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Best10Scout launches new meal delivery service

May 23, 2024
Best10Scout launches new meal delivery service

Best10Scout is proud to announce that it is now launching a new meal delivery service. It will offer unbiased and honest reviews so customers can make informed decisions as to what the best service is for them.

The meal delivery service sector has proliferated in recent years. The industry is now inundated with companies trying to increase their market share. They are trying to grab customers’ attention in a variety of ways - either through USPs like being Vegan only or through attractive price discounts.

To help consumers with this problem, Best10Index has launched ( It is our new service targeting finding and publicising the best online delivery services on offer, irrespective of whether they are large or small.

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How Best10Scout works

Review and comparison sites are not necessarily new, but Best10Scout is different. Across all the services and products the company examines, Best10Index ensures that there is a wide variety of brands listed. In doing so, the company identifies more options for consumers, so that they can make the best choice for their needs and budget.

With regards to the new meal delivery service site that has launched, this is no exception. The range of companies and brands is vast. It means that even those with really specific dietary requirements, will be able to find a meal delivery service that answers their requirements - and that is still a reputable and quality company.

Doing so means that small and niche companies, like the Vegan company All Plants, get just as much attention as a huge goliath of the meal delivery service company like Hello Fresh. It makes the reviews more authentic - as opposed to just rehashing the same services like so many other review sites do.

"Our brand new meal delivery service reviews give space to larger companies who rightly deserve praise when providing a high-quality product consistently. Importantly, however, we give smaller, niche brands the opportunity to shine as well. We’re proud of the wide variety of brands on offer and believe it is what sets us apart from our peers to make our reviews truly useful." Tim Taylor, Best10Scout CEO

If you wish for your brand to be included, please use the contact details below.

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Best10Scout launches new meal delivery service