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Why Mindful Chef is one of the best meal kit delivery companies - our lowdown

May 23, 2024
Why Mindful Chef is one of the best meal kit delivery companies - our lowdown

There are so many meal kit delivery companies around these days, that picking between which food boxes to help make your evening meals is tough. There are a number of names that repeatedly come up though when talking about food boxes and they are Mindful Chef, Gousto and Hello Fresh. In our opinion, they’re all great and a good shout if you are looking to subscribe to one of these products.

Here, though, we look specifically at Mindful Chef as it is one of the major players in HelloFresh alternatives. We delve into why a person would choose Mindful Chef over HelloFresh but also whether it is the healthiest food delivery service around, and if not, what is. For, there are companies selling things like HelloFresh and Mindful Chef, but not all of them do it as well as these fantastic market leaders.

Which is the healthiest food delivery service?

Without doubt, Mindful Chef is one of the healthiest food delivery companies around and why we rate it so highly. Delivering healthy food was one of the company’s main aims when it first established itself in 2015. From the moment the company started, its founders focussed on designing recipes that made people feel great, importantly using fresh ingredients from reputable suppliers. Here are some of the reasons why Mindful Chef is one of the healthiest services around.

Award-winning suppliers

Using reputable suppliers is incredibly important to those who run Mindful Chef. They love to work with local suppliers that share their ethical values. Mindful Chef supports British farmers in particular by only ever using 100% British meat and poultry in their food boxes. When it comes to fish, it is sustainably sourced and any fruit or veg will more often than not be award-winning.

That’s crucially important as it means that the food is not only better for our planet, it’s better for those that eat it too. Better produced food that is higher quality often means it tastes better so that customers find that their taste buds are satiated far more than if they purchased ready made meals from the local supermarket.

Less stress

Food should be an enjoyable experience - whether you are trying to eat healthily or whether you are indulging over the weekend. For food to be enjoyable, making it and preparing it needs to be straightforward and easy - especially midweek when you are short on time. Mindful Chef is great for helping its customers achieve a stress free week of catering as their recipes are not only delicious, they are simple to make too.

Meal planning is far easier with Mindful Chef as well. The company’s clear website means that picking your weekly meals is uncomplicated and fuss free. As a result, how you eat over your entire week improves, meaning that you are far more likely to eat healthily for a longer period of time - not just for a day or two each month.

The subsequent reduction in stress cannot be underestimated. We are all so short on time these days that any company that makes something more convenient is a huge help. Given how important eating healthily is, and how that can make our minds and bodies feel great, having a business like Mindful Chef take care of all the hard work for you is an important support.

No fillers

One of the reasons we love Mindful Chef so much is the fact that it does not use any cheap ‘fillers’ in its recipes. Some Mindful Chef or HelloFresh alternatives will try to stuff their food boxes full of low quality, processed carbohydrates like substandard pasta, rice or bread. It makes meals far less enjoyable to eat, but also they’re not always very good for you - particularly in the portion sizes that lower quality delivery companies deliver.

Mindful Chef, on the other hand, ensures that the more filling ingredients it does include are the very best quality they can be - meaning they are far better for your body too. Importantly, the company steers well clear of refined sugars too, as well as refined carbs, so that customers do not suffer from slumps or energy crashes during their days.

As a result, everything else a person eats is usually that bit healthier too. When a person is full and satiated, they are far less likely to reach for the biscuit tin to ward off the 3pm munchies. In doing so, they are far healthier throughout their entire day - not just when they are eating Mindful Chef food.
New recipes every week.

What is the most affordable healthy meal delivery service?

All the added bonuses of Mindful Chef, and why it is so fantastic at delivering health food does come at a cost. While it is by no means the most expensive way to have healthy food delivered to your door, when compared to other **food boxes **delivery companies, it is on the higher price scale.
The cost is reflective of the quality, but there are still other companies that manage to deliver healthy food at a slightly lower price point. They are HelloFresh and a couple of other HelloFresh alternatives that could be suitable for your means:


HelloFresh is a market leader for good reason. It manages to provide its customers with a fantastic, convenient product - at a reasonable price. Users love that there is such a wide array of options to choose from each week - keeping it exciting to cook in the kitchen during the week. Not all recipes are designed specifically with weight loss in mind - in fact it is not the focus of HelloFresh at all. However, it can help users stay healthy due to providing a filling portion size that is not so large that customers ingest too much at meal times.


Gousto does many of the great things like HelloFresh does. It delivers on time each week as well as making it a breeze to pick healthy meal options. It clearly outlines on its recipe selection page which recipes are healthier or stick to a dietary requirement you may have - low-carb for example. Interestingly, it also has a partnership with Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. Wicks recommends and designs recipes each week that can help a person lose weight when eaten in line with his exercise programme.

Green Chef

Another fantastic Mindful Chef and HelloFresh alternative is Green Chef. The meals available with this company can be chosen with eating healthily in mind. Importantly, though, the focus for this company is not just helping people eat well, it is also on putting the planet first. Users of Green Chef can be happy that they are eating carbon neutral food. The company does this by working with low carbon companies and using as much recyclable packaging as possible. For the elements where carbon emissions cannot be net zero, the company offsets it by paying into a carbon neutral fund which may plant trees or any other green initiative to ensure that users do not have a carbon footprint when buying a Green Chef food box.

Is Mindful Chef better than HelloFresh?

New ‘hot things’ like HelloFresh and Mindful Chef crop up all the time. However, the staying power of these two heavy weights cannot be ignored. They’re both great at what they do. They’re reliable, have a fully realised product that focuses on a fantastic customer experience, and they deliver food that helps us eat more healthily - something which in turn helps us in other aspects of our lives as our bodies are fuelled properly.

But which is better?

That’s a difficult question to answer given that they are both top notch businesses. In short, it really comes down to what you personally prefer. There are a number of aspects that these two companies are better at than the other, but you’ll need to decide which of those aspects are more important to you.

Added extras

While HelloFresh _is _expanding its range and offering more add ons, Mindful Chef has a much wider product range in addition to the traditional healthy recipe boxes. Customers can pick healthy frozen ready meals, smoothie puches, healthy broths and soups as well as next day care boxes. It means that Mindful Chef can assist better eating at a few more meals, though HelloFresh is starting to offer more lunch and breakfast options.


Look at the recipes each company has on offer before finally picking one. You may find that the options help dictate which business you finally pick. Both have a vast selection, which at first may be a little overwhelming, but your own personal tastes will often mean that one company piques your interest more than the other.


Mindful Chef does come in a little more expensive than HelloFresh - though not by much. Arguably, it has a heavier onus on healthy eating and appeals better to those with dietary requirements such as being gluten or dairy free - all its recipes are 100% dairy-free and 100% gluten free too. However, if you are trying to minimise your food bill, HelloFresh may be a better choice.

Mindful Chef - A great choice

Ultimately, Mindful Chef is a great company to pick when deciding which healthy eating food delivery box to choose. The recipes are always tasty so you don’t even notice that they are good for you. They’re exciting and keep your body fuelled with all the nourishment it needs. It is, in fact, hard to find a fault with this stalwart of the market.

Why Mindful Chef is one of the best meal kit delivery companies - our lowdown