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Top 10 Broadband Providers

Choose from our selection of the UK's best broadband providers.

Get the most out of your broadband by choosing the right the right price.

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Get fast broadband speeds without having to pay for TV or a phone line.

Best10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star Rating
From £29.00/Month
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  • 1Gb Download Speed
  • 25 Mb Upload Speed
  • 18 Month Contract

With BT Broadband, customers enjoy an ultrafast connection even at the busiest times.

Best10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star Rating
From £27.99/month
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  • 23-36Mb download speed
  • 18Mb Upload speed
  • 24 Month Contract

With Vodafone, customers can gain access to broadband, a landline and an Apple TV service.

Best10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star Rating
From £24.00/Month
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  • 38Mb Download Speed
  • 24 Month Contract

Superfast fibre broadband provider offering customers speeds of up to 900Mb/s.

Best10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star Rating
From £26.95/Month
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Our Top Choice
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  • 38Mb Download Speed
  • 9Mb Upload Speed
  • 18 Month Contract
Great Value

Plusnet is an award winning internet provider that offers strong Wifi connections throughout your home.

Reveal Discount
£100 Reward Card
Best10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star Rating
From £29.99/Month
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  • 300Mb Download Speed
  • 18Mb Upload Speed
  • 18 Month Contract

EE’s Full Fibre broadband uses the UK’s most reliable broadband technology.

Reveal Discount
£0 Up Front
Best10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star RatingBest10Index's Star Rating
From £27.99/Month
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Our Top Choice
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  • 37Mb Download Speed
  • 18Mb Upload Speed
  • 18 month contract

What is the size of the broadband market in the UK?

The broadband market in the UK is one of the largest and most dynamic markets in Europe. According to Ofcom, there were over 22 million fixed broadband connections in the UK as of June 2019, with an estimated 63% of households having a superfast connection.

The number of mobile broadband subscriptions has also grown significantly in recent years, reaching nearly 35 million as of March 2020. This growth can be attributed to increased competition among providers and improved infrastructure that allows for faster speeds and greater coverage.

As a result, consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to choosing their broadband provider and services they use.

Top Ten Broadband Providers

Buying a broadband contract can be stressful! With thousands of providers, speeds, packages and prices, the Best10Scout reviews are here to make your selection super-speedy and straightforward.Over 150 broadband companies offer customers across the country varying services and broadband speeds. It's possible there are some top providers including BT, Sky, Vodafone TalkTalk and Virgin Media as well as some midsized and tiny broadband service providers.

All these have their own pros and cons for you to consider when choosing broadband options. Our Best10Scout Broadband Providers list explains the benefits and disadvantages of some of the best internet service providers and their networks.

The top 10 broadband providers in the UK are:

  • Virgin Media
  • BT
  • Vodafone
  • TalkTalk
  • Plusnet
  • Sky
  • EE
  • Post Office Broadband and Home Phone
  • NOW TV Broadband
  • SSE

These providers offer a variety of packages to suit different needs in terms of speed and price. They all provide reliable internet speeds backed by strong customer service teams which can be contacted 24/7 if needed.

Additionally they all offer dedicated mobile apps so you can control your connection no matter where you are from any device with an internet connection.

The main reasons why these companies have ranked as the top 10 broadband providers in the UK is because they offer great value for money packages with excellent customer service records; providing fast and reliable connections for their customers across the nation.

Looking at the Top 5 of these in more detail...

Virgin Media


Virgin Media's broadband includes a wide range of features designed to give customers an optimal online experience. These include unlimited downloads, a free connection, and 24/7 technical support. Customers can also choose their package depending on the speed they require. There are packages available to suit all budgets and needs, ranging from those offering lower speeds of up to 50Mb to higher speeds of up to 516Mb.

Virgin Media offers the latest in Wi-Fi technology too, helping customers stay connected no matter where they are in the house. This includes their SuperHub 2ac router, which uses dual-band technology to provide maximum coverage and speed throughout the home.

