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Balance Box Review: Healthy, Sustainably Sourced Meals

May 23, 2024
Balance Box Review: Healthy, Sustainably Sourced Meals

There are many different types of meal kit delivery UK companies, so it can be hard to know what one to choose. Balance Box is one such meal kit delivery UK company that seems to have stood the test of time and Balance Box reviews are often exceedingly complimentary. But are these Balance Box reviews to be believed? Here, we look at what exactly Balance Box is, why you should use the company and if, ultimately, it is any good. 

What is a Balance Box?

Balance Box is one of the most popular healthy meal delivery services available currently. The healthy meal boxes that the company prepares are full with a customer’s daily food requirements. All food has been prepared beforehand so there is no need for a customer to do any food planning, food shopping, or cooking. So, as far as healthy meal delivery services go, it makes your life exceptionally easy and convenient. 

These healthy meal boxes include breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks a day. The idea is to allow customers to eat a healthier diet without having to do any of the hard work. With the busy status of so many people’s lives, dedicating the time and attention to eating healthily can be difficult to achieve. Boxes start from just £24.99 which may sound a lot to pay in comparison to traditional food shopping, but if you take into consideration how much time the service saves you, on top of providing access to chef and nutritionist designed meals, it starts to add up to value for money. 

Why Should I Use Balance Box?

We’ve briefly alluded to why using a Balance Box can be helpful. The convenience the company can provide is not to be underestimated. Having anyone pre prepare your food so that you do not have to take any time out of your day to create a home cooked, delicious meal is a massive advantage. However, add on to that the fact that these meals can really help you achieve your dietary lifestyle aims. Balance Box harnesses the experience and knowledge of its expert chefs to ensure that all food, whether you pick the classic diet, the vegetarian diet, the pescatarian diet or the free-from diet, is always varied and tasty to eat. 

On top of that, by sticking to eating only the food that is sent to you, you can ensure that you are not ingesting any food that is bad for you that may stop you achieving any healthy eating goals. So many of us have already given up on our New Year’s resolution to eat better already, yet Balance Box’s services materially improves the chances of a person sticking to a new healthy eating regime. Whether that regime was begun in an effort to lose weight or whether it was started in an effort to reduce your risk of developing serious illnesses like heart disease or diabetes, Balance Box’s healthy meals makes it easy to stay on track. 

Is Balance Box Good?

So now that you know what Balance Box is trying to do, can you rely on it to be any good when it turns up? Or if it turns up? In short, yes. You can rely on Balance Box to deliver on what it promises. The food it delivers is really tasty to eat and makes you forget that you are eating meals that are focused on supporting a healthy lifestyle. And that’s the key. If you feel like you are on a diet where you feel like you are constantly doing without, the likelihood is high that you will not stick to it. The result? All the chances of leading a healthier life where your risk of developing serious diseases is higher, not to mention not giving yourself a chance to shift any excess weight. 

In comparison, Balance Box focuses on ensuring customers do not feel like they are doing without. For starters, there are two snacks a day to see you between your three meals. And, those meals are of a generous portion size so you are never hungry. Plus they are delicious. 

Additionally, for customers who are (rightly) becoming more concerned with choosing food that is ethically and sustainably sourced, Balance Box does that too. Ingredients are only ever as fresh as can be, and the best of the best. That translates into food that is higher quality and packs a heftier nutritional punch. Fresh, in season produce is often considered to have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals that our bodies so need to work optimally. Again, that feeds into a customer’s ability to stick to the plan that Balance Box provides. If the body is working optimally, customers feel better and start to break the habit of bad eating for good. Previous customers have said that

Balance Box has revolutionized how they eat. So, for the days that customers are not eating food prepared for them, they actively seek out recipes to cook to keep them on the right track. 

Balance Box - Key Takeaways

Balance Box is definitely more expensive than meal kit delivery services where only boxes of the raw ingredients are delivered. While those delivery services can also be really supportive in attaining a healthier lifestyle, they can be cheaper as they do not need as much work from their manufacturers. Balance Box delivers home cooked food so it is naturally more labour intensive…hence the higher cost. 

But therein lies the trade off that actually also provides value for money. While recipe kit boxes are convenient, they are still dependent on customers to prepare food. For some who are really struggling for time to create healthy home cooked meals, even that is a step too far. That’s where Balance Box really comes into its own and why it is such a fantastic service well worth the extra money. Customers are never let down and are simply left to enjoy life.

Balance Box Review: Healthy, Sustainably Sourced Meals