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Noom Review

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Noom is a new concept in healthy eating - changing your habits and mindset, not your meals!
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  • A simple app used to address a range of health and diet goals
  • Requires 10 minutes a day, without any meal prep or restrictions
  • Accessible to everybody, of any age and at any fitness level.


  • Premium memberships can get pricey
  • Registration takes about 10 minutes
  • You'll need a smartphone to download the app
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Noom isn't anything you'll have tried before. It's not a meal plan or a delivery service. You won't get recipes, calories, points, Syns or anything remotely similar!

Instead, it's a bit like a psychological game, all designed to help you make better choices, build healthier habits, and work to overcome obstacles that have been holding you back from your goals.

When you register, you answer a load of questions about your weight, lifestyle and aims, and then you get started. The app prompts you to log in every day, work through different modules, and answer a pop quiz now and then (they're not stressful, we promise!).

It's not just a game, though - you learn techniques to analyse why you behave the way you do and strategies to improve your diet and overall well being. A survey of 35,921 participants over nine months found that 78% sustained weight loss, so there's got to be something in it!

Price: Two months - £29.50/month / £59 total

Key Feature: Mobile app requiring just ten minutes a day

Nutrition Plan Goals: Addressing your mindset to help you achieve health or weight loss goals

Customer Service

We'll be honest - when you first join, the profile process is lengthy. There are lots, and lots, and lots of questions, but it's all part of how Noom builds a picture of where you're at and what you need to get to your target.

Once you're registered, it's straightforward to use. You'll get a notification on your mobile if you're overdue a session and can flick through modules if you're interested in learning about something different.

There are also various support groups you can join or premium upgrades where you get a Noom coach to check in with and see how you're going!

If you need help, you can Live Chat with Noom Support, use the FAQs section to scroll through answers to common questions, email the CEO Saeju Jeong at \, or give the US team a call.


Noom is a brilliant idea because it takes all the pressure of restriction and controls away, giving back the ability to think about your lifestyle and diet more holistically.

The emphasis isn't only on weight loss but on breaking persistent habits and giving yourself a better chance of living the way you want.

It's very much a 21st-century solution for people struggling with their weight, and it's refreshing to see a health-based app that doesn't require you to stick to a specific (meagre!) calorie allowance but concentrates on getting your head in the right space to make those great choices on your own terms.

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