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Fiit Review

Popular fitness app with hundreds of classes led by industry leading personal trainers.
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  • Fiit club - allows users to compete with other subscribers
  • Highly flexible training programmes
  • Focus on mental health


  • Chest strap is an added expense
  • £20 a month is relatively expensive for an at home training app (the yearly subscription is good value however)
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Fiit app is one of the most popular fitness apps around - for good reason. Packed full of different workouts and fitness plans to suit almost anyone, Fiit even has celebrity trainers and wellness influencers like Fearne Cotton on its books. What appeals to many of its customers is the diverse range of exercises that help keep exercise interesting. After a couple of years of pandemic home workouts, many people are looking for ways to shake up their approach to fitness. It’s a subscription based app that tries to bring a group studio workout into your home and breaks down classes into three studio categories: strength, cardio and rebalance. Rebalance is on the yoga and pilates side of things. With these three categories, there really should be something for everyone.


  • Join from £10 a month

Key Feature

  • Vast range of fitness classes to join, from yoga to HIIT

Key features

Given that there are so many free workouts available online these days, paying for a subscription based workout plan really must earn its value for money. Fiit more than does that. The added additions you get that you simply do not receive through free fitness classes online are fantastic. The company’s app allows you to track your fitness levels and stores the information so you can then track your progress. You can sync up the Fiit Tracker chest strap to the app, but you can also use your Apple Watch or Fitbit (among many other trackers) to do the same. It’s great because you can really see how the workouts affect you while you are training. The app then calculates how your fitness is improving over time against key metrics like your weight, height and age. It assigns Fiit points so it’s easy to see how well you are doing over time.

When it comes to the actual practical side of the app, you can select a class you want to complete on the day. You do not have to sign up in advance. However, if you do sign up to a specific training programme, you will find that those programs are structured in categories. So if you want to lose weight, gain strength, focus on your mental health or even get back to a new normal after giving birth, there will be a programme that’s suitable for your needs.

The app currently has a 14 day free trial which is well worth using to see if you get on with it. The likelihood is that you will and then be looking to sign up. At the moment, it costs £10 a month for a year’s subscription. However, you can pay £120 up front for the year. If you want to pay per month, on an ad hoc basis, it goes up to £20 a month. The aforementioned chest strap is £45. You don’t need it to see the gains that the app will give you, but if you want to track the gains you are making, it does make measuring your increased health far easier.


Without doubt, this app has the ability to get you fit, right from your own home. The variety of what is on offer is a big appeal and the trainers are great at motivating their class. They’re clearly of an exceptional quality and know some fantastic tips to ensure students are only ever exercising with the best form. The added benefit of Fiit club cannot be underestimated either. It really will keep the competitive subscribers interested - especially on days where the motivation to exercise is lacking. It’s also great that you can pick and choose what classes you attend - so you can react to how your body or mind are feeling. The 14-day free trial is also a great idea, as it means you can really decide whether you want to try signing up for a year at £10 a month, or perhaps go for the month by month basis for £20 a month.

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