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5 Keto And Low Carb Meal Delivery Services That Make Special Diets Easier

May 23, 2024
5 Keto And Low Carb Meal Delivery Services That Make Special Diets Easier

Keto and low carb diets have become popular over the years as a way for people to lose weight. By cutting out carbohydrates, and eating far more protein and certain fruit and veg, followers of this diet find that their body uses the fat as its energy store. Followers also find it easier to stick to as there is minimum calorie counting. As opposed to having small portion sizes or only low fat foods, low carb diets simply cut out specific foods. Whale cutting out large food groups may sound drastic, some followers actually find it more straightforward to stay on a diet that simply prescribes not eating ingredients such as pasta, potatoes, rice or bread. 

The problem, however, arises when people who want to follow this type of diet, have a large number of recipes in their repertoire that use pasta, bread, potatoes or other carbohydrates. Plus, it is not just about cutting refined white carbs. Some keto or low carb diets (like the Atkins) actually state that followers cannot eat certain fruits and vegetables as they are technically high in carbs, thanks to having a large number of simple sugars in them. 

As a result, many followers sometimes like the ease of using a weight loss meal delivery UK** **service. Doing so can be a great way to follow this diet as it means that meal delivery services like a Gousto box, can take all the hard work out of adhering to the diet’s rules. Plus, it can materially reduce the amount of time spent in the kitchen too. A key factor to a keto and low carb diet is that you reduce the number of preservatives, sugar and other nasties that convenience food is often so high in. Weight loss meal prep delivery services either deliver the right amount of ingredients to you, or can even deliver ready-made meals that are homemade to ensure they are still jam-packed with goodness. Something that many store-bought ready-made meals cannot claim to do. 

So are there other boxes that are suitable other than a Gousto box? What weight loss meal delivery UK services exist that can help those looking to follow a low carb diet? Here, we investigate our top 5 meal kit delivery services that we think are worthwhile using to help you achieve your weight loss goals. 


We love Gousto thanks to the wide range of recipes it offers its customers each and every week. Not only is it simple to use, it also delivers food boxes on time, all the time. That’s crucial to those looking to follow any type of diet, as it means these boxes remain convenient. It also means that you do not have to rush out to the supermarket to top up your food stores. Doing so may mean, when you are in a rush, that you buy the wrong types of food for your diet and therefore do not stick to it as best you could. What we also love about Gousto for those that are looking for a weight loss meal delivery UK service is that picking a type of food or diet that you require is so quick and easy on the website. For those wanting to pick a keto or low carb suitable recipe, you just use a simple filter feature to see all the recipes that are low in carbs. 

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef has a heavy emphasis on healthy, home cooked food that can help a person’s diet be far better - regardless of whether they are trying to lose weight or not. Mindful Chef is great for those looking to lose weight through a low carb diet as the recipes they have available that are suitable and appropriate are absolutely delicious. As a result, followers do not even feel like they are on a diet or that they are going without. That’s key to sticking to a diet, followers must not feel like they are being negatively impacted when it comes to enjoying food. Instead, while eating delicious food, they are also forming good habits that will stay with them to become long lasting. 

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh’s recipes are always quick and easy to make. That means yummy tasting food can be on the table in no time at all - another key way to stay true to a diet. If you are hungry, and food takes too long to make, it can be so tempting to reach for that chocolate bar which is definitely not on the low carb or keto diet. (Though some allow very dark chocolate which is predominantly cocoa). Hello Fresh is also great as it allows users to find low carb options easily, again without scrimping on flavour. Meals are therefore great to eat, for anyone in a household, even those who are not trying to follow a low carb way of life. 

Green Chef

Green Chef is a fantastic company that offers a great choice for weight loss meal prep delivery kits. Not only does the company offer a whole host of recipes that are low carb, and specified as so, but they also help customers ensure that their food delivery is carbon neutral. The company chooses suppliers that rear livestock or grow vegetables in a way that is environmentally friendly. For, any produce they deliver that is not already carbon neutral, the company pays into a carbon offsetting fund to help minimise the impact that a household has when it comes to their food. As a result, Green Chef can not only help an individual stay on the course for low carb living but also ensure that they are doing so in the most sustainable way possible for the world as a whole. 


Finally, Noom is not strictly a weight loss meal prep delivery service per se. However, it still definitely deserves a mention when it comes to looking at keto and low carb meal delivery services. That’s because Noom tries to make the psychology behind what and why we eat more accessible. By addressing the psychological aspects behind our diets, Noom hopes to help its customers develop better, healthier eating habits. The service looks to highlight to a person their triggers and why they seek out certain foods at certain times. For example, are they an emotional eater? Do they leave it too long in between meals to eat, causing them to binge eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner? For low carb followers, that can be really helpful as it means they have the mental strength to adhere to the strict rules that some lifestyles like Keto and Atkins have. 

5 Keto And Low Carb Meal Delivery Services That Make Special Diets Easier