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Plusnet Review

Great Value
Plusnet is an award winning internet provider that offers strong Wifi connections throughout your home.
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  • Pay no activation fee
  • Possibility of a phone line
  • Very competitively priced


  • No 1gb/s connection speeds
  • If you want more TV, it may be better looking at a holistic package from Virgin, Sky or BT
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Unlike some of its competitors, Plusnet does not offer the lightning-quick speeds of 900mb/s. However, that does not mean you should immediately dismiss it. Given that many homes are not even eligible for the superfast speeds that many broadband giants proclaim they can provide, Plusnet differentiates itself on another, important level. It tends to be cheaper. Plus, many previous customers will champion its customer service team and like that they do not have to sign up for 2 year-long contracts. With Plusnet, it is possible to only sign up for a year, which many people prefer as it means you are not locked into a contract for too long, should you find it does not suit your needs.


  • Prices for an 18 month contract start at £22 currently with no activation speed.

Key Feature

  • Excellent customer service and low cost packages

Broadband speeds and capabilities

Plusnet has several packages that customers can pick depending on what their budget is and what their required speeds also are. It is possible to marry up a broadband subscription with a phone line too, though here we only discuss broadband-only packages.

Plusnet’s Unlimited Fibre package is its cheapest offer and is for an 18 month contract which costs £22 a month. Its 36mb/s will not blow your mind at how quick it is, but it’s not totally useless by a long stretch. It can cope with many different connections to different devices, all of which are being used intensely. Its new Hub Two box is included so you do not have to pay any expensive set up fees either. For households that need a very quick connection, it may not be suitable as it can eventually be overloaded so it no longer performs optimally. However, it will be more than enough for the majority of homes who only use it for streaming songs, browsing the web and watching a little TV.

Its quickest broadband connection with the Unlimited Fibre Extra package, offers an average of 66mb/s and costs £24 a month. Bearing in mind that is only a couple of pounds more a month in comparison to Unlimited Fibre, the increase in speed is marked. That being said, depending on how you use the internet, and how the rest of your household uses it, that increase in speed may be unnecessary. For many though, it will be well worth the extra cost to ensure that connection speeds are always good, regardless of how intensively the connection is being used.


Plusnet offers some of the cheapest packages around. It is therefore a very good option for those that have a limited budget. However, it is also a really good option for those who want a no frills broadband provider. So many of Plusnet’s competitors muddy their offering with TV, mobile and phone packages. While Plusnet does offer some of those provisions, it still manages to keep its costs down. It offers substantially cheaper packages than many other products. So, when coupled with respectable connection speeds, it is definitely worth considering, especially if you do not have a need for a very quick connection. Additionally, Plusnet’s customers are often very complimentary about the company’s customer service team who are widely seen as extremely helpful and easy to contact. Plusnet essentially does all the basics well, making it very worthy of its low cost price.

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