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EE Broadband Review

EE’s Full Fibre broadband uses the UK’s most reliable broadband technology.
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  • Broad range of packages
  • Fantastic customer service department
  • Price points to suit all budgets


  • Not always the most reliable on the market
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EE Full Fibre broadband should be a contender for anyone looking to replace their broadband provider. The company currently offers an easy switching service which means they’ll contact your current provider and even give you £50 credit if you are charged for early cancellation. Plus, they offer a year’s free subscription to Norton Security Premium - which means you can protect up to 10 devices through your contract. Finally, the company has call centres in the UK and Ireland to help answer any queries you have, if their well-designed app hasn’t already answered your problem.

Price: From £24

Key Feature: No installation or landline needed

Broadband speeds and capabilities

EE offers a 4G, 5G and mobile connection package. It could be tempting to immediately pick the 5G technology, but it’s good to see if the 4G capabilities answer your needs already to save you money - 5G, in general, will ordinarily always be more expensive.

4G Home Broadband

Customers will find average speeds with this broadband package of around 31Mb/s which is perfectly respectable. You can connect up to 32 devices using it and, importantly, there is no need for a costly landline which is expensive to install too. Instead, it can be set up in seconds so that you can surf the internet as you need, when you need it. All you need to do is insert your SIM into the 4GEE Home Router, and you’ll receive top speeds in every room in your house. It has a 30m WiFi range, so no need for extra boosters in the majority of homes.

5G Home Broadband

If the 4G speeds with EE aren’t quite as quick as you need, the 5G package could answer your needs in your home. It has average speeds of 110Mb/s, and you can connect up to a massive 64 devices at once. Like 4G, there is no need for a landline or a time-consuming installation process. What many customers will love is that there is an unlimited data allowance - meaning you can stream content to your heart’s desire. Plus, as the connection speeds can more than easily meet user demand for gaming or downloading in Ultra HD and 4K, having an unlimited data allowance is even more important.

Mobile Broadband

This package provides an instant connection wherever you are. You can connect up to 20 devices, while the technology uses 4G and 5G routers to run. It means you get the best connection possible whenever you are out and about, even when you are in busy places. You’ll never go over your mobile provider’s data allowance as a result. Plus, you can be sure that you get a superfast, reliable connection wherever you go.


EE Broadband uses the latest technology to ensure that it provides customers with fast connections that are reliable and have minimal cutouts. That’s crucial in our day and age where we are increasingly dependent on an internet connection to run many aspects of our lives. What we love about EE, in particular, is not only its fast speeds but its customer service department which is just as reliable as EE’s connections. Customers with any type of query or problem will find that their issue is resolved in a timely manner without any frustrating phone calls or online bot conversations.

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