Top Car Rental Firms

Renting cars can be a tricky business. Read our reviews and choose an option that best suits your needs.

Top Car Rental Firms

Find the best car hire deals through Best10Scout. Whatever you need a car, van or lorry for, listed here are our recommended car rental companies.

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Top Car Rental Firms
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Choosing The Best Car Rental Service

Renting a car, whether you need a run-around for a few weeks, have a vehicle in the body shop, or want to hire transport for a trip, requires a significant amount of legwork.

Get it wrong, and you could be stuck with a hefty bill and a set of wheels that feels more trouble than it's worth.

Best10Scout makes it easy to make great decisions, with independent reviews, full pricing information, and a breakdown of the customer service offered if you have a different kind of breakdown!

The Benefit of Independent Car Rental Reviews

The range of vehicles, prices, services, contracts and flexibility between car hire providers is vast.

We assess a large number of crucial metrics before deciding on the firms we recommend, such as:

  • Value for money, contract charges and requirements to submit credit card details.
  • Cancellation policies and the option to extend, shorten or advance your rental agreement.
  • Convenience, including online check-in and the choice of vehicles, as well as services where you can rent a car for one leg of a trip.
  • Quality, in terms of the support on offer, the standard of car rental, and added extras such as child seats, cars with generous boot sizes, and pick up or drop off locations.

If you want a quick, simple, reliable way to choose your car rental service and get on the road, choosing from the Best10 rankings makes it straightforward.

Selecting a Car Rental Company

One of the time-consuming aspects of comparing car rental services is looking at the terms, especially if you're booking online.

It's not always as easy as choosing the lowest price because you'll need to know what happens if you need to hang onto the car for an extra day or two and whether that might incur penalties or late return fees.

A car rental company with 24/7 customer support is ideal because it's difficult to anticipate delays that make it difficult to return your rented car on time.

Many car rental services may also impose restrictions.

For example, if you're hiring a car in England, can you drive it into Scotland and still be insured? What happens if you're going on a ferry or using Eurotunnel to travel to Europe?

Need travel insurance? Compare providers here

Comparing the Best Car Rental Services

A common car rental issue is that you rarely know what vehicle you're getting until you turn up. Usually, that's because you book a standard car, such as a people carrier, coupe or compact car, but don't get any further information until you collect.

If you're keen to specify the car you hire, it's important to choose a reputable car rental provider that will make it happen without charging the earth.

It's also worth clarifying which car rental companies allow you to specify whether you rent a manual or automatic and diesel or petrol car, so you don't get any surprises when you arrive at the forecourt.

For free, independent ratings of the best car rentals, please visit the Best10Scout. We make it our business to trial a huge range of car hire companies and help you make clear decisions based on fact, not marketing.


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