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The Most Delicious Recipes from The Hello Fresh Menu UK

May 23, 2024
The Most Delicious Recipes from The Hello Fresh Menu UK

Companies like Hello Fresh are constantly popping up, but very few ever come close to its quality. That’s partly down to the **Hello Fresh Menu (UK) **which is one of the most varied and exciting in the food kit delivery market.

Thanks to employing chefs that consistently like to push culinary boundaries and take inspiration from all around the globe, the Hello Fresh menu (UK wise) is always the one to watch. Customers come away satisfied each and every week, which is why they rarely cancel their subscriptions - only pausing plans when they go on holiday for a week or two.

So what are the most delicious recipes from the Hello Fresh Menu in the UK? Here, we list some examples as well as giving suggestions as to how you can continue to make the most out of HelloFresh should you choose to subscribe to one of the biggest and best meal kit delivery companies around.

What are some examples of HelloFresh meals?

The HelloFresh UK menu is extensive. The company adds new recipes each week which is not something that all companies like Hello Fresh do, so that you always have the opportunity to try something new if you want. It keeps recipes available for longer than just a week however, so if there is a recipe you really love, you can choose it for a number of weeks in a row.

These are the ones that have us salivating time and time again:

Roast Chicken Breast with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce, Roasted Broccoli and Garlic Mash

Often, when you are identifying delicious and exciting food, you would rarely say a dish that contains chicken or broccoli. Yet, HelloFresh manages to deliver an incredibly moreish dish here thanks to the multi-layered red wine and mushroom sauce as well as roasting the broccoli as opposed to just steaming it. Plus, the mash is not just any old mash, HelloFresh chefs ensure it has some zing by putting garlic through it. All in all, the clever use of day to day ingredients makes this dish so much more than your regular midweek chicken dinner.

Harissa Spiced Beef Pilaf with Flaked Almonds Spinach and Coriander Yoghurt

Harissa is a spice ingredient that many of us may usually shy away from - unsure as to how to use the powerful combinations of flavours. Chefs at Hello Fresh show us here in this yummy harissa spiced beef pilaf.

It's an incredibly fragrant dish that also packs a nutritional punch thanks to including spinach which has high amounts of iron in it - something that some of us struggle to eat to the levels we should. Beef also has high amounts of iron, so if you are trying to increase your intake of this particular nutrient, this delicious meal answers that need yet does it in the most delicious way possible.

Almonds give some much needed crunch and texture, while coriander yoghurt cuts through the powerful flavours so you keep coming back for more.

Classic Sausage Burger with Onion Marmalade, Wedges and Salad

One that is sure to be a hit with all the family, this burger with a twist - using sausages as opposed to mince steak - will have your household licking their fingers and lips, and maybe even the plate, once they are finished. Potato wedges make this a great option for those dinners where you know you or your brood are going to be really hungry, yet the salad ensures you still are getting your dose of leafy greens. The key ingredient here, other than the delicious bread roll, is onion marmalade which has a natural sweetness to it that lifts the burger and elevates the everyday sausage sarnie to new heights.

Cod in Tarragon Sauce with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

We should all be eating less meat and more fish (as long as it is sustainably caught), yet not everyone is a big fish eater. This dish will surely change even the biggest fish haters’ minds as the tarragon sauce is decadent and the mashed potatoes the perfect way to soak up the sauce once the perfectly cooked cod is finished. Green beans add some nutritional value while also ensuring the whole meal is not too rich, as a creamy tarragon sauce can sometimes prove. This elegant dish is one that you could easily host at a dinner party, leaving your guests claiming they did not know what a dab hand you were in the kitchen.

Tandoori Chicken and Potato Traybake with Tomatoes and Yoghurt Drizzle

A Friday night curry maybe one of the UK’s most favoured takeaways and habitual ways to start off the weekend, but they’re often not very good for our waistlines or wallets. This dish from HelloFresh will quickly and easily fill the void and ensure that you are eating more healthily and also leave your money safe in your bank account. Tandoori chicken is one of the best ways to get that curry spice hit, without the high calorie count. The potato and veggie traybake alongside is yet another way that this dish becomes far more saintly, though not at the detriment of flavour. There is no lack of flavour here in this recipe. And, to finish it all off, the low fat natural yoghurt for the drizzle ensures that it’s not too dry, and brings the rest of the ingredients together.

Chermoula Prawns in Harissa Lentils with Roasted Butternut, Spinach and Flaked Almonds

Another dish with harissa, showing how versatile the spice mix is. This time, it adds a picancy to lentils, which are so often an underused ingredient that have a fantastic ability to hold up to all manner of flavour combinations. This is an excellent example as the harissa lentils pair well against the chermoula spiced prawns. The inclusion of spinach add some greens for colour, but importantly adds a freshness to the dish that helps cut through the lentils. Almonds again add some texture and interest, while the low fat natural yoghurt lifts the dish - though it can easily be left out if you are trying to go dairy free. All for under 650 calories. Not bad for a meal you can make on your own in your kitchen.

How can I make the most of HelloFresh?

HelloFresh can be exceptionally convenient when you consider all the time savings and stress you make when subscribing to one of the plans. However, there are a number of ways that you can leverage the company’s products even more.

Be adventurous

One of the reasons that companies like HelloFresh never come close to reaching HelloFresh popularity is the range of recipes they create. HelloFresh’s recipes, as shown above, are extremely exciting and varied. As a result, to make the most of HelloFresh, you need try to be adventurous. Both your culinary skills and your tastebuds will thank you for it.

Use filters

Many of us have allergies or dietary requirements that can make picking from the wide range of recipes on a website tricky if you have to look out for specific ingredients. As a result, it can be extremely worthwhile setting a few filters on your menu options when picking your choices for the week. They’ll make your work far easier and you’ll be even quicker to choose your options. So if you are Vegan, are gluten intolerant or trying to go dairy free - set the filters on the HelloFresh website to help make your picks.

Check your diary

Food wastage is often down to not looking at our diaries to see when we are in - or when the rest of our household is in. Use your diary (and any other family members’ schedule) to ensure that you are cooking the right type of meal for the nights in question. If you know your resident fussy eater is going to be out one evening, for example, you can choose that night to be the one that you go for an ingredient they usually would not go near.

Can I look at HelloFresh meals before buying?

While we’ve given you an idea of what we think are the delicious meals on the** Hello Fresh menu in the UK** at the moment, it’s a comfort to know whether you can look at its meals before subscribing. Thankfully, HelloFresh has one of the best websites for meal kit delivery boxes so looking at potential meals is a breeze when you log in. Not all companies like Hello Fresh have as good a website which can make picking what you want each week a chore as opposed to a pleasant activity - which selecting yummy food to cook for yourself the following week definitely should be.

While some companies may be similar to Hello Fresh in what they are trying to achieve, arguably, there are very few that are even close to comparing. The well designed website is one of the reasons for that. HelloFresh has detailed information on the food available that week with a very high standard of photography. The pictures give an excellent idea, as a result, of what you can expect from your food delivery.

The Hello Fresh Menu (UK)‍

There are more and more companies trying to be similar to Hello Fresh, yet so many of them fail to compete as they never manage to match the quality of the food HelloFresh provides. That quality transcends into delicious meals so that customers keep coming back to HelloFresh week after week to maintain the high standard of cooking they have been producing in their kitchens.

The Most Delicious Recipes from The Hello Fresh Menu UK