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The UK's Best Pet Insurers

Using Best10Scout is your best way of finding cheaper pet insurance for your pet. Browse through our selection of the best value pet insurance companies in the UK.

With pet insurance, make sure you shop around for the cheapest deal. For whatever your needs, check out our selection of pet insurers.

Hip pet insurance brand with a modern, no-nonsense take on cover, support, and community benefits.

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  • Lifetime policies for injuries and ongoing illness
  • Maximum vet fees of £ 10,000 a year
  • Unlimited free video vet calls, behavioural, and nutritional consultations
  • Dental cover for both accident and illness as standard
  • £0 excess option
  • Exclusive monthly membership benefits, rewards, and discounts with our chosen partners

Best 10 Pet insurance Providers

When people buy pets, very few take into consideration the additional costs they may incur as a result of having a new housemate. However, pets do incur costs. They need to be fed and watered, of course, but it can also be a good idea to take out pet insurance.

Pet insurance can cover you for their medical expenses when they are unwell. Medical expenses can be substantial, which is why so many people recommend buying a pet insurance policy.

Best 10 reviews can help you make the best choice possible for your situation and your pet, so you do not have to worry about making a tough decision should your pet sadly suffer from a bad accident that costs thousands to rectify.

Finding the Best Pet Insurance

When looking at pet insurance, keep in mind that it is there to help you reduce the costs you incur should your pet become sick. You need to be certain, therefore, that your policy will cover you in the unfortunate event that your pet is diagnosed with a chronic disease or injures themselves badly.

The right pet insurance policy for you will depend on a number of factors such as:

Best10 reviewers take a broad, yet detailed, look across the market at all pet insurance providers and how their policies fare against one another.

Choosing Pet Insurance

With such a huge market, all claiming to offer you the best pet insurance, it can be intimidating and overwhelming picking out a pet insurance provider that’s right for you. The wealth of options is confusing and can you leave you anxious that you are picking a policy that will actually cover you should you need to make a claim.

Pet insurance coverage is a balance between paying for cover that will ensure you do not incur financial hardship as a result of a pet becoming unwell, and paying for cover that is superfluous to your needs. Essentially, you need to find a policy that offers value for money for what you need - not a policy that charges above the odds for something that you would never claim for anyway.

Our reviewers take such ideas into consideration when appraising pet insurance providers across the entire market. They also take into account aspects like customer service, ease of use and other additional features (like an online portal for example) in their reviews. They then write it up in an honest and frank review so you can be more confident that you are purchasing policies from reputable suppliers.

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Pet Insurance Costs and Options

Final pet insurance costs depend on a number of things.
Firstly, the level of coverage and scenarios you need cover for will push up premiums. But they do also depend on the provider you go with. Providers may bump up their prices in comparison to their competitors for a number of reasons. For one, they may think that there is a higher chance of you claiming for a dog of a certain age and breed than other providers do.

Secondly, they may simply charge more because they think their service is worth it. When it comes down to more qualitative aspects of insurance providers, make sure that what they promise is backed up in what they actually provide.

As a result, we recommend that when looking at pet insurance policies, you ensure you identify the following in quoted policies:

Finally, think about whether an insurance provider’s claim procedure works for you. Providers have different processes for claims, some of which you will find straightforward and others you may find convoluted. What works better for one person, may not work well for another.

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Best10 reviews identify the best pet insurance providers on the market by comparing costs versus the level of coverage provided in addition to customer service and other features that can affect a customer’s experience for the better or worse. Doing so will help you select the best pet insurance for you.


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