Where Can You Save By Combining Phone, TV Streaming and Broadband Deals?

November 23, 2022
Where Can You Save By Combining Phone, TV Streaming and Broadband Deals?

With the cost-of-living crisis front and centre in the news, and announcements of tax band freezes and other cutbacks, it’s one of those times when finding a great deal on your home broadband and entertainment can be incredibly helpful.
For most households, broadband isn’t an expense you can do without – streaming movies and series softens the blow of fewer evenings out and is significantly cheaper than the cinema.
Plus, with a large proportion of us now working from home at least part of the time and the necessity of online access for schoolwork and other general admin tasks, we need a reliable internet connection to function.
Let's look at some of the brilliant deals available, which broadband, TV streaming and phone providers have partnered together, and how to make sure you get the most competitive price possible.  

Are Broadband, Phone and TV Bundles Cheaper?

Normally, yes, bundled phone, TV and broadband offers are cheaper than paying a separate provider for each service. However, it's still important to shop around and compare promotional offers before you sign up for a contract.
Price isn’t the only consideration, either.
You should look at the duration of the contract, whether you get any freebies or devices included, how much it costs to upgrade to any added extras you may be interested in, and what happens if you decide to cancel.
Broadband speeds, phone data and access to your preferred streaming services also vary between bundles, so they aren't always directly comparable.  

The Best Broadband and TV Packages in 2022

There are always new packages and offers cropping up, but we’ve listed below some of the top performers currently available – all selected from our recommended best broadband providers and TV streaming brands, of course!  

Virgin Media Big TV Bundle

The big bundle starts from £33 per month plus a £9.99 set-up fee and has an average broadband speed of 362 Mb, with an 18-month contract and a phone thrown in.
The £33 price lasts for the first 18 months and then changes to £71 per month, although you can always switch to another package or provider towards the end of the contract.
Included in this deal, you get:
·      100+ TV channels with a Virgin TV 360 box
·      Netflix access (if you’re already a subscriber)
·      Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines
·      A Virgin Media Wi-Fi hub
·      Priority perks and benefits  

Sky Signature TV and Superfast Broadband Fibre 80

This option has an 18-month contract and 59 Mb average broadband, with a £20 set-up fee and a cost of £39 per month.
You get Sky Broadband Superfast, with a Speed Guarantee, Sky Pay As You Talk, where you only pay for calls you make, and Sky TV with over 100 channels and 500 box sets.
Sky has a discount running where this option costs £39, compared to a normal price of £62.50 a month for 18 months – it’s also an online exclusive, so you can only buy the package online rather than in a Sky store.  

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle + Movies

Over an 18-month contract, you pay from £57 per month with a £9.99 set-up charge and get broadband with a 362 Mb average speed, plus M350 fibre broadband, Sky Cinema HD, over 200 TV channels and unlimited landline calls over weekends.
The bundle includes the following:
·      Virgin Media Wi-Fi Hub
·      Intelligent Wi-Fi technology
·      Virgin TV 360 box
·      BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD
·      HD Sky Channels
·      Access to Netflix (if you’re a subscriber)
·      Priority perks and experiences
After 18 months, the package costs £106 a month, but as always, you aren't obliged to remain on the same bundle once your contract has ended.  

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle

The Bigger Bundle is available at the time of writing for £39 per month rather than £69 per month as a Black Friday promotion – with an impressive £540 saving on the normal cost!
Over 18 months, you pay £9.99 set-up cost, then £39 per month, which goes up to £91 a month if you decide to keep the contract.
This broadband, TV and phone package comprises:
·      362 MB average broadband
·      Virgin Media Wi-Fi Hub
·      Intelligent Wi-Fi technology
·      Virgin TV 360 box
·      BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD
·      HD Sky Channels
·      Access to Netflix (if you’re a subscriber)
·      Priority perks and experiences
·      Unlimited weekend landline calls  

