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Keep Your Family Safe Online

Make sure your kids are safe while surfing online. Below is our pick of the top online safety tools available for your family.

Ensure your kids are safe online with these online safety tools. Compare features and pricing.

Trusted parental control software that works across a range of platforms.

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  • Filter content & apps
  • Monitor activity
  • Set time limits
  • Locate family
  • Track calls & SMS
  • Get reports, alerts & SOS

Keep Your Family Safe Online

Online safety tools you can use at home are crucial for families with young children - particularly with smart home appliances and devices that mean everything from your lights to your fridge are connected to the internet!

The digital world is full of opportunity but can be a sinister place, so it is imperative kids can browse and play without being at risk of predatory or unethical behaviour, including promotional marketing.

Best10Scout is passionate about consumer protection and security, launching a new online safety comparison category to support our guides to home security and other safety-related services.

Choosing an Online Safety Tool

Having powerful online safety tools at your fingertips can give you peace of mind that children are protected, whether pre-schoolers playing on a tablet or teens delving into social media content.

Children can become immersed in learning and social engagement with the right safeguards, but a contract or device to protect your family's technology is strongly advisable.

Parents and guardians can:

  • Turn location tracking on and off for mobile internet-enabled devices.
  • Set filters based on age and location.
  • Pause internet access should they need to.
  • Block keywords, specific websites or types of content.
  • Flag inappropriate words or phrases.
  • Limit screen time or password protect some sites.

If you know which online devices and sites your kids use most, that's a great place to start by filtering through online safety tools to see which are most suited to your intended use.

Types of Online Safety Protection

Most online safety tools are software or app packages - an app can be handy if you're not at home when your children may be online or if they use a smartphone and you can't physically monitor their activities at all times.

While we'd always recommend discussing good online safety protocols and letting your family know what limitations you're putting in place, the emphasis here is on security.

Quality safety tools ensure kids can browse freely without being exposed to the darker side of the digital world.

Software packages tend to be designed for installation on a primary device.

Still, they can usually integrate with up to several other devices so that you can protect your TV, mobile, laptop, tablet, smartphone and desktop all at the same time.

Independent Online Safety Reviews

Best10Index provides an autonomous review and rating system, covering a broad range of consumer goods and services.

Many of our readers request advice about digital services, where it can be tough to judge which products or software are worth buying, with multiple conflicting sources of information.

Our online safety ratings are based on independent tests of each participating provider. Before you spend a penny, you get to know exactly how the service works, how much it costs, and all the pros and cons.

Please visit our online safety pages for a list of the top recommended services we'd recommend, in-depth reviews, including screenshots of the app or software in action, and discounts and pricing offers available on some of our selected providers.