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99 Walks Review

99 walks makes walking fun and helps you achieve your goals by motivating you to keep walking.
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  • Making exercise available to all
  • Suitable for many types of fitness levels
  • No expensive equipment needed


  • In person community walks only possible if users are based near you
  • Walking as the only form of exercise may not be for everyone
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An easy to use walking app designed for women that helps keep users motivated to hit their fitness goals. While 99 Walks does not have the abundance of workouts or exercise regimes that so many other exercise apps do, it manages to motivate its users to stay on track with just one exercise: walking. That may not sound innovative or capable of bringing about a lasting fitness improvement for people, but it absolutely does. The reason being is that by setting goals and keeping the exercise simple, it does not overcomplicate the matter. Walking a certain amount of miles a day or per month becomes a manageable goal, and therefore users actually complete their challenge. And, by making it possible for women to become part of a team either with other women in their neighbourhood or virtually, the chances of users hitting those goals is much higher.


  • $16 a month on a rolling basis.
    Key Feature
  • Allows users to set own personal walking goals and achieve them either by walking as a team or going solo

    Key features

    99 Walks likes to aim itself at real women who want to achieve real results. By making the goals self-allocated and through walking - an exercise available to so many - women do not feel intimidated. The addition of being able to link up with other users helps make the experience more interactive as well as making you more accountable for your achievements. And, when you have met your goal, you can receive a bracelet engraved with that month’s theme. The words are motivational and also help you keep track of what you have achieved month after month.
    Some women may be a little put off by the community aspect of the app. However, users are all like-minded so that you can be sure your fellow users will simply cheer you on. There are, however, classes that users can take part in. There are walking classes available - all through the app. They’re all designed to get you walking and generally increase your activity levels. For example, even in the indoor classes that users can access, there are chair walking sessions that are perfect for people who are overcoming an injury or simply looking to add gentle movement to their day. Of course, there are indoor classes for those that want a more intense session which generally includes using a treadmill for an instructor led class.
    Other classes fit into the categories outdoor, mindset & recovery, walking and Jetti. Outdoor classes are when you listen to a coach out on a walk to help empower you, amongst many other ways to enhance your walk. Mindset and recovery focus more on your mental health and clearing your head. Jetti requires walking poles but can really switch up your walking practice.


    Any app that gets people to exercise, regardless of their level of mobility, is a good thing. That’s what so many people love about 99 walks. It makes it possible for anyone to improve their fitness. By simply focussing on getting users to increase their activity, it takes any elitism out of exercise and should hopefully mean that women consistently use the app to help them achieve their goals. Plus, by allowing users to allocate their goals and targets, it helps make those attainments more achievable while also holding users accountable for their own health.
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