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What Are The Best New Hello Fresh Recipes This Month?

May 23, 2024
What Are The Best New Hello Fresh Recipes This Month?

Get Inspired With New Delicious HelloFresh Recipes

Hello Fresh renews its recipes every week. Unlike Gousto, HelloFresh changes the majority of its options every 7 days so you can get new and exciting meals fresh on your doorstep every week! While that’s great, it should not automatically put current users off the Gousto menu, as Gousto has a wider selection than HelloFresh at any one time. It means the Gousto menu may change up its options less frequently, but there is still plenty to choose from so customers never get bored.

Nor will users of HelloFresh’s recipe boxes. With almost 40 popular recipes to choose from each week, there is plenty of variety. Here, we look at the new HelloFresh recipe list as well as ways to get the most out of its food boxes in general. These products are all about making them fit into your lifestyle so that you get as much out of them as possible. We also investigate whether HelloFresh food boxes are suitable for weight loss to see if they can help you shift some extra weight, while still enjoying your food.

What meals can you choose with HelloFresh?

HelloFresh draws on a multitude of international cuisines to create its recipe list. From Italian based pasta dishes to Japanese style bowls of yumminess, HelloFresh manages to make cooking in a variety of ways accessible to all. Importantly, food will largely appeal to a wide range of likes, so that even if you have a fussy eater within your household, you’ll manage to find several recipes a week that appeal to all.

Carefully laid out on the website are the preparation times (ranging from 15 minutes, 20 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes), so you're never a slave to the kitchen when you have better things to do than spend all day cooking a gourmet meal!

New HelloFresh Recipes This Month

Quick recipes from HelloFresh
Ingredients fresh on your doorstep every week with HelloFresh.

Quick middle eastern style spiced chicken

This dish is a prime example of why HelloFresh food boxes are so great. It's packed full of flavour with zest added from lemon and fresh herbs, including a zhoug style paste and Middle Eastern style spice mix, that the average home cook probably would never use optimally.

However, here, it's used within a quick and tasty midweek dinner option that importantly includes chicken which will appeal to those with blander taste buds. All in all, this is a delicious and speedy recipe that you’ll want to make time and time again on your own.

Speedy creamy chorizo and sweetcorn pasta

Just the title of this recipe screams crowd pleaser. Pasta is always a firm family favourite, yet with the inclusion of chorizo it packs a flavour punch too. Sweetcorn gets the dish's vegetable count up as does the spinach the chefs have added which is a great way to up the iron count in your diet too.

Cheese is sprinkled on top to finish off this tasty family recipe that is super simple to make. Plus, what is even better is that you can customise it if you need too. Do you have eaters that are a bit hesitant when it comes to eating spinach? Just siphon off a portion at the end before adding the spinach at the last minute for those that do like it.

Super fast Thai-inspired pork noodles

Pork is a lean meat that often gets short shift when compared to beef or lamb. However, here, it goes to show how versatile it is in this delicious noodle dish that uses a unique Thai style spice blend to give a wonderful depth of flavour.

What we also love about this recipe, which further emphasises why HelloFresh is so useful at reducing food waste, is that it uses rice vinegar and ketjap manis. The majority of us won’t use either of these ingredients in our day-to-day cooking. Yet, as HelloFresh simply sends the amount your recipe requires, you won’t have to worry about wasting a full-size bottle of each ingredient or buying the more expensive bigger size for a recipe you only ever make once in a blue moon.

Ras el hanout roasted root veg and aubergine

HelloFresh is great at creating dishes that are quick and easy to make. This recipe, however, is more a labour of love. While that may not fit in with your needs every night of the week, for the nights you do have more time, it can be fantastic to experiment with different ways of cooking - as this veggie recipe demonstrates.

Full of Middle Eastern style inspired ingredients like ras el hanout, tahini and zhoug, cooking this dish will stretch your know how in the kitchen. It will, also, get a lot of you five a day into your diet with ease. It’s a very filling, yet healthy dish that you’ll want to make time and time again.

How do I get the most out of HelloFresh?

The above delicious recipes will give you a flavour, literally, of what you can expect from HelloFresh food boxes week in week out. The variety in just the four recipes we have mentioned, goes to show that your tastebuds will never be bored and you’ll continually be creating new dishes in the kitchen.

Those are just two ways that HelloFresh can help you, but how else can you fit it into your lifestyle to get the most out of it? Firstly, use its weekly recipe hub to meal plan with your diary close to hand.

Think about how many people are going to be in for each recipe, or what nights you are going to be out. Decide how many meals you need a week and then update your preferences accordingly.

HelloFresh picks the recipes you'll love if you don’t update your choices in time each week - which can mean that you sometimes end up with too many or too few recipes to make. With just five minutes spent at the website’s recipe hub, you’ll ensure that that is never an issue.

Secondly, pick the recipes you'll love according to how much cooking you think you’ll want to do each night. Is there any evening, for example, that you go to the gym so get back later than usual - meaning you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen for 45 minutes before getting food on the table? If that’s the case, ensure you know which recipes take the shortest time possible to create.

HelloFresh is fantastic at creating meals that take just 20 minutes to prepare. Make sure you make the most of them!

When you’re looking through your diary, also identify if you need any of your meals to stick with a dietary lifestyle. For example, is there a vegetarian in your household who is in a number of nights a week? If that’s the case, make sure you order enough of those delicious meals, so you’re not rummaging about in the back of the fridge trying to rustle up something separate for them.

HelloFresh is also starting to add more custom recipes to its list, which can be very easily adapted for different dietary requirements should you need them.

Is HelloFresh good for weight loss?

One of the ways we haven’t mentioned yet is whether HelloFresh can be used to help you lose weight. The answer is a resounding yes. A number of HelloFresh recipes are designed alongside the company WeightWatchers so that you can stick to that dietary regime far more easily if you are following it. Of course, those recipes can also be used if you are simply trying to lose weight on your own, but then so can a number of other quick recipes on the weekly hub.

The company will often highlight HelloFresh recipes you'll love that are under 650 calories which can be useful if you are trying to follow a calorie controlled diet. However, what’s also simply good to know is that HelloFresh’s food will never be laden with fat or sugar like other convenience food may be. Instead, you’ll simply be eating far more healthily as a byproduct of doing your home cooking.

In turn, you’ll likely find that you are fuelling your body far better. Junk food or convenience food is typically food that does not fill you up for very long - meaning you turn to snacks as a way to get you through to the next meal. That means, for so many of us, eating too many salty or sweet treats like crisps or chocolate.

With HelloFresh, you’ll naturally reduce your intake of these foods while also having more energy as well. It means you’ll be more likely to do exercise or simply get up and move around - two fantastic benefits and a way to support a slow and steady weight loss.


Hello Fresh is one of the best on the recipe box market. While it may not be as immediately extensive as the Gousto menu, the company tends to change its recipes more often and more substantially so there is plenty of choice each week.

Plus, the company also does a line in added extras like desserts and sides which can be so helpful when trying to make the most of the convenience that these meal kits can provide. From salads, to curries and even chocolates, Hello Fresh has it all. Enjoy!

What Are The Best New Hello Fresh Recipes This Month?