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HelloFresh: A Review of Its Meal Kit Delivery Service

May 23, 2024
HelloFresh: A Review of Its Meal Kit Delivery Service

Meal kit delivery services can be a highly convenient way of adding ease to your life. Meal planning and cooking fresh, healthy meals day in day out can be an overwhelming task. Particularly if you have a large household to cater for every mealtime. Meal kit delivery services offer to help a customer out with that as it delivers food for a particular set of recipes every week.

However, there are so many meal kit delivery companies around now. Hello Fresh is one of the first ones that hit the market, so how does it fare in practice? Here, we look at what makes a good meal kit delivery service, and whether Hello Fresh manages to meet those criteria, and then, finally, we determine whether Hello Fresh is worth the subscription.

What Makes a Good Meal Kit Delivery Service?

Meal kit delivery services all try to stand out from the competition by offering something a little bit different to their peers. However, when it comes down to it, there are a number of characteristics that each and every reputable service needs to have so that they actually deliver a more convenient way of catering for customers. Here are the factors that we believe that any meal kit delivery service worth using absolutely must-have.


Without doubt, to make it on to the best 10 meal delivery service list, a meal kit delivery has to be reliable. That means not only delivering food on the day stipulated but also delivering all the ingredients needed for each and every recipe. If meal kit delivery services do not offer a service that customers can rely upon, customers cannot make the most of the ease that these boxes are meant to provide. Instead, customers may be forced to rush out to the supermarket to get food to eat or buy ingredients that are missing from their chosen recipes. That adds undue stress to an individual that is unnecessary to have in their lives.  

Portion sizes

To be worth the slightly extra spend per portion (in comparison to traditional supermarket shopping), customers must receive a portion size that satiates them and fills them up. If portion sizes are too small, customers are likely to have to buy more food, either from the supermarket or buy a recipe kit for a larger number of people than actually sitting down to eat. Importantly, it is also essential that meal kit delivery companies, to be on our best 10 meal delivery service list, do not bulk out portion sizes simply with filler ingredients. Some companies do this as it is a good way to keep profit margins healthy as filler ingredients, like bread, pasta and rice, are so cheap. However, customers will often prefer to have more protein or fruit and veg instead.

Quality produce

Another way that companies try to improve their profit margins is to deliver ingredients that are sub standard. Meat and fish may come from less than than reputable sources for example. Suppliers may use unethical or unsustainable methods to rear livestock. Or, food could be of low quality in other ways. Stocks could be loaded with salt as opposed to key flavourings for instance. Chocolate could be mainly sugar as opposed to cocoa. Meal kit delivery companies that are worth using will state on their website how they choose their suppliers and why.

Wide range of recipes

Finally, we think it is crucial for meal kit delivery services to offer a wide range of recipes which change on a regular basis. Being exposed to new recipes and cooking techniques is one of the big advantages of using these services. Chef designed food means that customers can choose recipes that are different to their usual repertoire. As a result, customers find that they extend that repertoire quickly. It is important that the recipes are changed regularly too. If they stay on the selection list for too long, customers will easily get bored which means that the slight added expense of these services starts to lose some of its value.

Is Hello Fresh a Good Meal Delivery Service?

Bearing in mind the above characteristics and their Hello Fresh Reviews UK wise, Hello Fresh does tick all of the boxes we believe make a good meal delivery service. They have one of the widest ranges of recipes on the market which is great news for its customers. Keeping food fun through variation is one of the key ways that people keep cooking food for themselves from scratch. When food becomes dull and monotonous, customers are more inclined to resort to other forms of convenience food.

Hello Fresh reviews (UK wise again) also assert that Hello Fresh is a reliable company that always delivers on time, and what they should be delivering too. Hello Fresh portion sizes are also some of the most generous on the market, yet that is not at the expense of the food included. Hello Fresh portion sizes are not large due to fillers, instead the company’s recipes have a good amount of more expensive ingredients too. As a result, customers are never short changed on any fish, meat or cheese included in their food!

Finally, those ingredients are all sourced from highly reputable suppliers too. Hello Fresh has a heavy emphasis on picking suppliers that are able to provide goods that do not scrimp on taste or flavour by using poor production techniques. You can be assured that any meat suppliers or farmers that deliver food to Hello Fresh have been through a rigorous selection process.

Is Hello Fresh Worth The Subscription?

Hello Fresh, in our view, is well worth the subscription. Plus, how customers can subscribe to Hello Fresh is highly flexible. Customers can sign up to a weekly delivery, but they can pause their subscription at any time. So, if you are going on holiday or you simply will not be in very much during the week, you can take a break from Hello Fresh and not be beholden to paying for a service that you are not using.

If you are still not convinced about Hello Fresh, you may want to compare it to a Mindful Chef review. As any Mindful Chef review will show you, the company is another highly reputable recipe kit delivery company. But it is at a slightly different price point.

Ultimately Hello Fresh is, in our humble opinion, difficult to beat!

HelloFresh: A Review of Its Meal Kit Delivery Service