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The Best COVID Test Kits

Whether you're travelling, going to a special event, or are just looking for peace of mind, here is our selection of the best COVID 19 Test Kits currently on the market.

Taking COVID Tests has become a part of everyday life. Here is our selection of the easiest and most reliable tests.

Our Most Popular

Suitable for Covid testing whether you are a corporation, school, sports team or running an event.

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Offering a wide range of Covid19 travel tests to help travellers go abroad with ease from the UK

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Cerascreen offers home health tests (including COVID tests) to aid better overall well-being.

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Specialising in Covid testing schemes as well as travel vaccinations and travel medicine checks.

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Saliva tests, making it one of the easiest tests on the market.

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The Best COVID-19 Test Kits

COVID testing kits have become vital for many reasons, such as travelling abroad, attending events or visiting vulnerable family members. Best10 helps you find the best value Coronavirus testing services, with independent reviews and direct cost comparisons.

Finding a Low-Cost COVID-19 Testing Service

COVID tests aren't much fun - but paying astronomical prices to have peace of mind isn't either! There are thousands of new testing services cropping up, as we take tests for various reasons:

  • To comply with international travel and visa rules.
  • For safety when visiting a care home, hospital or family member.
  • To ensure children can attend school safely.
  • As part of event access requirements for concerts, festivals and other events.

Behind many online services, you'll find the same lab, although prices can vary from free NHS tests for some purposes through to several hundreds of pounds for a negative test report before a holiday.

Best10 provides independent, comprehensive reviews to showcase those COVID-19 testing providers with the most competitive prices, fastest turnaround speeds, and greatest reliability.

Choosing Efficient COVID Testing

Timeframes are often crucial, and if you require a COVID test to fly, you need the absolute assurance that your test certificate will be valid, accepted by your airline, and returned in good time within the window.

There are many options, from testing at home, attending a drive-through centre, booking an appointment at a pharmacy, or having a test at the airport.

Most tests offer a result in 24-48 hours, but knowing which providers honour that service and which tend to lag can make a considerable difference!

Our review team tries and tests each service, allowing us to provide in-depth reviews to precisely know how the service works and how quickly you can expect to receive your results.

COVID Tests and Information Security

As with any medical test, your security and comfort are top priorities. Many people prefer to take a test in the comfort of their own home but then need to rely on couriers or postal services to deliver their test sample fast.

Best10 independent COVID test kit reviews consider all the essential factors to help you make informed decisions:

  • How reliable the testing results are, and which lab backs up the service with results.
  • The validity of your certificate and how widely accepted this document will be.
  • Testing speed times and the average wait to receive your result.
  • Overall cost, including postage charges or travel costs to visit an in-person test centre.
  • Discounts or packages available, such as pre-travel and on-return testing packages offering value for money.

As long as COVID testing remains vital, both for general safety and security, and to comply with regulations, many competing providers will have varying services, costs, and quality standards.

Best10 reviews also look at information security systems and how safe your medical data is, alongside cost considerations and overall test efficiency.

Please visit Best10 COVID test pages for advice about the best testing services and providers throughout the UK.


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