person household choosing the least amount of recipes per week will be paying the most per serving. On the other end of the scale, a household of four, choosing the most amount of recipes per week will have the lowest per serving cost. Additionally, Mindful Chef recipe box prices do vary according to what meals you choose. As to be expected, vegetarian meals are cheaper than boxes which include meat, especially beef.

Why Is Mindful Chef Good Value For Money

On the face of it, these numbers may look expensive in comparison to the average person’s weekly grocery shop. However, during our Mindful Chef meals review, we still found the recipe box provider to offer excellent value for money. And here’s why:

No wastage

Mindful Chef only ever delivers the right amount of ingredients that you need - according to portion sizes. That means there is no wastage. All food delivered is cooked therefore and none of it ends up in the bin. So many of us buy big packets of raw ingredients in a supermarket, only to find that those big packets do not get used before the food goes off. While we may have bought the bigger packets to save some money initially, it is a false economy of scale, as you end up not using so much of what you purchase.

Wide selection of meal types

While we always like to see a wide variety of recipes offered to customers, we also like to see a wide array of options that means recipe boxes can be modified according to a customer’s needs. In the case of Mindful Chef, they offer a very wide range of products. Not only do they have a fantastic variety of recipes to offer as standard, they also provide frozen food meals in addition to smoothie packs, soups, broths and 2-course dinner packs. They even have guest chefs or restaurants come in to design recipes for them. That’s great as it means customers can really use these boxes to help support their way of living. When recipe boxes are not flexible or do not offer such a wide range, they do not always provide customers with all the possible benefits that Mindful Chef offers.

Quality ingredients

Perhaps the biggest stand out point that makes Mindful Chef fantastic value for money are the quality ingredients that it includes as standard in its recipe boxes. That means they always use fresh produce that is at its peak taste, but also that customers can be confident that their food has been produced in a sustainable way. Additionally, items like chicken are free-range so that subscribers are safe in the knowledge that the livestock used have not been reared in a battery farm environment. Plus the company works closely with small family-run British farms to ensure that farmers get the best prices for their produce.

No fillers

There are no refined carbs in a Mindful Chef box which is great to see. Many lower quality meal kit delivery services bulk out their food with cheaper carbs to improve their profit margins. That may be ok for some people or households who like pasta or rice heavy meals - especially those with teenagers who seem to be perpetually hungry. However, these types of carbs do not hold much more nutritional value. Mindful Chef likes to include slow-release, complex carbs from natural whole foods to make their meals more satisfying, for longer while also upping the amount if fresh veg and protein.

Customer Service

Finally, Mindful Chef has one of the best customer service companies on the market. It has the standard FAQ page but it is comprehensive and thorough which make it a great starting point for so many queries. However, it also has a good contact form for those that want to email the company too. Plus, ultimately, the company makes it easy to contact them so you can speak to a person directly. For online service companies, that is not always a possibility. Or, if it is, they often make it difficult to find the information to call them. Mindful Chef make it clear how to call them should you need it - again adding to the value for money you gain from signing up to their service.

The True Value of a Mindful Chef Cost Per Serving

The key to a good meal kit delivery service is that their product fits in easily to your life, while also adding benefits and value in other ways. Mindful Chef does that in spades. Its flexible subscription approach means you are never paying for a meal you do not eat, while also giving you comfort that the ingredients delivered are top quality and produced in a reputable way. The cost per serving can be driven down substantially too if you are part of a bigger household, but even as a single household, the more expensive price per meal is (in our view) well worth paying.

How Much Does Mindful Chef Cost? And Why It Is Good Value For Money