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Green Chef UK’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

May 23, 2024
Green Chef UK’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many companies like Hello Fresh, that knowing every single detail about them can be tough. Yet, knowing the details is what can help differentiate those that seemingly look similar to Hello Fresh at first glance. Green Chef UK is just one of those companies like Hello Fresh, where when you dig a little deeper, you see that they diverge on a number of topics. Perhaps the most notable being that Green Chef UK is a carbon-neutral company.

But what else should potential customers know about Green Chef? What makes it similar to Hello Fresh? What makes it different? Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the green food box delivery business, so you’ll soon be able to see what sets it apart from companies like Hello Fresh.

What dietary options does Green Chef UK offer?

Green Chef offers six dietary options with some dishes overlapping across the categories. They are:

  • Keto. A low carb diet with plenty of leafy greens, lean meat and dairy
  • Lower carb. Another low carb diet but with an emphasis on simple to cook, satisfying meals.
  • Flexitarian. A diet where there are options which include meat, fish, and vegetarian meals - all part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Vegan. A plant-based diet with meals rich in fibre as well as all necessary minerals and nutrients.
  • Vegetarian. A diet with no meat, and plenty of plant protein in addition to dairy products and lots of leafy greens.
  • Pescatarian. A diet with meals based around sustainable, high-quality fish served alongside veggies, dairy products and leafy greens.

The wide variety, and breakdown, of diets make it easy to find one that suits any type of customer.

How much will it cost?

Cost is a huge factor when people decide which food box company to go for. The fact of the matter is, costs vary greatly between food boxes, but they’re hard to compare as companies provide food for different numbers of people.

When it comes to Green Chef, the cost of a weekly delivery depends on the number of recipes a customer chooses as well. It also charges a delivery fee which can vary too, in accordance with where a customer lives. If a customer does not live on the mainland of the UK, the delivery cost will be higher than if they do. Some mainland customers may have to pay a small surcharge as well, if their address is very remote.

The other factor to consider when looking at cost are any deals that Green Chef are currently running. Introductory offers are usually sizable and sometimes the company will offer discounts to current customers too.

Typically, the more people a customer is catering for, and the more recipes they choose a week, the cheaper the cost per serving can become.

Can I view the menu before signing up?

Sometimes, companies who deliver food boxes hide their menu selection - forcing customers to sign up first before being able to see what they can order. It means that sometimes customers could be disappointed with what they can potentially choose, but with Green Chef, customers are able to see what the weekly menu is.

Additionally, what’s great about Green Chef is that customers can also see the menu over the next few weeks. For potential customers that’s a comfort as it means they can be doubly sure they like what Green Chef has to offer. For those that are already customers, it can help them meal plan far out into the future - meaning they can ensure they pick a wide variety of meals so they don’t pick the same meals week in week out.

How does Green Chef UK prevent cross-contamination during handling?

Cross-contamination can affect different people in different ways. For those with allergies, cross-contamination can be a life threatening, very serious issue. For example, if a person is allergic to nuts or peanuts, it is essential they know what the procedures are to ensure that nothing they eat could potentially have the residue of something that may cause them harm. In these instances, Green Chef is sadly not suitable as all boxes and ingredients are produced in a facility where peanut, nuts, sesame, egg, mustard, celery, soya, gluten, fish, crustaceans and sulphites are all used.

There will be other customers however where cross-contamination is not life-threatening, but important to them on a moral basis. Vegans for instance will not want their food coming into contact with animal products. In this instance, Green Chef asserts that the majority of their products with a vegan claim are fully packaged and sealed to prevent any risk of the product coming into contact with animal products.

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What is Green Chef UK doing about sustainability?

One of Green Chef’s main appeals is the fact that it promotes a green way of living. But what exactly does it do about sustainability - a key part of living in an environmentally friendly way?

When it comes to sustainability, Green Chef always strives to use and produce eco-friendly products. That means they pre measure all their ingredients to reduce food waste that can be created through overbuying and leftovers. They also offset 100% of the company’s operational and distribution-related carbon emissions and any in-box plastics. Finally, they are always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce the use of plastics in their food boxes to replace them with sustainable materials.

Does Green Chef UK support local and sustainable suppliers?

Importing food is a big carbon emitter. Plus, it means that the UK’s local suppliers are so often undercut by farmers or producers abroad where labour costs are far cheaper. Green Chef tries to support local and sustainable suppliers - particularly ones that share the company’s’ values.

That means that they always use fresh meat from Britain that is higher welfare. The fish they use is always certified as sustainable.

Are limes and lemons suitable for vegans?

This is a really specific question, but one that vegans have to ask if they are to remain true to their dietary beliefs. Often, limes and lemons are waxed to make them look shinier and therefore more enticing. Wax can also preserve the freshness of the skin. However, some lime and lemon suppliers do not use vegan suitable wax to do so.

Green Chef, though, always uses limes and lemons that are 100% suitable for vegans.

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How does Green Chef UK pick its coconuts?

Buying a coconut or using coconut milk may seem pretty innocuous and a good ingredient to include in a vegan diet. However, some suppliers actually use monkeys to help them pick their coconuts, thus minimising labour costs. Green Chef UK always chooses suppliers with reputable production methods, which includes coconut producers. The company ensures that monkeys have not been used during the harvesting of coconuts for any products.

Is the packaging that Green Chef UK uses eco-friendly?

A big bug bear for many food box customers is the amount of packaging that is thrown away. However, the majority of the packaging that Green Chef uses is recyclable. For example, the cardboard containers and recipe cards are all made with FSCcertified and 100% recyclable paper.

There is, though, a small amount of plastic packaging left. However, that’s where the company’s carbon neutral promise comes in. They offset 100% of the plastic packaging through supporting carbon negative programs and other innovative initiatives.

Can customers send back Green Chef UK packaging materials?

Given that customers want to reduce their carbon footprint by as much as possible, and the fact that recycling is a key way to do that, many ask if they can send the packaging back to the company - perhaps by picking it up when the next box is delivered. Sadly, Green Chef doesn't have a programme to return packaging materials - though the company is consistently investigating new ways to package food that sticks to food hygiene regulations, but is kind to the planet.

Green Chef - Everything you need to know

Green Chef is similar to Hello Fresh in that it wants to help its customers lead an easier, healthier life. However, the company also wants customers to lead the greenest life possible. It does that in so many ways - reducing food waste, making a vegan diet straightforward to follow, and giving customers comfort that they are eating food from reputable sources.

However, there are so many details that the company is quick to ensure that it doesn’t overlook. The use of vegan limes and lemons is a good example, as is ensuring that monkeys are never used to harvest coconuts in the produce they buy. How they categorise their diet plans is also a key way that the company looks to make itself stand out from the crowd.

Plus, ultimately, its food is absolutely delicious, a breeze to make and simple to choose on their well-designed website.

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Green Chef UK’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

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