Their packages also come with unlimited downloads, meaning that users won’t have to worry about exceeding a data cap. As well as this, Virgin Media is committed to providing broadband customers with excellent customer service and regularly offers customers exclusive deals and discounts on their broadband deals.

Finally, Virgin Media also offers a range of add-ons and extras, such as access to their exclusive TV Anywhere app, allowing users to watch live television and on-demand shows wherever they are. They also offer a range of entertainment packages, such as their Big Bundle and VIP packages, which provide access to the latest movies and TV shows. For these reasons, we believe Virgin Media is the best broadband provider.


  • Superfast Broadband speeds up to 516Mbps
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • No Limits on Usage
  • Wireless Router Included
  • Flexible Contract Options



BT Broadband is one of the leading providers of broadband services in the UK, offering a wide range of packages for customers to choose from. Their packages are designed to meet the needs and budgets of households as well as smaller businesses.

One of BT’s most popular packages is their Superfast Fibre Essential plan which offers speeds up to 50 Mbps, suitable for streaming HD movies and TV shows. With this plan, customers get access to the BT Smart Hub 2 wireless router and an unlimited data allowance so there are no worries about exceeding any usage caps.

For those looking for even faster speeds, BT offer their Superfast Fibre 2 and Ultrafast Fibre 100 plans which provides speeds of up to 67 Mbps and 145 Mbps respectively. These faster plans also come with a range of additional features including access to BT Wifi hotspots, BT Virus Protect, and the ability to boost your wifi signal strength over long distances.

For businesses, BT offer specialised packages such as their 4G Assure Business and 5G-Ready Business plans. These come with unlimited data allowances and reliable connection speeds, perfect for businesses that need to stay connected at all times.

BT also offer a range of add-ons such as TV packages and mobile phone contracts which can be added onto any broadband package. With these add-ons, customers have access to a variety of channels, movies and shows and can also enjoy BT Sport in HD.


  • Superfast fibre speeds of up to 145 Mbps
  • Unlimited data allowances
  • BT Smart Hub 2 wireless router included
  • Range of add-ons available, such as TV packages and mobile phone contracts
  • Suitable for both households and businesses



Vodafone is one of the best UK broadband providers with packages that have been designed to meet the needs of different users. From basic broadband deals to more advanced options, Vodafone has something for everyone. With its excellent speeds and reliable performance, customers can enjoy smooth streaming and fast downloads with their Vodafone broadband package.

Vodafone comes with a range of features that make the customer experience better. All packages come with unlimited downloads and uploads, fast speeds up to 76 Mbps, free Wi-Fi routers, parental controls, a one-month money back guarantee and 24/7 support. Customers can also access a range of add-ons such as unlimited calls and TV packages, which can be added for an additional fee.

In addition to all these features, Vodafone also offers exclusive deals and discounts that help customers save money. Customers who sign up for a package with Vodafone are eligible for discounted rates on their broadband packages and can avail of free installation.

Overall, Vodafone offers an excellent range of broadband packages that allow customers to enjoy the full benefits of fast and reliable internet connections. With excellent speeds, unlimited downloads, parental controls and exclusive discounts, Vodafone’s broadband packages are a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable broadband connection.


  • High-speed internet access, up to 1GB / sec download and 500MB/sec upload
  • Unlimited data usage with no additional charges
  • Free Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub included in all packages
  • Vodafone Sure Signal technology ensures a reliable connection even in weak signal areas
  • 24/7 technical support and good customer service



TalkTalk is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom, providing a variety of services such as broadband, phone, and TV packages. All are tailored to customers with different needs and budgets, so there’s something to suit everyone. From ultrafast fibre optic speeds to budget-friendly deals – TalkTalk provides it all.

TalkTalk's broadband packages come with a range of features, including unlimited downloads and speeds of up to 76 Mbps for their fibre optic option. Customers can also benefit from free security software and the ability to connect up to four devices at once. TalkTalk also offers low monthly prices, and customers can save even more by taking out a contract.

