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Corona Test Centre Review

Offering a wide range of Covid19 travel tests to help travellers go abroad with ease from the UK
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  • Offers both in-person and at-home testing
  • At-home tests delivered by tracked courier
  • Has the capability to offer corporate testing
  • Government-approved provider.


  • In-person clinics are mainly based in or near London (with one in Manchester and Bristol)
  • Test to release kit expensive
  • Test bundles do offer discounts, but still seem like a lot of money.
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Corona Test Center offers a broad range of Covid19 tests in a variety of ways too. Customers can choose between a lateral flow test or a PCR test - depending on what they require for where they are going or returning from. Additionally, the company also offers an antibody test so that customers can also find out if they have had the disease before, but it was previously undiagnosed. The company also offers corporate testing so that companies can do all they can to ensure that their workforce is safe and at low risk of spreading the infection - by identifying those who have it, and asking them to work from home. Customers can also choose to have general testing conducted on themselves through this firm.

There are numerous ways for customers to approach their tests. Many will like the ease of home tests where they collect their own samples and then send them back to Corona Test Centre’s laboratories for analysis. Tests are delivered to customers by tracked courier and delivered within 1-3 days of ordering. To return, samples are sent back via post which is prepaid.

Customers can also choose to attend a clinic where a healthcare professional will administer the test. Doing so can help to ensure that the test is totally accurate in a way that home testing sometimes cannot. Plus, some people will simply feel more confident knowing that the test has been carried out by a person in the know, who then knows how to send it back to a lab for testing. There are a handful of test centres in and just outside of London, with two other centres in the UK - one in Manchester and one in Bristol.

Corporate testing can be done in a variety of ways too. Corona Test Center offers Covid19 testing to companies via at-home self-testing kits or in a clinic. However, it is also possible for tests to be conducted in the workplace too. Companies are assigned a dedicated account manager and many results are even delivered earlier than promised - helping to free up employees to return to the workforce as quickly as possible.

Customer Service

One of Corona Test Center’s biggest draws for customers is that it is Government recognised which can offer peace of mind - given how many companies are offering Covid19 tests these days. It can be difficult to identify which companies are reliable, so picking one that is Government recognised is a big confidence boost to those using it.

Additionally, there is a dedicated customer service team for customers who have chosen an at-home testing kit for those that do come across any problems. However, the kits do come with simple, easy to follow instructions to help administer it as accurately as possible. Customers who choose to be tested at clinics will find that they are met by friendly and professional staff. A Fit to Fly certificate can be delivered to customers within 48 hours of a lab receiving a sample which is the turnaround time that many customers will need to be able to fly on their booked flights.

Additionally, its corporate testing facility has attracted many big company names - many of which sing the company’s praises. The key to this successful collaboration with other companies is that Corona Test Centre assigns all important dedicated account managers. It means that companies have a person to turn to directly each time they need help, without being passed around a call centre.

Perhaps the only thing that may put off potential customers is simply how extensive the product offering is with Corona Test Centre - leaving some novice test users at a loss for what to choose. For, while Covid tests are still a relatively new thing for us all to have to complete - particularly when travelling abroad - many of us are unsure of what test we need and when. That’s not helped by a continual change in requirements as set out by the Government.

However, the Corona Test Centre website is clear and has all the necessary information that customers require to help make their final choice. And, ultimately, if they are still confused, there is always the fantastic backup option of going to a centre where a person there will know exactly what type of test you need and why.


Overall, the comprehensive selection of tests that the Corona Test Centre has to offer is a huge advantage to any prospective traveller, corporate organisation or individual who wants to know if they have Covid, or have had it in the past. By allowing customers to either attend tests in person or by returning at-home tests through the post, there is a great deal of flexibility built into the process so that customers can find a way of being tested that works for them.

Ultimately, Corona Test Centre is a highly reliable testing company that delivers results in a timely and efficient manner with all necessary and relevant documentation for customers to go on to use. The Fit to Fly certificate, for example, means customers can be confident they will be able to board their flight - which is likely to have been their first trip abroad for well over a year.

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