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Are Meal Kit Delivery Services Budget-Friendly?

May 23, 2024
Are Meal Kit Delivery Services Budget-Friendly?

Meal kit delivery services have a huge amount of advantages that come with them. They are great for those that are looking to increase their repertoire in the kitchen as well as exposing users to new techniques. Plus, they are a massive support to those that are looking for ways to add convenience to their lives, without sacrificing on quality. But does all that convenience come at a cost? Are meal kit delivery services really budget-friendly given that a box with a handful of meals inside can cost the same as a weekly food shop? Here, we look at why the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

The 5 Key Benefits of Meal Kit Delivery Services

No Wastage

When people look at the stark numbers in comparing costs of meal kit delivery services, their immediate thought is often that they are more expensive than the traditional way of cooking. However, that does not take into account the fact that there is minimal wastage from using a meal kit delivery service. As a meal box company will only ever deliver what you need, the environmental cost to society is far less. Plus, you are not paying for food you do not use. The amount of food waste in the UK is extraordinary, which means we are all guilty of paying for food that ultimately just ends up in the bin. 


In addition to the fact that no food is wasted when making food from a meal box product, the amount of time that they save should make them a far more affordable meal delivery service for all. If you put a value on your time, you will find that it is far better spent if you make use of a meal kit delivery. You do not have to go to the supermarket, you do not have to spend time finding recipes or meal planning, and sometimes food is even delivered prepared. Thr result? The cost of meals diminishes as you can spend more time relaxing or having quality time with your family. 

Good for Diet Regimes

Another reason that meal kit delivery services are far more budget-friendly than people may immediately think, is that they are great for helping those on diet regimes. If people are Vegan or Vegetarian, they will find that they no longer need to buy expensive specialised products. Instead, meal box delivery kits just make use of raw ingredients and the know-how of a chef and dietician to make the most of those ingredients. 

They are also great for weight loss. In fact, the best weight loss meal delivery service will be ones that have recipes with key dietary information quickly available or weight loss options easily chosen without much effort. It means you are not buying specialised diet food which is often expensive. Instead, you are just eating nutritionally balanced food that can help you hit your weight loss goals. There is no need for a personal trainer or subscription to an expensive diet group. Instead, following a healthy eating regime is nothing more than a click of the button. 

Picky Eater Help

Many of us will find that we have a picky eater in our household or may even be one ourselves. Meal kit delivery services are great for people with more dislikes than are easy to count, and therefore money-saving, as chefs are on hand to create several different dishes - with the same few ingredients that a picky eater only likes. The result? Less wastage again.

You do not spend all that time making a meal that ultimately will only find itself thrown in the bin by your picky eater as they do not like it - only to then go and eat another meal that is more to their tastebuds liking. For instance, if your family member, or you, only like to eat chicken, meal kit delivery services will have far more chicken dishes offered as standard than the average home chef has in their repertoire. Food and money are therefore not wasted trying to appease too many people’s taste buds at once.


The variety that meal kit delivery services provide subscribers is one of the biggest benefits that come for free from such products. It means that users do not get bored of the same meals - meaning they are less inclined to go out to eat or have an expensive takeaway. Instead, users are happy to cook for themselves in the kitchen using a meal kit delivery service as they take all the hassle out of catering. By providing ingredients delivered to their door, to make countless amounts of meals that are changed on a regular basis, customers enjoy a huge amount of variety that keeps them interested. For those on a diet or with strict dietary requirements, that variety can be an immeasurable advantage. Vegans or those who follow a gluten-free diet often complain of having to eat the same thing time and time again. Meal boxes mean that never happens - and that is an advantage that users do not have to pay extra for. 

Meal Kit Delivery Services and Budgets

On the face of it, meal kit delivery services do look more expensive than the traditional means of catering for a household. However, when the advantages that the services provide as standard are taken into account, plus the savings that are made from reducing food waste, meal kit delivery services become far more comparable to the more usual food shop. They certainly provide value for money.

Plus the price that can be put on saving a person stress cannot be underestimated. The ease that these boxes can bring to a person’s life can mean that the apparently added expense is most definitely worthwhile. The peace of mind that comes from producing homecooked, nutritious meals for you and your family cannot be dismissed easily. And, as we all lead busier and busier lives, making time savings wherever we can is increasingly important and means we do not have to compromise on spending quality time with our loved ones. 

Are Meal Kit Delivery Services Budget-Friendly?