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Best 10 Diet Plans

When it comes to find the right diet plans, we all have different goals we want to achieve. The companies we focus on here are the best at helping you achieve your goals for the long term.

Diet plans - like most of us - come in all shapes and sizes. Here, we lift the lid off the best diet plans that will help you achieve your goals.

Our Most Popular

Noom is a new concept in healthy eating - changing your habits and mindset, not your meals!

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Best10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star Rating
From £149/Year
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  • Weekly Challenges
  • Educational Information
  • Virtual Coaching Team
  • Biometric Tracking

UK’s only complete weight loss programme, delivering all your meals alongside the support you need to achieve lasting change.

Best10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star Rating
From £6.57/Day
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  • Nutrition & Plans
  • Behaviour Change
  • Fitness Workshops
  • Events

Great Value

Keto Cycle is a diet app with keto-friendly shopping lists & meal planners aimed at weight loss.

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Top 5 Diet Plans & Meal Delivery Services

Everybody wants to be in better physical shape and have better nutrition. There are many diet strategies, apps, and meal delivery services available. Best10Scout can help make informed decisions about which one to choose.

Finding the Best Diet Plans Online

Meal delivery services, diet and nutrition apps, and home preparation kits are rapidly gaining popularity. People are recognizing the advantages of custom diets, straightforward recipes, and user-friendly apps to boost their health.

Choosing the best diet plans can be complex, with so much to consider:

  • Which plans align with your goals?
  • Do they have a vegan or vegetarian option?
  • What about dietary restrictions or allergies?
  • Are the meals calorie-controlled?
  • Can I check the macros and nutritional content?
  • How easy are the ingredients to buy in a supermarket?
  • Is my nutrition programme suitable for all the family?

Best10Scout tests each service, such as digital diet apps and full meal prep delivery. This helps you find the right diet plan for your lifestyle, ambitions and budget.

Choosing a Meal Delivery Service

The diet and nutrition industry is huge. It can be hard for consumers to tell if the claims they read online are true. They also can't be sure if the social media reviews are from real customers.

Understanding the service is key. You want a diet programme that you feel confident using. You also want a programme that delivers structured support in line with your expectations.

Nutrition plans vary in cost. From free apps to expensive meal deliveries. It is important to read independent reviews before subscribing. This will ensure that you receive value for your money.

Best10Scout creates detailed reviews. They include pricing information and an analysis of available options. These reviews help us decide which diet plans and meal delivery services are the best.

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Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Diet Plan

Nutritional value refers to the overall nutrient density of a given diet plan. It is essential to ensure that the diet provides all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients in appropriate amounts.

A diet should be balanced. Make sure you include a variety of foods from different food groups. Examples of these foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

Sustainability is another crucial factor to consider. A diet plan that is unsustainable, restrictive, or too difficult to follow can be hard to maintain over time. As a result, people are more likely to abandon the diet and return to their old eating habits. A sustainable diet plan is one that is realistic, achievable, and adaptable to a person's lifestyle and food preferences.

Personal preferences also play a significant role. Different people have different tastes and food preferences, cultural backgrounds, and dietary restrictions. For instance, some people may prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet, while others may enjoy an omnivorous diet. Additionally, some people may have food allergies or intolerances that need to be considered when selecting a diet plan.

Other important factors to keep in mind when choosing a diet plan include cost, convenience, and social support. A diet plan that is too expensive, inconvenient, or lacks social support may not be sustainable in the long run. It is important to choose a diet plan that meets our goals, preferences, and lifestyle. Additionally, this plan should provide adequate nutrition and enjoyment.

Nutrition Plan Costs and Options

The first step to picking your diet plan is to verify the meals and support on offer. You have two meal options.

You can select pre-prepared meals to reheat.

Alternatively, you can choose meal kits with all the ingredients included.

Best10Scout reviewers consider more than just the quality of ingredients and nutritional information when selecting a diet plan. They also check the small print to look for important details. Examples include:

  • Minimum subscription periods or cancellation policies.
  • Variable costs and whether you can tailor your delivery each week.
  • Options to pause or cancel deliveries, for example, due to a holiday.
  • The range on offer, and whether menus vary or cycle or are on repeat.
  • The complexity of home-cooked dishes and whether they're easily achievable by the average cook.

Some of the best meal delivery services provide fully balanced meals appropriate for any age. Others are aimed explicitly at diet regimes, such as keto or low-carb.

Best10Scout's reviews showcase the best value meal delivery plans and diet programmes. In this way we help you find excellent value services that will benefit your health in all the right ways.


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