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Helping Your Shopping Choices


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We help you make better buying decisions.
Helping you with your online shopping decisions

Online shopping is growing every day, and that growth has accelerated since COVID 19 came around. Whilst online shopping brings with it a host of benefits (cost, convenience, choice), it also brings risk.

But not all the services and businesses that you find online are “good players”. Something the founders of Best10Index have personal experience of.

“A few of years ago, my mother had a bad experience buying services online. Because the company she bought from had a nice website, she thought they were trustworthy.  Her experience ended up being costly and upsetting, and - because I have a long background in online commerce - it brought home to me how tricky it has become to choose the right products and services. So I created Best10Scout.”
Tim Taylor, Founder of the Best10Index
Tim Taylor
(Founder, Best10Scout)

Best10Scout reviews and compares consumer products and services across a range of industries. We make sure our reviews are impartial and informative, with the sole aim of helping users make the right choices.

We only showcase the products and services we believe are the best, in terms of quality, reliability and value.

To help you save money, we show all the deals & discounts that are available from the services we showcase. Increasingly regularly, as we grow in popularity, we are offered our own exclusive discounts which we pass straight on to you.

How We Work

First of all, we recruit industry experts into our team. Specialists with years of experience in the particular industry.

Then, with their help, we pull together the best of the products and services in that market...and get to work.

We take each product and service for our own test drive. We sign up to services, buy products, stress test software platforms, review pricing and contact customer care. In the case of international brands, we test drive them in every country we cover, since there can be differences in service and value, depending on where you live.

Finally, we write our reviews with you in mind. We cover all the bits you're interested, and give you our honest, independent opinion.

In a modern world full of choice, Best10Scout ensures you're as informed as possible when making any purchase online.

Contact Us

If you'd like to work with Best10Scout, or find out more about what we do, please drop us a line.

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