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BetterMe Review

BetterMe offers a wide range of bodyweight workouts that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.
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  • Positive approach to overcoming mental weight loss issues
  • Access to nutrition information
  • Varied workout selection


  • Some users may find the wealth of information available overwhelming
  • Workouts are not guided by personal trainers though you can chat to your coach everyday
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BetterMe offers users the ability not only to lose weight but to keep it off for good. The company’s app focuses on both the body and the mind, to tackle weight gain problems with a two-pronged attack. For starters,  the workouts the app has help a person lose weight by increasing their fitness levels. Secondly, the blogs and lessons the app provides then help users make important changes to their lifestyle. Those changes make sticking to the fitness regime a lot easier, so the final effect can be longer lasting than only tackling a person’s fitness through exercise. This app tries to balance both sides to increase the chances of achieving weight loss and staying at a healthy weight.


  • Starting from just £2.19 a week

Key Feature

  • Holistic approach to fitness including meal plans and mental health check-ins

Key features

BetterMe looks to stop those who are guilty of yo-yo dieting. The creators of the app look to address the issues that yo-yo dieting can cause by giving users information to help them make informed decisions. It means users are motivated to exercise and are given a meal plan that fits in with their lifestyle while producing food that is yummy to eat. Importantly, the company produces food plans that are suited for all types of diet. So if you are pescatarian, keto or vegan, you can be assured that the company has thought about you and designed meal plans with you in mind! Of course, if you eat all types of food and have no dietary requirements, the company can also create a meal plan for you too!

The workouts themselves are easy to integrate into even a busy lifestyle. They, crucially, have different levels so you can pick a fitness level that suits you. You can also amend and change as and when you see fit. Workouts are demonstrated so you know what form is demanded of each exercise. What many users like is that the app also has workouts aimed at those with specific needs. If you are a bit older, so movement is difficult, there will be a workout for you. If you have a particular disability, the likelihood is that the app has addressed this so you can still workout. If you are pregnant or postpartum, there are regimes for you too.

Either way, what is fantastic about BetterMe is that it definitely works if users are happy to put the effort in. The app is very keen to make users accountable for their own fitness. That’s why it has so much information available to help users make the most informed decisions possible about their lifestyle and health. Usually, users often step up to the plate because the information the app provides is so persuasive. It means you know the implications of your actions as well as being able to see what mental blocks you may have in the way, and how to work through them. In the long term, that can cause a lifelong shift in your attitude towards exercise and food.


While there is a focus on weight loss with this app, there is definitely an emphasis on doing that not only in the most healthy way possible, but making sure that any changes are long term. The app really does want to break the vicious cycle of short term quick fix diets. Instead, it ensures users know how eating less food is not the only way to lose weight. Instead, it educates its users as to how to eat well for a healthy lifestyle and to feel better. The knock on effect of that is being able to exercise more effectively as your body is better fuelled. In turn, all these changes mean users do lose weight, but hopefully for good as users learn how to make better decisions with regards to their health for their future.

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