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt TV Bundle

The Volt bundle is one of the more expensive packages but is currently discounted from £85 to £79 per month, while Virgin has a Black Friday sale running (be quick!).
It costs the standard £9.99 set-up charge on an 18-month contract, but you get a huge amount for your money:
·      1130 Mb average broadband speed
·      Virgin Media Wi-Fi Hub 5
·      Intelligent Wi-Fi technology
·      Virgin TV 360 Box
·      BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD
·      Sky Channels in HD
·      Netflix Standard
·      Multi-device connectivity
·      Anytime calls to mobiles or UK landlines
·      O2 SIM with unlimited data
·      Epic 5G on your O2 account
·      O2 Travel Inclusive Zone roaming
·      Guaranteed Volt Wi-Fi
·      Up to three Wi-Fi pods
·      Any optional extra free for six months
·      Supercharge mobile data and broadband
If you keep the package after 18 months, it goes up to £136 a month.  

BT Fibre 2 & Entertainment

BT has slightly longer broadband contracts, lasting 24 months – but they also have a half-price sale on all TV packages, worth £250 or so on the VIP package, without any upfront costs.
There are also discounts on packages as part of the broadband deal, so you can, in effect, add TV to your broadband contract for half price for the first six months (although you're signing up for a two-year contract, so it's important to do your sums!).
Fibre 2 is the best of the three options because the value for broadband speeds of 61 to 73 Mb is very good. You pay £16.99 for six months, then £33.99 – but it's still cheaper than most other bundles, with the £29.99 set-up cost removed.
You can also add Complete Wi-Fi for £6 a month for six months and £12 a month after that, which promises to provide a strong broadband connection in every room of your property or a £100 cashback refund.
Subscribers get a Smart Hub and Wi-Fi Disc and can use it for browsing, streaming and video calling.
The cheapest entertainment pack costs £9 a month for six months, discounted from £18 per month, and includes Sky Max, Sky Atlantic, Netflix Basic, and a TV box with over 300 hours of storage and hundreds of programmes.
BT Sport packs start at £16 per month, which includes a subscription so you can watch content on your app or online.  

Sky Entertainment and Netflix

At a £25 cost per month (discounted from £26), this is one of the most affordable 18-month bundles and includes all the Sky Originals and Sky Exclusives channels, plus over 100 other channels, plus Netflix thrown in for free.
You can also go for a 31-day rolling contract with the option of cancelling any time you wish without any penalties or cancellation charges.
The package is cheaper as a rolling contract costs £28 (reduced from £29) a month and includes Netflix Basic, but you can customise your bundle with options such as:
·      Sky Sports TV Pack - £20 a month for 18 months
·      Sky Cinema Pack - £11 a month for 18 months
·      BT Sport Pack - £20 a month on a 31-day rolling contract
·      Sky Kids - £6 a month on a 31-day rolling contract
·      UHD and Dolby Atmos audio for £6 a month on a rolling 31-day contract
·      Netflix Standard for £4 or Netflix Premium for £8
Broadband speeds start from 11 Mb on average for an essentials package, with fibre broadband at 500 Mb or Gigafast fibre at 900 Mb, depending on your internet usage.
We like these customisable packages because they are flexible, and you aren't obliged to keep paying for added extra if you don't wish to. For example, you can add a movie pack or kids' TV pack over the school holidays or Christmas and just pay for the 31-day upgrade.  

How Much Can I Save By Combining Broadband, Phone and TV?

The packages and bundles we have featured here are a snippet of what is available on the market and are chosen based on price, value, brand reputation and our independent reviews of the service on offer.
However, it is always important to consider which aspects of a bundle you will use most, the internet speeds you require, and whether it is worth paying for added TV packs and call minutes.
Most households make a saving because the cost of TV streaming or landline calls is usually thrown in for free, in effect – so you don't pay much more than you would for high-quality broadband but get entertainment and calls in the same bundle.
Our advice is always to shop around! As we’ve seen, Black Friday discounts and other sales events can offer reduced pricing for months into the future, which could be beneficial if you need speedy broadband, always-on TV, and a reliable phone – without spending a fortune!

Where Can You Save By Combining Phone, TV Streaming and Broadband Deals?

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