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The Best Gluten-Free Breads to Try At The Moment

May 23, 2024
The Best Gluten-Free Breads to Try At The Moment

Ever since Aitkens, bread has taken a bit of a beating in health terms. Many people moved away from carbs in general in the late 90s, early 00s, with bread being one of the biggest ingredients being left out of meals and diets entirely. However, some people did not give it up totally and instead moved to eating gluten-free breads. 

That has created a huge increase in the types of gluten-free breads on the market. Many** gluten-free meal delivery companies** now include gluten-free bread in their recipes, as opposed to just using gluten-free carbs like rice and potatoes. 

Here, we look at the pros and cons of gluten-free bread as well as what the best types of gluten-free bread are at the moment for you to try. 

The Advantages of Gluten-Free Bread

Easier digestion

One of the reasons that gluten-free bread has been such a game-changer for many people is that it is often seen to be easier to digest. Some individuals find that when they eat bread, they feel bloated and uncomfortable afterwards. However, due to the lack of gluten, gluten-free bread is easier to digest and therefore no longer off-limits to those with a gluten intolerance. That’s why gluten-free bread can still be included in **gluten free meals kits. **Those who have steered clear of bread to avoid a stomach ache or worse, can now eat bread with confidence. 

Aid weight loss

Many gluten-free diet plans include gluten-free bread as opposed to just shying away from including carbs in general. The reason being is that some people claim that it can help promote weight loss. The rationale for this is that when people eat less or no gluten, they can feel less bloated and the symptoms felt with gluten sensitivity are minimised. However, as bread is filling, it means that people snack less too and in general eat a smaller amount of food over the week. Gluten-free bread has a fairly low GI figure which means that it releases energy into the body more slowly - letting people stay fuller for longer. 

Better energy

Thanks to energy being released more slowly into the bloodstream, those who eat gluten-free bread often find that they have a better level of energy throughout the day. That’s why so many gluten-free meals delivered in the UK still include bread, which is an increasingly less popular item. Gluten-free bread is filling, giving the feeling of eating bread which so many people do enjoy, and finally allows a person to go about their daily activities without feeling lethargic. Again, that is why gluten-free meal delivery for weight loss plans have been seen to be successful. As people have more energy, they are less likely to be sedentary or crave sweet treats. 

Minimise chronic inflammation

Gluten has been identified as something that causes inflammation in the intestines which can cause discomfort in many people, if not worse. The gut is increasingly seen as one of the key ways to keep the body running smoothly, as an intestine that is running sub-optimally can result in constipation and vitamin deficiencies due to an inability to absorb them properly. Inflamed intestines often have an imbalance of good bacteria versus bad bacteria and have been seen to cause problems such as IBS or even arthritic-like symptoms. 

Disadvantages of Gluten-Free Bread

Less fibre

Interestingly, while gluten-free bread is meant to be easier to digest for some, it does also have less fibre in it. Fibre can help aid digestion by moving waste products through the intestine more efficiently and quickly. The reason being is that gluten-free flour is more refined and therefore has had some of its fiber removed too. 


Some people may notice immediately that gluten-free bread has been made differently or with different ingredients to standard bread doughs. Many claim that the taste of gluten-free bread is inferior to normal kinds. However, that is always going to be a subjective opinion. Plus, some may find that even if they can taste the difference, they do not mind given all the advantages that gluten-free bread can provide. Certainly, given the increase in types on the market and the inclusion of it in gluten-free meal delivery products, it goes to show that it cannot be so much inferior as enough people like it to continue to buy it in large amounts. 

Fewer vitamins and minerals

Many normal loaves of bread are fortified with vitamins and minerals that help a person reach their daily recommended amounts each day. The problem with gluten-free breads is that is often not the case. They are not added so do not go towards a person’s quota. That is easily circumnavigated however as all that is required is a varied and well-balanced diet. If you ensure you eat healthily throughout the week, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, you will eat all the vitamins and minerals you need anyway. 

Best Types of Gluten-Free Bread

The problem with gluten-free bread can be, it doesn’t always taste as good as some normal kinds. But, that is often actually just down to what type it is. Here are some of our favourites that more than stand up to the average taste test. 

1. Genius Gluten-Free Triple Seeded Sliced Bread

The inclusion of seeds in this pre-sliced bread makes for a fantastic crunch and texture. As a result, it is brilliant to use in quick sandwiches for any packed lunches and holds its shape well. 

2. BFree Wholegrain Sourdough Loaf

Sourdough, though easier to digest than normal loaves of bread, does still include gluten. This gluten-free version means that lovers of that sourdough taste don’t have to miss out on their favourite type of loaf.

3. Schar Gluten Free White Ciabatta Rolls

For sandwiches with a bit of interest, these ciabatta rolls are a great option. Plus, they are also high in fibre and made with extra virgin olive oil for improved taste.  

4. Warburtons Tiger Artisan Bloomer, Gluten Free

Tiger bread is always a big winner for any ploughman style lunches or to eat alongside soup. This gluten-free version from Warburtons will have even the biggest gluten lovers fooled. 

5. Bfree High Protein Wraps

While strictly not a bread, these high protein wraps are still a great substitute on many occasions for a normal loaf. Being higher in protein also means you will stay fuller for longer. 

The Best Gluten-Free Breads to Try At The Moment