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How to Choose the Best UK Meal Delivery Plan

May 23, 2024
How to Choose the Best UK Meal Delivery Plan

Dinner times a drag, and finding it impossible to stick to your diet resolutions without dipping into the treat drawer?

Meal delivery services might be your perfect solution!

There are tonnes of great quality businesses offering pre-made meals, nutrition plans, meal kits and recipe ideas, but it's not always obvious which will be the best fit for your goals.

Here the Best10Index team runs through some simple tips to help you get cracking and select a meal plan that blends seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Meal Plans vs Meal Deliveries - What's the Difference?

Ok, so the first step is to assess precisely what you're looking for here.

Let's run through some of the many options:

  • Recipe boxes, or meal kits, aren't done for you. Instead, you get a weekly box with ingredients and instruction cards to cook up a meal.
  • Meal delivery services come ready-made. Most have some options you can stash in the freezer or store in the fridge until you're ready to heat them.
  • Meal plans might be neither! The best UK meal plans are tailored to your purpose, whether weight loss, improved energy levels or eating more plant-based meals. Most come with shopping lists and recipes so you can turn the nutrition plan into real dinners.
  • Weight loss plans often focus on community support and understanding how to turn bad habits around and make better mealtime decisions.

How to Choose a Meal Delivery Plan or Meal Prep Service

So, which is right for you?

The answer is that it depends on how much time you have and what sort of results you're after.

For example, if you want to lose a considerable amount of weight, a recipe box along with a weight loss plan might be a great combo.

You lose the stress of trawling around the supermarket, being tempted by treats, and benefit from the support available in a group setting where you can go on the journey with other like-minded people.

If you're all about that gym life, a recipe box with a keto plan option is likely a better bet and will stock you up with inventive high-protein ideas.

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Which Are the Best UK Meal Delivery Services?

As we've discovered, no two meal plans are alike, and they're often aimed at people with different well-being aspirations.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you enjoy cooking or want something to chuck straight in the oven?
  • Are you making meals for your partner or family, or just for yourself?
  • How much emotional support do you feel would help you make a success out of a new diet?
  • What time do you have available each day for shopping, food prep and cooking?
  • Are you after a specific meal plan, dairy-free, vegan, keto, or another nutrition regime?

Once you've narrowed down your expectations, it'll be much easier to pinpoint the nutrition plan or meal delivery service that's best placed to match those ambitions.

Your final step is to check out the independent reviews at Best10Index, with comparisons of prices per meal, nutrition goals, and the pros and cons of each service on the market!

How to Choose the Best UK Meal Delivery Plan

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