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CoPilot Systems Review

CoPilot looks to bridge the gap between in-person training and home-based workouts
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  • Inexpensive way to gain access to a personal trainer 
  • Wide range of well trained, experienced coaches
  • Nutrition coaching included


  • Despite being cheaper than a personal trainer, $99 a month is still beyond many budgets
  • Workouts are not guided by personal trainers though you can chat to your coach everyday
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CoPilot is a training app with a difference. While technology most definitely is at the backbone of the app, the key differentiator is the fact that the company offers access to a real-life personal trainer. The technology you use makes the most of the expertise that personal trainers have to offer by helping users track their heart rate, calorie intake, speed of movement and other key factors involved in exercise. The personal trainer designs a programme for you to do, so you can keep going to your gym or working out as you had been - only in a more targeted and focussed way. While you may not get the personal trainer watching you through your workout, the company’s AI talks you through your exercise, knowing when you have started and finished a rep. The hope is that workouts remain challenging and personalised so that you reap the ultimate rewards.


  • Starting from just $99 a month

Key Feature

  • Virtual access to your own personal trainer

Key features

CoPilot is really easy to use which is very important given how complicated the AI behind the app actually is. All you need to do is download the app on your phone and on an Apple watch. From there, you set up your account with your basic personal information before you schedule a meeting with a personal trainer.

And it is this meeting that really sets CoPilot apart from other fitness app competitors. It may not be for everyone, but talking one on one to a person is a unique experience when trying to improve your fitness through apps. It means you can be sure that your concerns have been listened to and that you know your programme will be tailored with your needs in mind. Newly postpartum mum? Your trainer will take this into account and ensure your programme is appropriate for you. New to fitness after an injury? Your trainer will ensure that your exercises never exacerbate an issue. Training for a fitness event or goal? Your personal trainer will design a programme that keeps you motivated and on track. Importantly, your trainer will also ensure that they know what equipment you have available to do the workouts they design for you.

The app itself is where you will find your workout regime. It’s intuitive and straight forward plus jam-packed full of information which is great as it can really help you stay accountable for your workouts simply by keeping you interested. There are clear examples of what exercises look like and what you need to be doing to ensure they are performed correctly. The app also recommends what weight you should be using, should you be using them, and the number of reps you need to do to complete them.

All in all, it is therefore a really robust, comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness where you can be sure that what you are doing will definitely help you. So many fitness regimes on the market are designed to help just a specific few or be broad enough to appeal to the masses, which more often than not will never be appropriate for your particular needs. Finally, as all your workout details feedback into the system, your personal trainer can analyse how you did and amend your next workout accordingly. Just as a personal trainer would do in person.


Personal trainers are often an expense that few can afford. CoPilot therefore makes it a far more accessible service. That being said, it is still a lot more expensive than many fitness apps. So it could well be too much for customers to pay every month. The value, though, that can be derived from paying that bit extra (in comparison to free apps) could well be worth it. The fact that all your workouts are tailored to your specific needs and current level of fitness means you are far more likely to reach your goals.

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