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TalkTalk Broadband Review

Superfast fibre broadband provider offering customers speeds of up to 900Mb/s.
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  • Lower priced provider than many other big names
  • Speeds are competitive 
  • Its introduction of ultrafast (full fibre) is a key offering to watch


  • Customers have been seen to complain about customer service
  • No frills means its TV provision is scant. 
  • Prices go up in line with inflation plus an extra few percentage each year
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Talk Talk is a well-priced broadband provider with speeds that are competitive when compared to other big hitters on the market at the moment. It started life in 2003 and can now be dubbed as one of the main providers currently in the UK. It managed to shoehorn a space into a heavily populated market by offering broadband at lower prices to the rest of the market, but still with high speeds. It does not often offer any added extras which is arguably why it is able to offer comparatively lower prices than some names like Sky. Sometimes, in the past, customers have claimed that this can be at the detriment of customer service, but the company has been trying to rectify that recently.


Start at £23.50 and go up to £49. Depending on the package chosen, there can be a £9.95 additional charge.

Key Feature

Its latest upgrade to ultra high-speed fibre promises 900Mb/s in speed

Broadband speeds and capabilities

Broadband speeds at TalkTalk vary according to the type of package you purchase. It has many different packages that you can buy into, but the cheapest starts at £23.50. This ultimate no-frills service provides download speeds of 38MB/s and upload speeds of 9MB. There is a set up cost of £9.95 too in this package. The router is TalkTalk’s Wi-Fi Hub black. Customers can sign up to contracts of varying lengths. The shortest is 12 months, the longest 24 months.

Its most expensive package is the Fibre 900 which claims to be 24 x faster than standard fibre. Over 75 digital devices can be connected at once with speeds of around 900mb for downloads and uploads at 91mb/s. The router is the ‘award-winning’ Amazon eero Pro 6 mesh system. The company also offers another eero Pro 6 with this package to ensure that a customer can receive WiFi throughout their home with no problems. It is possible to sign up to this type of contract for varying lengths too. 12 months is the shortest with 24 months being the longest that a customer can lock in this price for. This is a landline-free package offering data only. The rationale being that the ultrafast fibre connection is so quick, there is no need for a landline too.


TalkTalk used to be one of the cheapest providers out there. However, that looks like it may change now that it has scrapped its no rate rise promise. That could be down to the fact that they had to find the money from somewhere to invest in the lightning quick connection infrastructure they needed to provide 900Mb/s speeds. However, their installation and set up fees are still low, and currently their package prices are still very competitive when compared to the rest of the market. Plus, even the cheapest packages offer respectable download speeds (the upload speeds may be a little slow), so it is definitely worth a look for anyone on a tight budget.

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