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Cerascreen Review

Cerascreen offers home health tests (including COVID tests) to aid better overall well-being.
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  • Helpful to know if you have had undiagnosed Covid19 in the past
  • Useful to ascertain how effective a vaccine has been
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 120 day refund guarantee.


  • Not suitable for fit to travel or test to release customers
  • Covid19 PCR tests are only currently available to customers based outside the UK.
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Cerascreen is a home health testing company that also offers nutritional supplements to help support better wellbeing. Now, since the Covid19 pandemic, the company has branched out into offering home Covid test kits. However, cerascreen’s Covid19 tests are not aimed at those wanting to travel internationally like many firms, or for companies that want to test their employees’ Covid status privately.

Instead, the company is offering tests so that customers can find out two pieces of information. Firstly, to see if they have ever had Covid19 through conducting a Covid19 antibody test. Secondly, to see if the vaccination that they have had is effective, in the company’s newly launched Covid19 Vaccine Effectiveness Test.

These tests are an interesting addition to the more common lateral flow and PCR test kits that have proliferated since the Covid19 outbreak began in 2020. For, many of us would like to know whether we have actually had Covid19 - which the antibody test offered by cerascreen can find out. Knowing that we have had Covid19 (through the presence of Covid19 antibodies in our blood) may give us peace of mind that we have been able to fight off the disease previously. While it is still yet to be confirmed whether having Covid19 antibodies in our blood makes it highly unlikely that we will be infected again, simply knowing that our body has managed to fight off the disease once before can be a huge comfort.

The Vaccine Effectiveness test is a development of this antibody test. What’s good about it, is that it helps to identify which vaccine is currently the most effective in keeping antibodies in the blood high. Again, knowing how effective your vaccine has been (if you have had one) is another comfort to many of us.

Both tests are conducted by taking a small blood sample at home that is then sent to cerascreen’s laboratory. There is a free shipping envelope for customers to send the sample back through Royal Mail. Then, within 48 hours, customers will receive the results of their antibody analysis. In some instances, results can be had within as little as 12 hours from the point the lab receives the sample.

There is one more test available through cerascreen that the company offers as a way to ascertain if a person is at risk of severe Covid19 infection. Through another at-home blood test, cerascreen carries out a Lymphocyte analysis. The company offers this test due to some studies that have shown that there is a possible link between having low lymphocyte levels and a consequent higher risk of a severe Covid19 infection.

Customer Service

There’s a lot to like about cerascreen’s service. Firstly, it offers tests that are able to do more than just identify whether you have Covid19 at the moment that you take a test. But, importantly, it also offers free shipping and returns for its price. On top of that, it offers a 120-day refund policy which is good to see as such a blanket guarantee is a good indication that a company is confident in its ability.

Another selling point to its customer service is the extensive FAQ page. While many of the questions are with regards to the vast amount of tests that the company also provides, having FAQs all in one place means that the need to contact the company directly is diminished. There is, however, an online form for customers to complete should they feel the need if they cannot find the answer to their query elsewhere. Responses are usually within a couple of days at the very latest.

Additionally, though, it is interesting to see a company like cerascreen include Covid19 testing in its already wide range of tests. It goes to show that the company is interested in the health of its customers on a holistic level. All the other tests the company does offer are provided in an effort to promote better health for its customers. And then, should the customer need, there are nutritional supplements to buy on the back of any results that the at-home test kits return.

Finally, the company’s website has an extensive blog that offers insight into Covid and its impact - amongst a whole host of other interesting articles regarding physical and mental health. For those that are looking to improve their health for the long term, perhaps on the back of a long Covid recovery, cerascreen offers thought-provoking pieces on what else we can do to feel better.


cerascreen ‘s product offering is an impressive array of home health tests that can help customers identify a number of issues they may have - and not just whether they have had Covid in the past. However, it is a shame that cerascreen currently does not offer PCR tests to customers so that they know whether they have Covid at that moment in time.

Yet, offering a service where customers can find if they have had it in the past, or whether their vaccine has given them a high level of infection-fighting antibodies is an important test to offer. On a very basic level, it can give customers confidence that they have had the ability to fight off the disease before, or that the antibodies that they have in their blood will give them a good chance of fighting in the future. It can also help the Government in its plan to tackle the disease, by identifying how much of the country has immunity against this disease which has been affecting our day to day lives for so long now.

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