TalkTalk also provides a range of additional services to enhance the customer experience, such as their HomeSafe service which is a cloud-based security system that helps protect customers’ online activities from cyber threats and malicious hackers. They also offer an easy-to-use app for managing your account on the go and free 24/7 customer service support.Whether you’re looking for a fast and reliable connection, or something more budget-friendly – TalkTalk has the perfect package for you. With a wide range of features, competitive prices and good customer service – TalkTalk can provide the perfect broadband solution for your needs.


  • Unlimited broadband usage
  • Superfast speeds of up to 200Mbps
  • Free anytime calls with all packages
  • No contract option available
  • Easy setup and installation service



Plusnet is a leading broadband provider, offering a wide range of packages to suit all types of user. Whether you’re looking for lightning-fast speeds, unlimited downloads, or just a low cost option to get you online, Plusnet has something for everyone.

Their entry level package is their Unlimited Fibre Broadband, which offers speeds of up to 38Mb and unlimited downloads. Plusnet also offer various packages with higher speed options, including their Fibre Extra package which provides broadband speeds of up to 76Mb. Customers can also opt for their Unlimited Fibre Plus package, which offers the fastest speeds available from Plusnet – up to 152Mb. All of these packages come with no usage caps and no traffic management, so you won’t have to worry about your internet speed slowing down at peak times.

Plusnet also offer a range of add-on services. These include Home Phone, which allows customers to make low cost calls from their landline; Smart Setup, which helps customers get the most out of their Plusnet connection; and HomeSafe Family Protection, which provides peace of mind by protecting your family from inappropriate content online.

Plusnet also offer a range of discounts for customers who take out more than one service with them. With packages starting from as little as £18.99 per month, Plusnet is an affordable and reliable option for all your broadband needs.

Plusnet also provide 24/7 customer service with knowledgeable advisors available to help with any technical issues you may have. Their website is easy to navigate and provides users with clear information about their packages, as well as helpful advice on how to get the most out of your Plusnet connection.


  • Unthrottled speeds so you get the most out of your broadband package
  • No activation or setup fees - save money on your initial costs
  • 24/7 customer service with dedicated UK teams
  • Unlimited usage allowances for no extra cost, even during peak times.
  • Fast and reliable full fibre optic broadband options available, allowing you to stream and download at lightning speed.

Sky Broadband


Sky Broadband is a UK-based internet service provider (ISP) that provides fixed and mobile broadband packages to residential and business customers. Sky Broadband offers various broadband packages, which include both ADSL and fibre optic cables, giving customers the ability to choose the best package for their needs. With Sky Broadband, customers can enjoy reliable internet speeds, free security software, and a variety of premium features.

Sky Broadband offers several broadband packages to suit different usage requirements and budgets. All packages include unlimited data, fast internet speeds up to 76 Mbps for fibre connections and 17 Mbps for ADSL connections, and a router with Wi-Fi capabilities. Customers can also add Sky Talk to their package to get unlimited anytime calls and line rental, or they can opt for Sky Broadband Connect with no contract. Other features include an optional 15GB mobile data allowance, parental controls, and the ability to pause family-friendly internet access during certain hours of the day.

Sky Broadband also offers a range of specialised business packages, ranging from a basic broadband package to more comprehensive business-focused full fibre services. These packages come with additional features such as dedicated customer service and technical support, tailored Wi-Fi solutions, cloud storage, and website building tools. Business customers can also opt for Sky's Dedicated Leased Line, which offers unbeatable speeds of up to 350 Mbps and dedicated bandwidth for businesses.

Sky Broadband is a reliable and affordable internet service provider that offers fast speeds, unlimited data, and a range of features to suit different needs. Whether you're looking for basic broadband or more advanced business services, Sky Broadband has the perfect package for you.


  • Fast and reliable full fibre connection
  • Unlimited downloads
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Easy to set up and use

Who regulates broadband providers?

Ofcom operates as a regulator of British communications. This includes Internet access, mobile phone and network services and home telephone service. Broadband providers should comply with Ofcom rules, regulations and standards to ensure the service is fair.

