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Gousto Prices - A Full Review Of One Of The UK's Top Meal Kit Delivery Services

May 23, 2024
Gousto Prices - A Full Review Of One Of The UK's Top Meal Kit Delivery Services

Do you need some inspiration for that next new meal? Having recipes and fresh ingredients for delicious meals sent directly to your door may be a good solution. In this article we delve deeper into Gousto's recipe box service, and take you through the pros and cons of this successful company.

Who is Gousto?

Gousto was founded in 2012 with a mission to make cooking exciting, enjoyable and stress-free by making meal planning easier. They were there to provide home cooks with something new and different, so that mealtime could bring joy.

This meals company has grown rapidly over the years as they continually innovate their service to create an even simpler and more convenient way of eating in. From fresh ingredients delivered right to your door, to step-by-step recipe cards, it’s become easier than ever before to create tasty food each and every day while saving on effort and time!

Gousto is now one of the leading meal kit companies in the UK with over 3 million meals served every month.

What Are The Benefits Of Gousto?

Order your Gousto box today
Joe Wicks is one of the founding investors in Gousto.

Gousto is the perfect meal kit delivery service for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle or need help making dinner. With Gousto, users can pick out meals they like and have them delivered straight to their door. Additionally, each recipe is designed with balanced nutrition in mind and uses natural, fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

You could also switch up your diet by exploring new recipes; with over 50 options each week it's easy to find something new and exciting that you'll love. Gousto also does all the meal planning for you so you can save time and effort on menu planning at home.

Plus, all recipes are accompanied by detailed cooking instructions, so you don’t need any prior experience in the kitchen. All these features make Gousto a great option when deciding on a meal delivery service.

Gousto Recipe Box Review?

Inside your Gousto recipe box, you get everything you need to create your meals:

Fresh ingredients - all the ingredients needed. If they need to be kept fresh, they are packed in ice packs. You receive just the right amount of everything, so there is no food waste. The ingredient quality is second to none.
Sauces - sauces like soy sauce, mayonnaise come in small plastic sachets.
Spices - the spice mixes you need for your recipe are in there too, again in small plastic sachets.
Oils - Gousto won't provide you with oil for cooking, but if oil is an ingredient (for example olive oil), again you'll find this in a small plastic sachet.
Recipe cards - these are easy to follow instructions laid out on a well-presented recipe card that you can file away and use again and again.

The only things you don't receive are the saucepans, knives and a trusty wooden spoon to bring your meals to life!

Our only comment would be the amount of small plastic sachets used, which seems excessive in this day and age. We would encourage Gousto to think more carefully how these smaller items are packaged as responsibly as possible.

How much packaging is there?

Gousto prides itself on using minimal sustainable packaging to help protect the environment. The inside of the cardboard box is lined with recyclable cardboard insulation and FSC-certified paper mailers to their chilled liners made of recycled material. Gousto's dedication to sustainability is evident in all aspects of their packaging.

By actively promoting reuse and reduce throughout the process, Gousto aims to reduce its carbon footprint and encourage responsible consumption.

Last but not least, Gousto’s packaging investments take into account taste, appearance, function and reuse to ensure it saves both resources and money in the long run - making them an environmentally friendly meal service option!

Gousto Recipes

Your Gousto recipe box contains all fresh ingredients
Enjoy a huge variety of recipe choice with Gousto

As part of your Gousto subscription, you get unlimited access to every Gousto recipe. You can choose vegetarian meals, gluten free, vegan, plant based, cook in 5 minutes, gluten free, dairy free, meat eaters...

Honestly, the list is impressive.

As part of the Gousto culinary experience, new recipes are released each week, making it easy to discover new flavors and dishes. For example, their recently released meals include a flavor-packed Malaysian Pork Curry, a chewy Giant Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Sauce, and an irresistibly creamy Butternut Squash & Kale Bibimbap Bowl.

With Gousto's large recipe selection available each week on the Gousto app, there's always a delicious meal up for grabs!

You'll receive a weekly delivery, most recipes can prepared and ready to eat in under 30 minutes.

What is the difference between Hello Fresh and Gousto boxes?

Hello Fresh and Gousto boxes both offer a streamlined solution for those looking for a convenient way to put together meals. Both cater for people with busy lives and offer a variety of subscription boxes for all kinds of dietary preferences. Both, too, deliver recipe boxes, within a delivery schedule that suits you, at a very affordable price per serving. So while they share a lot of similarities, what are distinct differences between the two services?

Hello Fresh focuses mainly on meal kits with recipes that are designed to be served in 30 minutes or less - perfect for busy nights when you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen.

Gousto operates with an emphasis on healthy sharing-style recipes, including signature dishes such as one-pot dinners and 15-minute meals. Not only do they provide carefully calibrated ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, but they also offer vegan meals!

Both Hello Fresh & Gousto boxes are high quality products. All vegetables are fresh and crisp, using both local suppliers and sourcing organic products wherever available. Both firms deliver chilled ingredients in insulated bags with ice packs that keep the contents cold when they deliver.

These frozen products will remain fresh throughout the entire day and you do not run the risk of your food spoiling if you have to start cooking the next day. Even during the hot summers there are no problems.

So whether you're short on time or trying to create lighter dishes with healthier ingredients, these two services have something for everyone's needs.

Is Gousto Cost Effective?

Like with all meal delivery services, the raw ingredients will always be cheaper if you bought them yourself. But that isn't what you want. In terms of value, the two servings could be seen as fairly pricey, at around £6 per portion. However, the fact is you get all the ingredients delivered, new meals to try, healthy choices, and you didn't have to spend time at the supermarket or poring over a recipe book wondering what to cook.

Gousto Prices Explained

Box prices start at £24.99 for two guests – based on 2 dishes – and costs £6.25 per portion. Gousto costs £34.99 for four people and 4 dishes, reducing to £4.37 per portion. There is no commitment and no cancellation fees. Ordering larger boxes is significantly cheaper (meaning a meal price as low as £2.99 per serving), and these are ideal if there are 4 or more of you in the household.

Two meals - £6.25 per serving
Three meals - £5.00 per serving
Four meals - £4.37 per serving
More meals - the maximum is 5 recipes a week (£4.30 per serving)

Gousto Discounts

Gousto frequently hand out generous discounts to attract new customers. It always pays to check in with us too, as Gousto often give us heavily discounted offers to pass on to you, our users. At the moment, Gousto is currently offering a half price first box, and then 25% off for the first two months. Occasionally they also offer a free gift. To keep up to date with all this, we'd recommend you sign up to our newsletter.

Gousto Delivery

Gousto delivers everywhere on mainland UK. If you want to find out whether they deliver to you, click here and enter your post code. The cost of each Gousto box delivery is £3.99, except for your first Gousto box which is delivered free of charge. When you place your order, you can choose the delivery date that suits you best.

Gousto Review Conclusion

If you could only choose one recipe box company, and you're most interested in recipes to share with family or friends, set up a Gousto account today. There are no hidden extra costs, and you don't need amazing culinary skills to create delicious meals.

Gousto Prices - A Full Review Of One Of The UK's Top Meal Kit Delivery Services