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Green Chef was established to help tackle climate change issues that transpire due to the ineffective and unsustainable farming practices that occur in food production. As a result, the company only ever uses sustainable ingredients in its boxes and offsets any other carbon emissions that come from delivering boxes and any plastic packaging that they are, as yet, able to find a better alternative for.

However, it does also seek to provide customers with the very best ingredients and a wide range of recipes to cook. It caters to a variety of dietary requirements, leaning towards diets that help minimize carbon emissions anyway. That means Vegans, Vegetarians and those following the Keto diet are well catered for here.

"In our view, Green Chef offers a great choice of menus at a competitive price."

How to Get Started

Green Chef keeps things simple, so that signing up to their product is quick and easy. In fact, signing up to their subscription based service takes almost no time at all. All customers need to do first is choose from a wide variety of meal plans. There are five on offer - Keto, Balanced, Lower Carb, Vegetarian and Vegan. Those five meal plans provide the following type foods:

  • Keto - low carb with leafy greens, lean meat and dairy
  • Balanced - meat, fish and vegetarian options for a healthy lifestyle
  • Lower carb - Fresh, satisfying dishes that are lower carb & simple to cook
  • Vegetarian - Tasty fusion dishes with high-quality dairy, leafy greens, and plant protein
  • Vegan - Plant-based dishes rich in fibre, minerals and nutrients

Then, when customers have chosen which meal plan they want to adhere to, it is necessary to choose how many the recipes need to cater for. Green Chef do not have the biggest array of options here, though. Portion sizes can either feed two or four people. 

Customers will then need to choose when the meal kit boxes need to be delivered. They will be assigned a day and the boxes can be left on a person’s doorstep thanks to the insulated packaging. That adds a convenience for customers as it means they do not have to be in to sign for a delivery. Once they have decided upon a delivery date, customers choose what meals they want to make that week. Recipes will be suggested depending on the meal plan a person has picked and there is a wide variety of foods on offer. 

Following delivery, customers simply need to cook the meals they requested. All ingredients are of a good quality and come pre measured and prepped - saving you the most amount of time possible. Recipe cards are easy to follow and have step by step instructions, including photos. All customers then have to do is serve the food they have prepared for their household. 

Menu & Pricing 

When it comes to meal kit delivery services, menus and pricing is critical for customers if they are to use these products for the long term. And, while Green Chef offers customers the chance to reduce their carbon footprint substantially, it still needs to offer delicious recipes at a value for money price point. Which, luckily, it does. 

The menus are varied - regardless of  the lifestyle plan that is chosen. And, it is good to see that the Vegan and Vegetarian options do not pale in comparison to the meat and fish recipes. Some of the time, meal kit delivery companies offer far fewer recipes that cater to those dietary requirements. Green Chef, however, offers customers just as much choice for Vegan and Vegetarian options as those that include meat and fish. That’s great as it means people learn new and innovative ways of cooking as well as being exposed to new ingredients and culinary methods.

In terms of pricing, Green Chef is pretty competitive. The portion sizes are big enough to satiate most appetites and customers will find that they waste far less food cooking with Green Chef and its premeasured foods. Importantly, the amount of time that is saved using a Green Chef box is considerable. So while it may be slightly more expensive pound for pound than buying the raw ingredients in the supermarket, customers also do not have to waste time going grocery shopping, meal planning and prepping food. In short, that is often well worth paying for.  

Customer Service 

Green Chef’s staff are helpful and attentive. However, for the most part, the website is thorough enough that needing to call the company is highly unlikely. Firstly, the FAQs page is extensive and answers many questions clearly and concisely. From managing your subscription to what to do about any delivery issues or payments, there should be an answer for everyone on this page. And, as t FAQ pages can sometimes make finding the question you need answering hard, they also have an effective Bot feature so that you easily find answers to any problems. 


Green Chef offers a great product at a competitive price. By offering customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint when buying food by purchasing from them, they are also answering a need. Every household in the UK could do with minimising waste and how much carbon is emitted in the production of the food they do consume. Plus, that food needs to come from ethical and sustainable sources - particularly in the farming of livestock and fish. 

However, while being carbon neutral is undoubtedly a massive draw to Green Chef, the produce it offers and the recipes it creates for its customers to cook, are absolutely delicious. And, these meal kit delivery boxes still provide a great deal of convenience for all that buy them. Plus, at a very affordable price.

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