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Suitable for Covid testing whether you are a corporation, school, sports team or running an event.
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  • One of the UK Government's suggested companies
  • Two tests (antigen test kits and PCR tests) available for varying testing needs
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Online dashboard is a helpful feature


  • No contact number for a customer service department.
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While Chronomics did not start out as a Covid testing company, this relatively new bioengineering company expanded into the field when the pandemic struck. Having previously offered an epigenetic testing service to alert customers to any risks of chronic illness, Chronomics was able to pivot quickly into offering a whole suite of Covid tests.

As a result, it now offers a wide range of products that can help customers travel with ease to destinations around the globe - as well as come back into the UK safely. That’s great to know as the legislation regarding what tests are required, and when, not only vary between countries but also month by month. Customers need to know that they can approach a company that has Covid testing abilities, confident that they have a product suitable for them. Chronomics does that.

The company offers PCR tests and rapid antigen tests. As a result, it has several iterations of test products to answer any needs that customers need. There are Day 2 PCR tests, Day 2 and Day 8 tests, a Day 2 antigen test and both Test to Release and Test to Return products too. For those that need a travel bundle, like the unvaccinated for example, there is the ability to buy all required tests in advance of travel.

Chronomics goes beyond COVID 19 Testing

Once a customer has chosen their product, it is a quick and simple process to carry out.  If customers have a PCR test to take, they do so however far in advance they need to according to the country to which they are travelling. They then return the test in a pre-paid return parcel in a postbox for it to be delivered to the Chronomics lab via Royal Mail Tracked 24. Customers are notified when their sample has arrived and then again when the test result is ready. Those results are loaded on to the Chronomics online dashboard so that customers can view results and download all necessary certificates before flying. The Chronomics certificates are easily uploaded to many verification apps which helps with any pre-travel admin. The process is broadly the same for customers who take PCR tests upon arrival in the UK.

Chronomics also has the ability to provide antibody testing for large scale numbers. For example, a company trying to get its workforce back to work, a school trying to ensure its pupils are safe, or a sports team who want to play or practice confident in the knowledge that they are Covid free. Quotes for this service are done on a case by case instance.

Product: Lateral Flow Test (Rapid Antigen), PCR

Method: ONLINE, Post

Used for: Fit to Fly, Pre-departure, Test to Return, Day 2, Day 2/ Day 8, Test to Release

Price: £18.99, £64.99, £129.99, £99 (respectively)

Customer Service

The Chronomics website makes picking from their product range quick and easy. Some companies overload their websites with too much information making it difficult for potential customers to choose the test they actually need. Chronomics’s website is obvious and straightforward. That is similarly reflected in their testing process which is simple to conduct - whether you are taking a PCR test of a lateral flow.

Simple interface for registering your Covid Testing Kit manually or with a QR code.

The certification that customers receive from their results are also handily included in the company’s app and online dashboard so customers can be confident they can find that information when they need it. Results are quick too which can put would-be traveller’s worries at ease.

The contact us page is a form that customers can complete to log their issue, or there is an online web bot that can also help. There is no contact number though for those that may need to speak to a person directly. However, the FAQs section has been put together by an extremely knowledgeable team, is extensive and can help with a multitude of situations or queries.

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One of the issues that arose for many people when travelling in the Summer of 2021 was the extra costs that Covid testing added to the average family holiday. What’s great about Chronomics is that, although it is not free, it does at least have a very competitively priced range of products. The antigen test, which is even more commonly used now for flying, is under £20 which is a considerable saving for many individuals.

Plus, as Chronomics has thought about how customers access their certificates - by using a dashboard where certification is uploaded, customers can be confident when travelling through customs that they will be able to locate their paperwork. Again, one of the issues that arose in the Summer of 2021 was that many people were unsure of what documentation they needed and were nervous about what form it should take. By working with third party verification apps, Chronomics has managed to allay some of that worry.

Ultimately, however, the company’s testing process is swift, effective and accurate which is essential for them to be a reputable firm. It means customers can be confident when buying testing products from Chronomics that they will receive their results in good time, without fearing they will not be able to make their travel plans.

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