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Halo Verify Review

Saliva tests, making it one of the easiest tests on the market.
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  • Saliva based tests make them ideal even for young children
  • The Halo app will notify you of your test results
  • Well explained process and procedure
  • Halo’s lab is partnered with UCL and the Francis Crick Institue
  • Government-approved.


  • The website, while comprehensive, has  an overwhelming amount of information
  • Drop off test centres offer quicker results, but there are only a handful around the country
  • Some countries may not accept saliva PCR tests for entry - double check before travel.
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Halo Verify is a PCR testing company with a difference. It allows customers to test for a Covid19 infection by sending a sample of saliva to its lab for analysis. The UK Government has approved this form of testing as accurate enough for several travel tests. As a result, Halo Covid19 tests are suitable for general Covid19 testing, Day 2 return travel tests, Day 8 return travel tests, pre-departure tests and Day 5 test to release schemes.

Each test is conducted in the same way and, thanks to only require a saliva sample, it is exceptionally easy. Anyone who has tried to do a traditional back of the mouth swab will know how uncomfortable they are. Simply spitting into the tube provided (around 4 ml) is all that customers need to then send back to the company. Logging the testing tube is easy as the company’s app leads you through the process so that registering the test is also straightforward. It is possible to send the test back by a pre-decided method - either post, courier or return box.

Within 24 hours of arriving a the company’s lab, you will receive your results through the app. If the results are positive, the company will notify the health authorities immediately and the app advises you to start self-isolating to break any further chains of transmission into your wider community. Halo Verify works with health authorities as it is able to carry out sequencing testing with its saliva samples. Sequencing is a key way to keep an accurate record of variants that could be of future concern when battling higher infection levels in the country.

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The biggest advantage to Halo’s system of testing is the fact that it is non-invasive and not uncomfortable like a traditional back of the mouth swab is for usual PCR tests. That’s great news for families with young children as taking a sample from the tonsils, or even from the top of a nostril, can cause young children to distress - yet testing them can really help in the battle against Covid.

The website is exceptionally extensive. There is a lot of information on it. Perhaps too much at times as it can be easy to get lost in all the new medical-based terms and testing vocabulary. However, there are sections that are fantastic. It  provides easy to follow instructions for the entire procedure is great. It is straightforward and clear - letting customers know what is required of them and when. It means customers can buy in confidence, knowing what is needed of them on their side.

Additionally, the website’s youTube video is great for demonstrating how to take the test. Instruction manuals can sometimes still leave room for customers to take test samples inaccurately - particularly in the case of traditional swab PCRs. However, when the website’s video is coupled with the far simpler saliva-based test, test results may be more reliable as a better sample was taken in the first instance.

Finally, its app is a great feature to see - and not one that is widely used by other Covid19 testing companies. Apps are great when it comes to receiving Covid test results as it means that you will have the documentation ready on your phone to show at any checks you require your Covid19 status to be confirmed. While it is possible to take printouts of certificates to airports or even to sporting events, having it all saved on your phone means that printouts or time-consuming uploads of certificates to your phone are not needed.


Halo Verify is definitely a company to consider for your testing needs - should they be for you and your family in general, for any travel or within a corporate setting. The speed with which test results can be returned to you is a big bonus, but above all that pain-free sample taking process is by far its most attractive trait. Providing samples with saliva means that there is no longer any need to take painful swabs of the back of your throat - if that is something you really struggle with or even put off some of your workforce from taking tests.

Perhaps the biggest idea to keep an eye on is what countries do not recognise saliva samples as an accurate form of testing. Travel requirements for Covid19 testing are constantly changing. Some countries like Australia currently do not accept this form of test as one that can be used to give a reliable result. So you really need to stay on top of the legislation of where you intend to travel to, and double-check just before you go that Halo’s method is appropriate for you.

Halo does try to give some guidance on this on its website. This is perhaps where another slight issue does arise. The wealth of information provided is intimidating and difficult to pick out what information is pertinent to you. However, it also has an excellent News or Blog page which is jam-packed full of interesting articles which promotes what the company is doing and how.

Finally, the tests are pretty competitive in terms of pricing. While they still have the ability to increase a family holiday’ aboard final bill by a small three figure sum, the fact that it is a saliva-based test does not make it more costly. So, if you are going to travel anyway and have children that struggle with swab tests, this could well be the way to go.

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