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FYT Duo Review

Great Value
Access the expertise of a personal trainer from anywhere in the world, at any time.
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  • Cheaper access to certified personal trainers
  • Personalised plans that are based on you, your goals and what you like or dislike
  • Integrates with any bluetooth wearable device and Healthkit to help monitor and report your workouts


  • Monthly costs may still be beyond many
  • Technology may be too complicated for technophobes
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Fyt Duo has been designed to ensure that its users can benefit from the knowledge of a personal trainer, without having to pay the full cost of one. Instead, for about the same cost of the average gym membership, Fyt Duo hooks you up with one of their own well trained personal trainers that will design your own fitness regime. As it is designed for you specifically, the chances of you hitting your fitness goals are that much more likely as trainers know how best to get you optimum results. Trainers know how to motivate their clients, be they new to working out or if they are already fully fledged fitness enthusiasts. That’s because they tailor their approach and their fitness regimes appropriately so that they are suitable for each individual client. That can mean they know whether to design a programme for you to do at the gym, outside or at home. Or, it can mean how to deal with the mental blocks that so often prevent people from exercising regularly.


  • Starting at $29 a session

Key Feature

  • Personalised plans and guided workouts with fitness tracking

Key features

Fyt Duo uses some of the latest technology to give users access to personal trainers without having to sign up to an expensive weekly one on one session. The app matches you with a personal trainer that then leads you through all the steps you need to help you reach your targets. They do so by designing you workouts for you to complete where you like to workout most. The idea is that, by giving you access to a personal trainer who designs workouts for you, your new approach to your healthier lifestyle ‘fits’ easily into your life. When apps and fitness regimes fit easily into your life, you are more likely to use them and regularly keep up with the workouts you are given.

Importantly, the app also works with bluetooth wearable devices and Health Kits so that you can monitor your progress yourself as well as feed back your results to your personal trainer. Your personal trainer will be able to amend your workouts in response to the activity levels they see in your workout performances. It means that they consistently are working to ensure your workout training plan is as good as it can be for you.

The workouts themselves are really clear and easy to follow. They all come with instructions - both in audio and video format. Again, by using tracking technology while you workout, your personal trainer can also give you tips on ways to improve your form throughout your sessions. And, through the app, you have constant communication with your personal trainer too, should you need it. You can alert them to any worries or concerns you have so they can adapt your regime to align even more closely with your body’s specific needs.


One of the biggest advantages to Fyt Duo is just how easily it does fit into your life. That is down to the flexibility that is built into the app, thanks to personal trainers driving the workouts themselves. Those trainers are able to amend and modify workouts when needed to adjust to a user’s particular needs. That’s great news as it means that users are more likely to keep up with the workout regimes they have signed up to. Importantly, trainers also help users with nutrition so they have all the information they need to be successful on their quest to be healthy.

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