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The Most Popular Dishes On HelloFresh Right Now

May 23, 2024
The Most Popular Dishes On HelloFresh Right Now

The HelloFresh meals list is one of the most extensive in comparison to HelloFresh alternatives. To some, picking just a few for their food box each week is tough, with taste buds being intrigued by several of the options available. So what are the most popular dishes on the HelloFresh meals list right now? And are they so good that they easily answer the question: is HelloFresh worth it?

Here, we look to answer that question by looking at the HelloFresh meals list in detail. Some look so tasty to us that they easily make HelloFresh alternatives look like a poor relation. 

Delicious Dishes On The HelloFresh Meals List

The most popular dishes from HelloFresh right now really vary in style and origin. That’s not surprising for this food box company. HelloFresh has consistently drawn on many different influences to create delicious meals that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, what’s great about every single one of them is that they are well-balanced, meaning you never have to worry that you are eating food laden in sugar and salt. 

Roast Chicken Breast with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce, Roasted Carrots and Garlic Mash

This dish is bursting full of flavours which is why it is repeatedly one of the most popular dishes in the cycle of HelloFresh meals. It’s great because chicken is always such a family favourite, but the meal also may push fussier eaters in a family to try slightly new flavours. Mushrooms can often, for example, be a bit of a love-it-or-hate-it ingredient. However, as they’re cooked in a red wine jus in this recipe, the likelihood is that most people around a table will love it. It’s just such a delicious gravy that has a fantastic depth of flavour. 

We also love the inclusion of garlic in the mash. It really elevates an everyday side that so many of us forget can be easily jazzed up when left to our own devices. It means that people will gobble up every morsel of this filling, energy-giving food. Finally, carrots provide an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. They’re not just boiled, which can so often mean they’re not eaten by younger household members. They’re roasted to bring out their natural sweetness and are totally moreish. 

Cheesy BBQ Pork Burger with Wedges and Rocket & Apple Salad

Who doesn’t love a burger? They’re usually such a big hit with everyone in a family or household, thanks to delicious, soft bread rolls and succulent meat. This dish is no exception and, unlike other HelloFresh alternatives, it uses pork as the meat as opposed to beef. That’s great as pork is seen to be slightly healthier than beef. As a red meat, beef is often recommended only to be eaten a couple of times a week at most. Pork is leaner, so it's great to see it used here as the star attraction. 

It’s a real crowd pleaser dish with potato wedges on the side that are always devoured with gusto. Plus, those who love it can top their burger not only with cheese and BBQ sauce - both will totally revolutionise the flavours of the entire dish. Finally, the rocket and apple salad help ensure that eaters have some fruit and veg in their evening meal. Apple is always a fantastic accompaniment to pork, but as opposed to apple sauce, it’s simply sliced here to give the dish some crunch. 

Thai Style Beef Bowl with Peppers, Sugar Snap Peas and Zesty Rice

Thai food is popular for good reason. There are always so many flavours, but they balance each other out - not making the dish too powerful. Instead, what’s left is a highly fragrant way of cooking. That’s most definitely the case with this Thai style beef bowl. HelloFresh has taken a lot of the hard work behind Thai cooking out for customers. Using a simple ‘Thai style spice blend’ users do not have to buy several spices themselves, and add them in the correct ratio. The recipe also exposes users to an ingredient called Ketjap Manis, which many may not have used before. 

It also includes a couple of a person’s five a day. Sugar snap peas and bell peppers help complete the dish, while the rice has lime zest stirred through it to give it an extra zing. The result is a meal that makes your taste buds sing - and in a good way. It’s why HelloFresh users keep coming back to this recipe time and time again. 

Pork Meatball Massaman Curry with Zesty Jasmine Rice and Crushed Peanuts

HelloFresh gives this recipe a ‘little chefs’ category as the method is easy enough for children to help create. Getting kids involved in the kitchen is one of the ways parents can get them interested in food and can help them eat a far wider, more balanced diet. Here, kids are given a step at each point of the recipe where appropriate. They’ll like the parts where they need to crush up the peanuts with the bottom of a saucepan as well as mix everything together with their hands to roll their meatballs. It's a good way to get youngsters confident with using quantities too - there should be enough for five meatballs per person when making this. 

There’s more to this dish though than being very easy to make. The warming curry sauce is delicious. HelloFresh provides with the recipe a sachet of Massaman curry paste so there is no wasting time making your own curry paste. Instead, all the ingredients are whizzed up ready for you to use. 

Finally, this dish also makes its rice that little bit more interesting by stirring some lime zest through it - eating this at dinner will see everyone licking the bowl, asking for more!

Roasted Veg and Lentil Jumble with Greek Style Salad Cheese and Pesto

This recipe proves that eating vegetarian food does not have to be boring - even for the biggest meat eaters. It’s a firm customer favourite thanks to a tried and tested recipe which always wins over a crowd. It’s jam-packed full of fantastic tasting veggies, including sweet potato which is a wonderfully moreish carb. What makes it even better, in addition to its great taste, is its low GI rating. Having a low GI means that it will keep you fuller for longer than other foods - even regular potatoes, rice or pasta. 

One of the reasons that it's always such a big winner with customers is due to the inclusion of a greek style cheese that is similar to feta, and fresh pesto. Fresh pesto really packs a punch as well as being the most wonderful colour. It helps make this dish vibrant and even more colourful next to the red onion, plum tomatoes and dark purple aubergines.

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Pulled Chipotle Chicken and CHorizo Quesadillas with Sweet Potato Chips, Avocado and Tomato Salsa and Soured Cream

The title of this dish gives a small indication of the amount of flavour included in this luxurious dinner night option. It’s part of HelloFresh’s ‘street food’ range but it's full of premium ingredients too. Chipotle is a flavour usually used with pork, but here HelloFresh has used chicken instead to great effect. It can take on the flavours of the chorizo that little bit better, while having soured cream on the side with a zesty avocado and tomato salsa really cuts through any richness. 

Including carbs in the form of tortillas and sweet potato chips help make sure that the dish is very filling. It’s sure to please every member of the family, and that is why it is so persistently popular on the meal list.

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Pesto Crusted Lamb Steak and Roast Potatoes with Walnut and Balsamic Dressed Asparagus Salad

Finally, one of the most popular dishes currently on the **HelloFresh meals list **is this premium meal. Part of the more luxurious range that the company offers every week, customers seem happy to pay the slightly higher price of this tasty dish. There is nothing not to like about it. Lamb is a delicious meat, yet can so easily be cooked badly. With the help of HelloFresh’s recipe card, the company ensures that you cook the meat exactly to your liking. Plus, by encrusting it with a pesto crumb, the meat is immediately well seasoned. 

Customers will also appreciate learning how to create another type of dressing that’s a bit different to the norm. By mixing together pesto, balsamic vinegar and crushed walnuts, something very different from a standard french dressing is created.  

Is HelloFresh worth it?

All of the above recipes, to us, prove why HelloFresh is worth it. The meals are simply so good to eat, yet always so easy to make. Customers are never disappointed, particularly given that every recipe is well-balanced thanks to being designed by a team of chefs and nutritionists alike. The only difficulty is, choosing between these tasty delights every week. 

The Most Popular Dishes On HelloFresh Right Now

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