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Vodafone Broadband Review

With Vodafone, customers can gain access to broadband, a landline and an Apple TV service.
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  • Good deals for first time customers
  • Even low cost packages over good speeds 
  • Ability to add in TV provision


  • Contracts are mainly for 24 months or more
  • The best deals are for the Premium packages
  • Premium packages are a costly monthly expense
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Vodafone is a home broadband provider that is now offering fibre across many locations that can potentially display speeds of up to 900mb/s. That’s lightning-quick, but even its slowest speeds on its most basic packages are usable at 35mb  a second. The company attempts to do what many do not - it tries to be a budget, no-frills provider to those that need it while to others it is possible to pay for several extra features which include no in-contract price rises, which is increasingly important as the cost of living looks set to skyrocket in the UK.


Starting from £19.00 a month for the most basic package with a few extra features.

Key Feature

Its Gigafast box promises speeds of up to 900MB/s

Broadband speeds and capabilities

As with any broadband provider, the speed that Vodafone offers a customer depends on the final package that they buy. The cheapest being £19.00 for 24 months, though this is currently an offer and will soon go up to £22 a month. Importantly, there is no set up fee and for this ‘Superfast 1’ package, customers can expect an average of 38mb/s, unlimited monthly usage and pay as you go calls. The Wifi hub is included too. In all, particularly with the current lower price deal, that is a very cheap price for a perfectly respectable download speed. If you do not download lots of data at any one time, then you may find that this no frills package totally fulfils your needs.

The most expensive package that Vodafone currently offers is its Pro Gigafast 900 product. Customers can achieve an average download speed of 910MB/s which will make light work of any film or box set downloads. There is an unlimited monthly usage and pay as you go calls can be included. As with the rest of Vodafone’s packages it includes a Wifi hub but, importantly, no setup fee. At the moment this deal is £60 a month but it also includes an Alexa built in feature. Many customers like the automatic 4G broadband backup that can help you ensure you have consistent coverage should the connection drop through your fibre optic.

The difference in speeds is vast between its basic package and it's more comprehensive one. However, for some, that increased speed may not justify the big increase in price, while for others, they may simply not feel the need to have an internet that is so quick.  There are several in between options at Vodafone however with many packages being around the £30-34 mark.

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Vodafone’s wide range of products and prices is an attempt to capture as much market share as possible, regardless of the type of customer a person is. Whether that has helped them gain market share is a question for their board, but the fact of the matter is that the company does offer products that may suit a wide range of customers. The company’s bolt-ons are interesting too.

The offer of a TV plan only with its premium package is a different approach to many other companies who try to win customers by offering many different products.

What may put some people off is that Vodafone fibre broadband packages have to be set up with line rental too, so customers are not able to take a phone line that is from another provider.

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