The Company periodically updates policies to accommodate changing consumer habits and new technological trends. In addition, they may be liable for reprimanding providers for a breach of these laws. Ofcom provides a seamless, painless and enjoyable broadband service.

Full Fibre Broadband

Almost every internet provider in the UK provides internet access to all regions via fibre optic cable. But the fibre speeds available can still vary depending on the service provider and type. Full fibre broadband speeds ranges from 30Mbps to 1Gbit/sec and beyond.

Also, the service offered by fibre broadband connections is actually dependent upon the location of the home. Typically fibres to-the walls (FTTC or FTTC) are available via the superfast Openreach network.

What Is The Importance Of Fast Fibre Broadband?

The fibre broadband industry is dominated by fast fibre broadband in most of Britain. The roll-out of fibre broadband is going smoothly according to all sources, and is expected to exceed 10 million homes by the end of 2023.

What is a good download speed in the UK?

Ofcom - Connecting Nations data shows that UK downloads average around 50MBpbs. Any 50Mbps or higher will also be regarded as good downloading speeds. Test for broadband speeds. If you want to find out which broadband deal will be available in your location then visit this fibre broadband provider website to get fast broadband connections in England.

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Choosing the Best Broadband Deal

Having a reliable broadband connection in your home or business is pretty essential for most people.

The average household has multiple devices, mobiles, smart TVs - and a strong internet link is crucial to keep everyone happy!

Need to stream a live football match, message your parents and make sure the kids do their online homework all at once? First, kudos on the time management skills, and secondly, fast broadband is a must.

There are lots of things to consider, and it can be time-consuming to try and shop around or compare deals to ensure you're not paying more than you should

  • How much data do you need per month?
  • Is it better to bundle broadband with phone or TV deals?
  • Should you get a short or long-term contract?
  • What happens if your Internet connection goes down?
  • Is fibre broadband available in your area?Our team of broadband experts compile independent recommendations to ensure you know which providers offer highly competitive deals and which are the best options in your region.

Finding Top Deals on Fast Broadband Speeds

Superfast fibre broadband is important if several people use the same connection at once, so ideal for busy businesses or homes where you're downloading movies or using online gaming.

However, you might be happy with a slower connection (and often lower costs!) or if you're using one device at a time.

There are tonnes of broadband offers out there, and the correct solution for you depends on your usage requirements, location, and what types of broadband are available in your area since this can and does vary by quite a lot.

Consulting independent reviews is a great place to start and receive reliable access to suggestions for the lowest-cost or best quality broadband providers nearby.

Broadband Provider Contracts

When signing up for any form of contract, it's vital you understand the small print and don't end up lumbered with an expensive service for the years to come.

Best10 reviews don't solely look at speeds and prices, but at all the other factors that matter:

  • Contract flexibility, cancellation policies and any additional charges if you find a better service elsewhere.
  • Data limits and ad hoc charges if you have a hectic month (or can't resist binge-watching that new streaming series!).
  • Special discounts and packages, such as broadband contracts designed for students or professionals working from home.
  • Hidden costs, including set-up charges or any additional rates you'll need to pay for installation or changes to your package.

Safety is also a critical element, particularly if you have little ones using internet-connected devices.

Broadband with parental control features, assigned data limits, or usage monitoring functions are ideal for adults looking for a fast, efficient service but needing to manage safety simultaneously.

Visit the Best10 Broadband pages for instant access to our top recommendations and see which fibre providers in your area offer top-rated connections.

How to switch broadband providers?

Generally certain broadband providers are more known for certain services than others and each one has an attractive selling point that is designed to satisfy specific customers' needs and preferences.

This article explains the most important considerations you must have when choosing an Internet package in the United Kingdom and the Internet provider that best suits you.


How much is broadband on average?

Are all broadband deals unlimited?

Which type of broadband is best?

What is the cheapest type of broadband?

How do I check my broadband speed?

What is a good broadband speed?

Do you need a phone line for broadband?

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