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Why people stay using HelloFresh after their introductory offers ends

May 23, 2024
Why people stay using HelloFresh after their introductory offers ends

HelloFresh is a great company that offers a great product. Its food boxes deliver high quality ingredients to people’s doors so that they can create delicious meals in their own kitchen, day in day out.

One of the ways it has grown in notoriety and popularity is by offering eye watering introductory offers to lure customers in. However, swathes of customers stay with the company long after their introductory offer ends. So why do they do that? What makes them pay the higher price, that is higher than a traditional supermarket shop too. And why don’t customers go to any one of the many HelloFresh alternatives that offer equally alluring introductory deals?

Here, we look at reasons why HelloFresh and its food boxes remain one of the conveniences people don’t give up - even in the face of a cost of living crisis.

What do you get in a HelloFresh box?

To anyone that is new to the world of food boxes, it’s good to outline what you get in a HelloFresh box before we delve into why they’re such a fantastic product.

HelloFresh boxes deliver you all the ingredients you need to make a certain recipe. You can choose the number of recipes you receive each week - between 2-5 - and you’ll get every single ingredient that is included in every one of those dishes. The company only ever delivers the amount you need for each meal.

You’ll also receive a cardboard recipe for each meal that clearly outlines the steps you need to follow to create a particular dish. They don’t provide any cooking utensils, but you won’t need any complicated equipment to make any of their recipes. You’ll need a chopping board and knife, a saucepan or two, a baking tray, salt and pepper and oil. That’s it. Even the most basic of kitchens will usually have these things.

Everything gets delivered on a day you choose. The company can leave it on your doorstep if you’re out as they deliver all food in insulated containers that will keep food cool for up to 12 days. It means you don’t have to worry about meat going off if you are out.

The advantages of HelloFresh

HelloFresh offers its customers so many benefits, which is why people derive far more value from using the company than any other HelloFresh alternatives. When combined and looked at en masse, all the benefits add up resulting in why customers are happy to pay above the odds for their food in comparison to going to the supermarket.


These food boxes are meant to provide convenience to people. Yet,t hey will only be convenient if the subscription plan is also flexible. Our lives change from week to week - sometimes we’re in every night, while others wear out each evening until the weekend.

HelloFresh has realised that, which is why it happily allows customers to amend how many meals they need that week - if any. They make it easy to pause a subscription for the weeks that you are on holiday - and they don’t hide this function in the hope that you simply forget and end up paying for one of their food boxes which you don't need.

Instead, the process of pausing a subscription is achieved with a few quick clicks of your mouse.

Less waste

We’re all trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce in our homes. Food waste is a big problem in the UK - it not only wastes money, but it also impacts climate change for the worse. All the energy that is spent producing and supplying food that is simply thrown away could be much reduced if we only ever buy what we need. 

HelloFresh’s food boxes pre measure everything so that you only ever get what you require. There are no wasteful ‘extra value’ family packs of spices or vegetables that only get thrown away as they go off before they can be used. 


By producing less waste, HelloFresh food boxes also help you save money as you are only spending cash on what you actually eat. Buying bigger packs of items at the supermarket does not always work out as cheaper. Don’t forget you also save on petrol on your drive to the supermarket as well as saving you time.

You gain a lot of value from freeing up the time you would have spent in the shop or meal planning. Instead, you can simply enjoy having food delivered straight to your doorstep without having to do much more than log on to the company’s website.

Meal planning ease

Meal planning can be one way to help you reduce waste if you go to the supermarket to do your weekly shop. However, it can be quite a lengthy process - taking into account what all your household needs are, any dietary restrictions and then translating that into a meal plan full of nutritious meals that make use of ingredients you already have so you don’t have to buy everything new.

That’s a lot of effort.

Yet, with HelloFresh, all you need to do is log on to their website and look at what is on offer that week from the HelloFresh meals list. They’re clearly labelled as to what each recipe includes or for what type of diet they’re suitable. Each choice is also labelled with how long they take to cook so you can pick recipes according to how much time you may have one week.

All that makes planning a well-balanced, varied week of meals really easy and straightforward.

HelloFresh meals list

One of the main reasons we love HelloFresh above any HelloFresh alternatives is the HelloFresh meals list. It simply offers some of the best options available on the market - and there are so many different recipes to choose from each and every week. It means that you can always be confident that you are going to eat an exciting range of meals in the evening.

Chefs draw inspiration from all around the world so you’ll also gain a lot of knowledge about how to use spices that you may have originally shied away from - or cooking techniques that you otherwise would not have used.

Plus, as chefs have designed each dish you can be sure that the meals are well-balanced and, therefore better for you than something you may have been able to make on your own without a recipe.

Easy to follow recipes

Crucially, the recipes that the company includes are also really, really easy to follow. Even if you are a total novice in the kitchen, you’ll be able to create any one of these recipes.

That’s great as it means you can improve your skills in the kitchen and broaden how you cook on nights that you don’t use a HelloFresh kit. So, if you haven’t made a biryani or pilaf in the past - perhaps because you don’t even know what that is - you’ll soon find that you can rustle one up thanks to the knowledge you gained using a HelloFresh recipe.

Dietary restrictions

More and more of us follow a diet with restrictions - like Veganism or reducing the amount of carbs we ingest. Additionally, more and more of us suffer with food intolerances or allergies. What’s great about HelloFresh is that they clearly label their food and recipes so you don’t have to read through labourious fine print to find the information you need to determine whether a recipe is right for you.

That’s a big time saver and relief and why so many people choose to stay.

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Add ons

HelloFresh is adding an ever wider range of add-ons that are possible to have delivered with their typical food boxes.

That means you can now start to include brunch or lunch recipes, premium recipes for nights you want to produce something that little more special, and desserts.

It means these boxes fit even more easily into a person’s life, making food catering even easier - be it that you are on your own or catering for a bigger family.

You’ll find that the add-ons enhance the food boxes and bring a greater convenience to your household.

Why we love HelloFresh

All the above benefits add up to a product that provides a great deal of convenience to someone looking to take the stress out of food shopping and catering.

Food should be enjoyable to eat, yet if you find following fancy recipes or meal planning a chore, catering for yourself or your household can be a real pain. People stay with HelloFresh, therefore, as it makes their life easier so that they can sit back and relax during mealtimes.

They spend less time at the supermarket or in the kitchen, and more time sitting down eating great tasting food that wasn’t hard to make. It means you gain back much more time so you can concentrate on what is important to you - be that a hobby, a job or your family.

Why people stay using HelloFresh after their introductory offers ends

Rachel Lee

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